Bitcoin live blackjack is one of the most popular games in online crypto casinos right now. It must be said that Bitcoin blackjack was on the top from the very beginning because when BTC has appeared in the gambling industry online blackjack was a well-known casino game with a lot of lovers all over the world. But we cannot say that blackjack’s path to the top was simple and fast, because in order to understand how the formation of one of the kings of card games took place, let’s start with the history.

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History of Bitcoin live blackjack

bitcoin live blackjack

It is generally accepted that the progenitor of modern Bitcoin live blackjack is the game Trentuno or, more simply, thirty-one. The first mention of this game can be found in a sermon by Bernardino from Siena dedicated to the fight against gambling. This sermon dates back to 1440, and since thirty-one has almost the same rules as modern blackjack, except for the sum of the cards, 31 instead of 21, then it is Italy that is considered to be the birthplace of this wonderful card game. Now let’s take a closer look at the events that influenced the development of Bitcoin live blackjack and made it the casino game we all know and love:

  • End of the XVIII century – vingt-et-un (or twenty-one) appears in gambling houses in France, this is the first truly popular progenitor of modern Bitcoin blackjack with BTC
  • The 1956 year – there was an event that completely changed the view of the gambling community on blackjack in the casino. A group of US military mathematicians known as the “Baldwin Group” published an article in the Journal of the American Statistical Association with a detailed mathematical analysis of how to play blackjack correctly. Very quickly, this strategy becomes known as the basic one.
  • The 1962 year – “Beat the Dealer” by Edward Thorp becomes the most popular and best-selling blackjack book ever published. In it, the author clearly explains how to correctly count the remaining high-value cards in the game, which allows players to gain a statistical advantage over the dealers.
  • The 2008 year – blackjack has been the undisputed king of the casino tables for decades. Based on a true story, “Twenty-One” is coming to the screen, telling the viewer about the exploits of the MIT team, which was incredibly successful in the mathematically verified game of blackjack.
  • The 2009 year – Satoshi Nakamoto presents Bitcoin
  • The 2013 year – due to the constant change of blackjack rules by different casinos in an attempt to earn more, reducing the chances of players to win, live blackjack for BTC is gradually losing ground to live Bitcoin baccarat
  • The 2016 year – from this year the popularity of BTC live blackjack is so huge that if you will try to find any well-known crypto casino brand without this game you will have no chance to do it.

Features of the Bitcoin live blackjack game

live dealer blackjack bitcoin

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As already mentioned above, blackjack is a game in which, in addition to simple luck, your mathematical abilities determine the decisive role in the probability of your victory. That is why the portrait of a blackjack player is very different from the one who plays online Bitcoin slots. Since in blackjack it is necessary to adhere to statistical probability and calculate the probability of a particular card falling out, the number of cards itself determines this probability. And in the online versions of Bitcoin blackjack, you only trust the fact that it is written that one deck (52 cards) participates in the game, but you cannot check what and how the online machine gives you. In live blackjack with Bitcoin, the situation is absolutely opposite, here you play with a live dealer, and unlike the online blackjack game, you visually control both the deck and the distribution, as if you were in a real casino opposite your dealer.

Pros and cons of live blackjack for Bitcoin

In our opinion, blackjack is exactly the kind of game that should be played exclusively in the live version and for a cryptocurrency such as BTC cause it is one of the best Bitcoin gambling games. In order to explain our position more clearly, we have compiled a table of advantages and disadvantages of playing live blackjack for BTC.

Pros and cons of Bitcoin live blackjack
Pros Cons
Сonfidence – live version of BTC blackjack guarantees you the confidence that no one is deceiving you. Here you see both a live dealer and a real deck of cards, everything is as honest and transparent as possible. Cryptocurrencies restrictions – in many countries, casinos are still quite wary of cryptocurrencies, which is why it is not possible to legally play live blackjack with BTC everywhere.
Real communication – blackjack is a game in which it is not only pleasant, but also useful to exchange a few words with the dealer, and if this is also a pretty girl, isn’t that a pleasure? Registration – despite the anonymity of cryptocurrencies, crypto casinos ask you to fill out a registration form.
Security – the blockchain of the first and largest cryptocurrency in the world is really good, it guarantees the complete security of your funds. Volatility – despite the huge capitalization, the BTC rate is still quite unstable.
Speed – the blockchain of the first and largest cryptocurrency in the world is really good, it guarantees you the complete security of your funds. A smaller selection of casinos – many fairly well-known casino brands are still wary of cryptocurrencies, so they are in no hurry to add them to their payment methods.
Minimal fees – the use of cryptocurrencies is not free, but if you compare the commission of Bitcoin and fiat currencies, then it will seem to you that this is just a gift. BTC wallet registration – if you want to play blackjack with live dealer for BTC, then you need to have a Bitcoin wallet, if you don’t have one, you will need to register it.
Anonymity – with the correct use of an anonymized wallet, you can remain a completely anonymous gambler.
Popularity – blackjack has been and remains the top 3 most popular casino game for hundreds of years. BTC live blackjack is no exception, any trusted casino will offer you at least several different variations of this gambling game.
Crypto bonuses – Competition in the crypto casino market is growing at an incredible pace, but gamblers only get better from this, more competition – more bonuses.
Mobile-friendly interface – since all the cryptocurrency games in the casino are quite new, you will not have any problems in order to find mobile live Bitcoin blackjack. According to our observations, all Bitcoin blackjack live games are mobile-friendly now.


Bitcoin live blackjack is exactly the game that every gambler should play. It combines all the best that a casino game can give you:

  1. Excitement
  2. Live emotions from a live game with a real dealer
  3. Statistical (mathematical) approach, the need to think, remember, analyze
  4. Playing on an incredibly valuable resource – Bitcoin

It is thanks to the combination of such simple and understandable things that we consider live blackjack for BTC to be the best choice for those who like to test themselves in online crypto casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions about live Bitcoin blackjack

It is worth noting that there are quite a large number of unscrupulous brands on the crypto casino market that offers you to play live Bitcoin blackjack online. Therefore, if you want to be sure that your winnings will be paid out without any problems, it is better to use a casino from our list. We carefully check each of the brands before adding them there.
Yes, as it was written above live blackjack for BTC is a modern game that guarantees you mobile-friendly gaming.
There is only a regular commission for using the Bitcoin blockchain. You will not pay any additional fees if there are no such conditions in the crypto casino you’re playing in.

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