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Half a year ago, news spread all over the world: Mastercard announced that it intends to connect support for cryptocurrencies to its network. After a while, PayPal and Visa also announced that they intend to conduct transactions with cryptocurrencies. And it seemed like happiness, a combination of the best of two worlds: on the one hand, a decentralized cryptocurrency, and on the other hand, the convenience of using a credit card. But for some reason, all the players didn’t run to the bitcoin casino with credit card to deposit crypto. All gamers still use the same deposit and withdrawal methods as before. The management of bitcoin casinos also took this news rather coldly, there were no promotions or super bonuses, as is usually in case after the release of new products. Something is wrong here, let’s figure out what exactly.

Best bitcoin online casino that accepts cards

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Credit card to BTC casino – the beginning

Since the announcement of the MasterCard is launch all this, we start with it. So the MasterCard company state that it will support the crypto transaction. It would seem that this is a significant event on a global scale, which will help to more firmly introduce crypto into the legal field and dramatically expand the market for its use. But in fact, everything isn’t quite so.

In the same announcement, MasterCard announced that it will only support cryptocurrencies that correspond to list of principles of blockchain partnership. In short, they can be concluded in three prerequisites that must be met by a cryptocurrency that wants to work with MasterCard, it’s:

  • stability;
  • confidentiality of payments;
  • compliance with anti-money laundering laws.

The problem is that significant most of the 2,600 cryptocurrencies in the world correspond to the MasterCard criteria. It’s not even known whether such cryptocurrencies exist at all.

It is difficult to be a decentralized system and comply with anti-money laundering laws at the same time. Bitcoin doesn’t exactly meet these requirements. The first crypto was designed to the independent transactions and break the control of the financial institutions. The network has a decentralized architecture that protects it from encroachments to the confidentiality of payments. But of course, all these features deprive BTC of government support, and without it, the price of any currency will be highly volatile. Plus, other disadvantages are inevitable too, as the inability to cancel payment or refund or network mismatches the anti-money laundering laws that regular financial networks must follow.

Bitcoin’s open architecture and lack of bureaucracy make It an excellent platform for innovation and to ease the overpowering power of governments. But these same characteristics have made the network a nightmare for financial institutions that fail to provide consumer protection and comply with anti-money laundering laws.

As you can see, a problem arises here. MasterCard, like other world payment systems (Visa and PayPal), is trying to combine that is impossible to unite. Or possible?

Stablecoin – option to play bitcoin casino with cc

Stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is fully backed by some traditional valuable asset. It’s could be fiat currency (dollar, euro, yuan, dirham, Russian ruble), precious metal (gold, silver, bronze, aluminum), or energy resources (natural gas, oil). As is the case with any cryptocurrencies, coins build on blockchain technology, and that means that Stablecoins is also a decentralized currency. In reality, all stablecoins belong to someone:

  • Tether (USDT) – belongs to Tether Limited;
  • USD Coin (USDC) – is managed by the Center consortium, which was founded by Circle;
  • Binance USD (BUSD) – already from the name it is clear that it belongs to the largest crypto exchange in the world Binance.

The value of a Stablecoin is pegged to traditional assets (money or other values) in a 1: 1 ratio. This ratio is maintained throughout the entire life of the coin, regardless of market conditions. Deviations up or down are possible, but they are insignificant (for example, here is the Tether price chart).


So, in some way, Stablecoin is the way out of the situation because its transactions are fit to MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal requirements. Therefore, if you are looking for cryptocurrency for online USA casinos that take MasterCard – Stablecoin is your choice. So don’t waste your time, choose one of the best in the table below:

TOP 5 casino deposit with credit card bitcoin withdrawal review
Bitcoin casino brand Accepts Credit cards Accept Staiblecoins Short review

True flip
✅ Accept ☑️ Yes TrueFlip online casino was founded in 2019. Licensed by Curacao (Antillephone N.V. – 8048 / JAZ). Accepts players from 228 countries. To replenish account, you can use Dollars, Euros, crypto, and Stablecoins. The minimum deposit is 10 EUR. The casino offers bonuses to new and registered gamblers.

✅ Accept ☑️ Yes Founded in 2014 and licensed by Curacao (Antillephone N.V. – 8048 / JAZ). Accepts players from 258 countries. Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BAB, BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), USD Tether (USDT), Australian dollar, US dollar, Euro, Canadian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Norwegian krone, Polish zlotys, Russian ruble, Japanese yen through payment systems Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Paysafecard, Skrill, Visa, WebMoney, Bank transfer, Crypto payments. The minimum deposit is ₿ 0.00045. A large number of bonuses are available.

✅ Accept ☑️ Yes It was founded in 2013 and is licensed by Montenegro. Accepts players from 268 countries. To replenish account, you can use Dollars, Euros, crypto, and Stablecoins, the minimum deposit is 0.001 BTC. English, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Turkish are available in the support service and the localized version of the site.
✅ Accept ☑️ Yes was founded in 2019, and licensed by Curacao (Antillephone N.V. – 8048 / JAZ). English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, German, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, French, Japanese are available in the support service and the localized version of the site. The casino offers bonuses to new and registered customers and has a wide range of them.

✅ Accept ☑️ Yes Founded in 2019. The license is hidden. Accepts players from 268 countries. The casino offers bonuses to new and registered gamblers. You can get a deposit bonus, reload bonus, crypto bonus.

However, you must consider that the position of a Stablecoin directly depends on the situation with the asset that underpins it. For example, if the dollar rises, so will the value of the coin tied to it. If it goes down, it will pull the digital “cousin” with it.  Therefore, in the long term, Stablecoin isn’t stable (no matter how strange it sounds). But in the short term, it is a good option. It remains to find out the casinos that accept this currency and debit cards.

Bitcoin casinos that accept debit cards

There are quite a lot of gambling sites with bitcoins that accept deposits via debit and credit cards. Don’t forget that bitcoin casino is based on regular online sites, and all licensed online casinos accept credit card payments.  Here it’s necessary to clarify a little:

A bitcoin casino, like any online gambling site, is just hosting for gambling games. It works like a grocery store, you go there and buy milk, but milk isn’t made in this store. The owner of a store (or a chain of stores) has entered into a contract with milk manufacture and this manufacture hosts his products on the supermarket shelves. The shop management can carry out joint promotions together with manufacturers. That is, exactly the same as in bitcoin casinos.

So you need to find a suitable “store” (online casino), which will accept credit cards and there was milk (bitcoin game) that will be of interest to you. That is, in order to play bitcoin games, you don’t have to make a deposit in BTC. There is such a term as a multi-currency bitcoin casino. These casinos include sites that host bitcoin games, but at the same time, they accept diseases in both crypto and fiat currencies. And you can even make a deposit to bitcoin casino by American Express, there is only one limitation, it shouldn’t be strictly crypto.

Credit card for bitcoin transaction

Perhaps you are asking a question: With fiat currencies and Stablecoins, everything is clear, but what about a deposit in bitcoins? Is it existing a credit card with instant bitcoin deposit for USA online casinos? And no matter how strange it is, such cards also exist.

Debit/credit cards linked to cryptocurrency wallets provide their holders with the ability to spend cryptocurrency in the same way as funds from regular debit or credit cards. Of course, many people around the world have already switched to more modern payment technologies (for example, scanning a QR code), however, most prefer classic cards, since for them this “tool” is the safest and most understandable way for paying their needs. In addition, the majority of bitcoin card issuers offer both plastic cards and mobile applications at the same time.

Possession of a cryptocurrency debit card opens up many opportunities for its owners, for example, instant money transfers with almost no commission, or the ability to pay with cryptocurrency in countries where it is accepted without any exchange rate conversion, etc. Crypto Debit Cards simplify the process of using digital assets. After all, no one wants to jump through hoops selling their bitcoins on the exchange to pay for lunch or coffee. If you want to use your tokens for day-to-day purchases, grab yourself a debit card and start spending Satoshi. Bitcoin cards can be obtained from:

  • BitPay;
  • Binance card;
  • Wirex;
  • Bitwala Visa Bitcoin Debit Card;
  • MCO Visa card.

Unfortunately, all of these cards are connected to the visa system and this imposes restrictions on you that we talked about earlier. For example, the get a BitPay Card you have to provide an address (no PO Boxes), Government ID, and Social Security number. So if you are looking for a cc to bitcoin deposit USA casino, these cards will suit, but if you want to withdraw money, it won’t work. Online gambling is prohibited in the US and it means that you won’t be able to get money from the casino on a VISA card. The situation is the same in other countries where there is a ban on online casinos. So if you looking for a casino deposit credit card withdraw bitcoin, we have bad news for you – withdrawal of bitcoins from the online casino to a credit card isn’t possible. You’ll also have to forget about anonymity because while getting these cards, you provide personal information.

Yes, of course, you can start cheating and try to avoid the restrictions. For example, make a casino deposit with credit card but only withdraw bitcoin to the BTC digital wallet. However, what’s the point of such manipulation. Isn’t it easier to use a separate Bitcoin wallet to play in a casino, and after the game just transfer money to a credit card? Thus, you will be able to maintain the anonymity and convenience of using a credit card.


Okay, let’s sum it up briefly outcome, and analyze the pros and cons of bitcoin credit cards for casino playing.


  • Convenience for everyday use;
  • Instant transaction speed (compared to fiat credit cards);
  • Fast conversion to any fiat currency.


  • The card must belong to you – it is strictly forbidden to make transactions with someone else’s credit cards, and even more so to make a deposit at a casino;
  • It won’t be possible to withdraw the winnings to the card, in the best case, the amount of the deposit will be returned to you, but a complete loss of funds is also possible. This problem is especially true if you are in the United States;
  • casino deposit credit card with withdrawal in bitcoin doesn’t exist. With bitcoin cc you’ll be able to make a deposit only;
  • payment systems can block transactions;
  • issuing banks charge a service fee.

From all of the above, we can conclude that the bitcoin card market is just emerge, and in fact, and maybe it will have great prospects in the future. There are several worthy players on the market today with quite interesting offers, but they all have limitations, and everyone must choose for himself what is more important for him: low commission fees, anonymity, absence of restrictions, or general comfort of use.

Remember, if you find an offer:

casino deposit with cc and withdraw with bitcoins

this is impossible, and only scammers can offer this.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin casino credit card

Unfortunately, there is no such сс yet. With the help of a Bitcoin card, you can make a deposit, but you cannot make a withdrawal, which means that such сс is simply useless.
No, it’s Impossible. You can create a bitcoin wallet anonymously and replenish the casino’s account through it. But it’s no exist US bitcoin credit for card casino with no verification
Bitcoin casino is a website, and it is created on the basis of the same scripts and system as any online store, with the only difference that you don’t purchase goods, you play games (more detail here). But some of its games were built on blockchain, for example, provably fair games.

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