Online bitcoin casinos try to attract and interest as many users as possible and bonuses are one of the main parameters to do this. Online casino bonuses are a magnet for attracting new players and a verified way for retaining existing ones. Perhaps the most interesting and demanded offers from the players’ point of view is a bitcoin casino with the best no deposit and free sign up bonus. Major players think that its essence lies in the fact that the user receives rewards without using real money, but usually, it is not right. Sign up bonus is part of the welcome package (or welcome bonus). In order to understand why this is so, was created this special article on our website dedicated to welcome bonuses at the online bitcoin casino.

Rank Casino Bonus Casino rating Visit
1 5 BTC + 100 Free Spins 100% rating Play Now
2 Lucky Bonus spin + Up to 1 BTC 96% rating Play Now
3 100% UP TO 1 BTC 96% rating Play Now
4 5 BTC + 250 Free Spins 100% rating Play Now
5 100% UP TO 0.1 BTC 100% rating Play Now

General about the welcome bonus at the crypto casino

Almost all modern gambling sites offer various gifts and incentives for potential and existing customers. It is an integral part of online gambling that is gradually becoming a tradition. One of the best ways to greet the player is given to him the best online bitcoin casino welcome bonus. It can be presented in various forms and actually represents a set of other bonuses. Therefore, a welcome bonus is also called as a welcome package.

welcome bonus bitcoin

The welcome bonus usually is counts as the most valuable so as the most unattainable, and it has a reason. The fact is that the best online crypto casinos welcome bonus has its own features and pitfalls, so before you try to get a prize, you must clearly read the rules. Also, if you won’t lose all rewards from the main bonus package to nothing, we recommend you read about the welcome bonus deals explained for a bitcoin casino.

The integral part of the welcome package is the sign up bonus and the first deposit bonus. So to understand the essence of the welcome bonus will be better to discover all of its components. But if you are an experienced player and you are ready to go straight to the game and get your biggest bonus, you can choose the best casino using our table.

The biggest welcome bonuses at the bitcoin casinos
Casino brand Welcome bonus size Bonus wager and restriction
100-110% bonus on 4 deposits + 250 free spins Up to 6 BTC + with 30x wager
50-100% bonus on 4 deposits + 100 free spins Up to 5 BTC + 40x wager
50-100% bonus on 3 deposits Up to 0.3 BTC + 40x wager
50-100% bonus on 1 deposit Up to 1 BTC + 40x wager
50-100% bonus on first deposit
+ 100 free spins
Up to 0.0066 BTC
+ 50x wager

Also below is a brief instruction, how to find descriptions of the full welcome package on a particular bitcoin casino website (usually it is calling Bonus terms):

  • Choose the casino and go into the website;
  • On the function bar of the casino website, you should find the button “welcome package” or “promotion” and click;
  • You will be transferred to the appropriate section, where the user able to find all data about each of the bonuses.

General about sign up bonus at the crypto casino

There is exist a proverb: a fish seeks where it is deeper, a person seeks where it is better, and a player for bitcoin casino with free sign up bonus. But often such a straightforward decision to find something better leads only to a waste of time.

The classic version of the bitcoin casino no deposit sign up bonus is a certain amount of coins that a new user needs to receive under the terms of the promotion. On rare occasions, the casino offers a sign up bonus in the form of real money (BTC). For example, 0.005 or 0.01 bitcoins for beginners. Also, to receive an additional bonus for registration, you can perform additional actions (that are work in some casinos): pass double verification (of email and phone number), downloading the application, posting a comment on a forum, or in a social network.

sing up bonus

To get the biggest sign up bonus for online BTC casino you could use our table where was grouped best propose of casino bonuses. But you have to remember that usually, the total bonus for registration is less than the minimum withdrawal amount. The bitcoin casinos action this way because they try to protect the real winners and players. Most of the common people, may not understand that every casino bonus, even in-game currency, is still a real gift that a player can use to get real money. And no one gambler platform, cannot afford that this bonus hit to an unscrupulous player. Otherwise, the real players and winners will be left without rewards. Another delusion is that sign up bonuses are considered to be no deposit. Although in fact, nine times out of ten, you able to get a sign up bonus only after the first deposit. Why it is so, you can discover at the section Sign up bonus – big stunt for bitcoin casinos.

The main requirement to get the bonus at the casino for sign up, available is a simple registration operation, which carried out in several steps.

  • When you first open the casino website, over a short time will appear “Registration” tab
    (it will happen automatically);
  • Fill all the fields, press on the checkbox I am not a bot, and click sign up;
  • A letter will be sent to your mail with further instructions on how to confirm your email;
  • Confirm your email and also the phone number (sometimes it helps to get free sign up bonus casino).
  • Then either the bonus will be credited to your account, or it will be in a frozen state before you make the first deposit.

As already mentioned, for a better understanding of how these three types of bonuses work, it is better to read the entire article, but if you do not want to waste time on them, below is a list of bitcoin casinos with the best bonuses which you can get after sign up.

List with the best sign up bonus in bitcoin casinos
Casino brand Sign up bonus and requirements Bonus restriction
  • 50% unlimited reload bonus / Min Dep.: 0.044 BTC
  • 20% Reload Bonus / Min Dep.: 0.001 BTC, Up to 0.022 BTC
  • Double comp points for every single bet
  • 500 Free Spins at the end of the week / if your losses are over 1 BTC
  • 30% Weekend Bonus / up to0.022 BTC, Available every Sat-Sun
  • Possibility to get Weekend Free Spins twice a day
You can choose only one of these bonuses

  • Registration 50 Free Spins / No Wagering Required
  • Win 10 Bets in a row and get €1000 cash / Minimum stake 1 mBTC
  • Deposit 0.4 BTC and Get 25% Insurance!
  • Receive up to 15% of your losses back
  • Reload Bonus / Up To 3.5 BTC, minimum deposit during the month is 0.1 BTC
Some bonuses have specific restrictions, and some don’t have them at all. Read the rules in the “Promotions” section.

  • 30% Bonus / up to 1 BTC
  • 50% bonus / up to 250 mBTC
Only one bonus per player, per day

  • Welcome Pack
  • 225 Free Spins in Brave Vikings game, BGaming
  • $475 cash
You have to get to the 8th level of the VIP program

  • 25% Reload bonus / up to 0.00095 BTC
  • 100 free spins / 0.00095 BTC deposit, only on wednesday
  • 5-20% cashback / up to 0.0095 BTC, only on weekends
All bonuses are available only after a deposit

General about first deposit bonus at the crypto casino

The first deposit bonus is the most controversial and at the same time one of the key bonuses in the casino. It can be used by those who prefer to gamble and are not afraid to take risks. The bonus is credited only after making a deposit. So as with other bonuses, be extremely careful with them and accept offers only after studying the bonus conditions, especially the rules for wagering them. And if you want to know how to find the best first deposit bonus at the bitcoin casino read this article in full.

first deposit bouns

Unlike a no deposit bonus, the conditions for using deposit bonuses are not so strict. The main purpose of such bonuses is to attract deposits and allow players to make more bets with more chances to win. Therefore, the deposit bonus is usually the most generous bonus, nevertheless, and you need to know a few important points about them. First of all, the first deposit bonus in the bitcoin casino is not a single unit. It is the beginning of the combination of bonuses for all deposits, including second deposit bonus, third deposit bonus and etc. Plus, it gives you access to other bonuses such as cashback. Secondly, you need to carefully study the rules of using the first deposit bonus to have no problems when withdrawing your winnings. You can read about this in more detail lower.

If you want to get a first deposit bonus right now, then here is the instruction on how to do that:

  • Choose an online bitcoin casino by our special table. (how to do this right you can read in the topic first deposit bonus deals explained for a bitcoin casino);
  • Register on the platform by filling in all the required personal data;
  • Specify and add your bitcoin wallet. (Detailed instructions for this step are available below);
  • Make your first payment (deposit), according to the rules of the bitcoin casino which you choose;
  • If you comply with all conditions, the bonus will be credited to your personal game account.

To you have an opportunity to specify and add your bitcoin wallet, most sites will provide a bitcoin address that you can copy to your wallet to create a transaction. When using a mobile phone, you may prefer to use the QR code provided by the online casino, by scanning which you can also create a transaction. And according to tradition, below is a list of bitcoin casinos with the best first deposit bonuses.

List with the biggests first deposit bonuses in bitcoin casinos
Casino brand First deposit bonus size Bonus wager and restriction

110% bonus on first deposit + 250 free spins Up to 1.5 BTC + with 30x wager

100% bonus on first deposit + 100 free spins Up to 1.5 BTC + 40x wager

100% bonus on 1 deposit Up to 1 BTC + 40x wager
100% bonus on first deposit Up to 0.1 BTC + 40x wager

100% bonus on 3 deposit
+ 100 free spins
Up to 0.0022 BTC
+ 50x wager

Welcome bonus deals explained for a bitcoin casino

Nowadays because of mad competition, the promo program for bitcoin casino is one of the most important aspects of the activity. Major players pay attention to it since this becomes the brand’s business card. The constant attribute of the promo program is the welcome bonus (or welcome package). This is why the bitcoin casino welcome package is so important for each gambling platform. They include all rewards that bitcoin casinos offer for new players.

As a result, often similar in size and in other parameter bonuses, differ significantly due to nuances. One online casino asks for a registration bonus, to wager with bets strictly on the machines of a certain developer. And the other introduces a condition under which the withdrawal of funds before the wagering is completed leads to the cancellation of the bonus.

🎁 Welcome bonus Bitcoin casino: FortuneJack
πŸ₯‡ Best Welcome bonus casino: PlayAmo
1️⃣ Best first deposit bonus: OneHash
βœ”οΈ Best sign up bonus: TrueFlip

The principle of the playing process is often different too. For example, you can play only with prize money, or real money plus reward money. Therefore, it is important to carefully read the terms of each bonus in order to choose the best online crypto casinos with a welcome bonus. It is better to pay attention to this once, so as not to burn yourself later. If you do not understand something, you can always contact the casino support service and check out the top online bitcoin casino welcome bonuses by using our special list.

A welcome bonus could be as a deposit so as no deposit. But, this is where the main problem arises. As already mentioned, welcome bonus packages include many different bonuses and most of them are no deposit, but you can get them, only after the first deposit. Accordingly, you can’t get the welcome bonus immediately after the registration, it is possible only after payment. At first glance, it may seem that this is a scam by the bitcoin casino, but in reality, it is not.

The online casino has become very popular nowadays and a large number of players play in it, and they all have different goals. Nowadays bitcoin casinos can’t and won’t give out bonuses to everyone, as it was before. Better to distribute bonuses among those who really deserve them. But how to tell them apart. How to separate real players from idlers and freeloaders.

Agree with it, if a player is committed to fair play and he knows what does it mean the game at the online bitcoin casino, make at least one deposit will not be a problem. The algorithm looks in a next way:

  • get bitcoin casino bonus
  • Make a payment
  • welcome packge
  • Get several bonuses at once
  • play and win bonus
  • Play for your own pleasure using yours and bonus money
  • withdrawal sign up bonus
  • After win just withdraw all cryptocurrency which you get after playing to your bitcoin wallet.

Of course, this is works only if you use strictly certified bitcoin casinos.

In fact, the welcome bonus is a kind attempt by the online casino ask to fulfill all its requirements to start playing, namely, complete the registration and make a deposit.

So, if you looking for the best online BTC casino welcome bonus no deposit, you are not looking for what you really need. No one official gambling platform will not be lured players by something like that. This way you are more likely to fall for scammers. (If you want to know more about fake and safe crypto casinos click here.) Will be smarter to look for the best welcome package bitcoin casino deposit bonus. This way you will be able to find the best bonuses including no deposits. That will give you a chance to collect the biggest welcome package and have the maximum chance to win. You can find out the best proposal for welcome bonuses on our website, at the top of the page.

big welcome bonus

However, there is exist one type of bonus that differs from the rest which includes in the welcome packages. The Bonus code for online BTC casino is a free welcome bonus. The bonus code is usual it is a combination of numbers and letters. And its main feature is the real gratuitousness of use. The thing is that bonus codes in online bitcoin casinos are usually created in honor of some events. For example, the casino has existed for 5 years and celebrates its β€œbirthday”. And just like your friend who treats you with a piece of cake on his birthday, the same as the casino shares a bonus code with you.

Soon on this website will be available a set of the best bonus code for an online bitcoin casino. Bonus codes are valid for a limited amount of time, so don’t forget to visit us.

So let’s summarize briefly, one of the main elements of the casino bonus program is sign up bonus, and bonus on the first deposit. They can be like the basis or a part of a welcome bonus which in turn is the main of the promotion program for the entire casino. On page is available and recommended for the study information about free rewards for registration and about bonus on the first deposit (more details can be found below). We also recommend reading about free spins. Free spins sometimes act as the “currency” of bonuses payouts. Including it works with a welcome package.

Search attempts of the bitcoin casino welcome bonus with no deposit is not a good idea. Better to appreciate the whole picture of welcome package bonuses at the online bitcoin casinos. And do not forget that, if you want a real free welcome bonus, it is necessary to regularly check out our website and wait for special bonus codes.

Sign up bonus – big stunt for bitcoin casinos

The sign up bonus looks like the simplest and at the same time the most confusing bonus. It would seem to register and get a bonus, but it doesn’t work this way. This happens because of the fact that a huge number of players are trying to get the free bonus on sign up at the casino. Tries to use all sorts of tricks for this, like duplicating accounts, thereby violating the sign up rules of online bitcoin casinos. If you go to the site of any official casino and find a section with the rules, then you will see a part where it is indicated that only one person from one account can receive bonuses. And players who attempt to create multiple accounts will be punished.

Let’s figure out what the main essence of the registration bonus is and why it was created. Regular users and readers of our website know that a bonus is a motivational gift or a reward for some useful action. In the case with a sign up, this reward is issued for confirming your identity. Due to the fact that many unscrupulous players try to cheat and look for bitcoin casino with an instant payout for sign up bonus, the gambling platforms, put forward more and more stringent requirements for users to verify identity, to discourage the fraud.
bitcoin casino sing up bonus
But at the same time, gambling platforms understand that it is not fair to punish real players because of crooks, therefore they provide bonuses for registration. Why are bitcoin casinos count instant payout for sign up bonus as a fraud? Casino bonuses are designed to be played with the opportunity to be used in a particular casino and help to win. You can’t withdraw the bonus, but you can withdraw you your win which you get by using bonuses.

Some players do not deviate from trying to find a new bitcoin casino with sign up bonus. But this is just a waste of time because in any official casino you won’t be able to withdraw anything without a first deposit or completing wagering restrictions. It will be much more effective to assess the situation as a whole and do not forget that the sign up bonus is part of the welcome package. And when you appreciate all the bonuses that can be obtained upon registration, then you can really choose the best bitcoin online casino sign up bonus. Also, you can be helped with this by our tables which can be found at the beginning of each page.

Of course, sometimes change the atmosphere and find a new crypto casino with a sign up bonus not prevent. After all, playing at the online casino is entertainment that should be fun. And in the constancy, there is not so much fun. But for the question of changing the gambling area needs to be approached wisely, to correct those mistakes that were made during the last registration.

So the bonus for registering it is an incentive, the essence of which is that all legal bookmakers want to have as many active players as possible and therefore issue a reward only after passing full identification and making the first deposit. Add the required amount to your account and get an addition to the starting capital. To identify the personality is an obligatory condition for the prevention of fraud from the side of the players. To do this, you need to familiarize yourself with the large list of sign up bonus casino offers, which can be found at the top of this page.

The only one real bitcoin casino no deposit sign up bonus is a reward which you can get for a friend’s invitation. The casino will provide you a special referral link, which you have to share your friend. After this, you will receive bonuses to your account from your friend’s deposit. It is important to use the referral link provided by the casino. Otherwise, if, for example, your friend logs in simply by finding a casino through a browser, you will not receive your bonus. You can find this link in your personal account or get it by writing to the support service.

Encouragement for a brought friend refers to a crypto casino sign up bonus with no deposit because to receive it, you do not need to deposit funds on the balance. Many brands still use direct referral strategies and recommendations to grow their customer base. Bonuses for a referred friend usually take the following form: the referrer receives a bonus amount, which is some percentage (50% or another value) of the friend’s replenishment amount. But the received money from promotion also has a wagering and other requirements.

More experienced players are interested in finding an exclusive bitcoin casino sign up bonus. Here you can immediately see a wiser approach, and that the player who is looking for such a bonus has not been playing for the first day. One of the options for such a bonus can be a bonus code. As was noted earlier, this type of reward can be attributed to the online bitcoin casino free sign up bonus. Bonus codes are pretty rare fun and they have an expiration date. Several exclusive bonus codes will be posted on our website shortly. So don’t forget to visit our website regularly. You can read more about the bonus code here.

In short summarize, sign up bonus as the others no deposit bonuses and any gift which the client receives on the site without depositing is an additional reward but not free money. And to take full advantage of such bonuses, you will have to replenish your account in any case. To do this correctly, you need to know how to make the first deposit and all subsequent ones correctly (read about first deposit bonus – best way for bitcoin casino game lower). Also do not forget, you could find out the best crypto online casino sign up bonus by using our special table at the beginning of this page.

First deposit bonus – best way for bitcoin casino game

This type of bonus is the easiest to get, it is not necessary to agree with this, but everyone has the right to use them. The main condition for the beginning is the introduction of a deposit. The first deposit bonus at the crypto casino is available to all players and regardless of the registration period.

In the classic form, a welcome bonus is a certain amount of funds in a wager. Example: 100% bonus from 0,0021 to 0,021 BTS with wager 40x. The rate (100%) indicates the ratio to the size of the first deposit. From 0,0021 to 0,021 bitcoins is the range from the largest to the smallest reward amount. Well, 40x is how many times you need to scroll the balance.

At the BTC casino the first deposit bonus is the starting point for a number of great bonuses, and to get them you need to do everything right in accordance with the crypto casino conditions. If you make even one mistake, you’re just missing out on a big piece of the bonuses chain. One of the bonuses type that constitutes part of this chain, and at the same time being as a no first deposit bonus bitcoin casino it is a Cashback. This is why this bonus without a deposit is not possible. The main point of cashback, the same as free spins, is to cheer up the player after a loss. Do not forget that a casino is, first of all, entertainment, and entertainment should bring enjoyment even in case of losses. Any bitcoin casino tries to follow and maintain a cheerful gaming mood of the players. And that’s why so many different types of bonuses have been created.

best first depositAnother cluster of bonuses that will be launched after the first payment is the entire chain of deposits. Each online bitcoin casino has its own rewards for each deposit. And in order to view them all, you need to go on the casino website and find there the bonus section. Maybe it will be unexpected, but sometimes the biggest reward will be for the second deposit bonus at the BTC casino but not as a first one. And sometimes even on the third deposit or on the second and fourth.

Therefore, it is important to evaluate the entire chain of deposits in order to choose the right strategy for getting more bonuses. Therefore, who is interested, are the casino bonus only for the first deposit, now you know that the bitcoin casinos gift bonuses on each deposit, the difference only in the size of it. Some times better to complete a series of deposit steps to successfully receive the biggest deposit bonuses.

Summarizing briefly, we can draw the following conclusion, at the online bitcoin casino the first deposit bonus has two main functions. Firstly, this bonus gives a good increase to the account and gives you more chances to win. Secondly, it opens access to other equally important bonuses. The process of selecting the best online bitcoin casino with a first deposit bonus is a selection of candidates by special criteria. The main points to which you should pay attention are the next items:

  • The size of the bonus itself, the size of real money or free spins, which will be added to the account balance. Or Depot multiplier – what percentage of the replenishment amount will be counted in the quality of the additional bonus.
  • The minimum size of the deposit for activation. As a rule, this is $ 20 or 0,0017 bitcoins. Deposit of a smaller size will lead to a loss of the right to use the preferred offer.
  • Wagering – the minimum amount of bets that you need to fulfill to be able to withdraw money. Than this indicator is below, then it is easier to pass the restriction.
  • Active period – the duration of action is from a few days to a few weeks. By the end of this period, all unused free spins will be canceled.

Advantages of using bitcoin online casinos for welcome packages

In this article, we have taken all the benefits of using the welcome bonus and its components, such as the sign up bonus and the first deposit bonus. And now let’s focus attention on the pluses of the welcome bonuses which provide online casinos, especially for bitcoins users.

What so special, online bitcoin casinos can offer for players? Most often, all bonuses and promotions apply to all types of currencies including digital ones. But casinos have an interest in bitcoin players and distinguish them from the total number of users. This happens because bitcoin is interesting the same for players but as for the casino and sometimes you can find exceptions, for example, special conditions of cashback for bitcoin users. Plus, of course, you will have advantages from using the cryptocurrency itself.

BTC and other cryptocurrencies are a very fast online casino payment method that has gained popularity among players over the years. The bitcoin has great potential in the field of gambling entertainment due to the several advantages over other payment methods. Firstly, note that in bitcoin casinos that work only with bitcoin all possible bonus options are available: a percentage bonus on the first deposit, reload bonuses, free spins, cashback, tournaments, and even VIP programs.

Secondly, security, decentralization, and anonymity – the principles based on which bitcoin was created will be to the taste of many online BTC casino players. So for bitcoin casino available anonymous sign up bitcoin casinos bonus. Thirdly, the use of BTC opens up access to any world online casinos that work. Since bitcoin is not limited by borders like some currencies (for example, the Canadian dollar).

As with anyone payment methods at the online casino for bitcoins existing the minimum and maximum amount of the allowed deposit. The same as a minimum withdrawal amount and the maximum amount of withdrawal of winnings from the account are set.

The maximum deposit amount varies depending on the type of cryptocurrency and a specific online casino – from 100 to 4000 units. The smallest allowable deposit amount can also vary and depends on the rules established by the casino, but Often these restrictions are expressed in the issuance of bonuses. That is, in order to receive a deposit bonus, you need to make a certain minimum deposit. It makes no sense to deposit very large amounts at a time too. It’s better to separate them, in order to know how to do it correctly, read the section about the first deposit bonus.
The minimum amounts for withdrawing funds from a casino gaming account in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are also set depending on the individual decision of a particular online casino. Often they are identical to the minimum deposit amounts. The maximum withdrawal amounts depend on the type of cryptocurrency and can be up to 2-5 LTC, BTC, ETH, BCH, as well as 400-500 USA dollars.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Welcome bonus at bitcoin casino


  • Get your reward immediately after verification;
  • First deposit bonus will double, and in some Bitcoin casinos will triple your bank;
  • As a bonus, you can get additional free spins;
  • Some sign up bonuses allow you to try the game with real Bitcoins for free.

  • The welcome package almost never includes no deposit bonuses;
  • You need to make a deposit of a certain amount to receive the welcome bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions about welcome bonus at bitcoin casino

Earning it is payment for useful action performed. The casino provides a bonus for registration because it is a useful action. A useful action for further game and not for withdrawing money πŸ’Έ. More details here. If you want to earn bitcoins at the online casino, you need to “work” in the online casino, for example by playing at BTC poker πŸƒ.
First of all, read the entire article πŸ“° on this page, in particular about the Sign up bonus – big stunt for bitcoin casinos. And also you need to keep abreast of the latest events and constantly visit this website. Our team always keeps nose downwind and prepares articles with the latest πŸ“… information and best advice.
The widespread use of Bitcoin transactions has led to the emergence of the vastness of the network 🌐 of many specialized services that allow using digital money to participate in various gambling games. But the question arises – how to choose reliable and convenient projects. The regulation, license, and security system of each casino provide a high level of security for all player actions on the platform. Administrators πŸ’ always monitor the honest, high-quality, and stable operation of each system.
As a rule, most bonuses included in the welcome package πŸ“¦ (more about this you can read here). But there are many other types of bonuses: welcome bonus, sign up bonus, welcome freeroll bonus, second deposit bonus (third, fourth, etc.), bonus for every day entering, bonus for invite friends, exclusive bonus, free πŸ†“ spins bonus, and others. Our team creates a webpage special for all types of bonuses.

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