We’ve put together the ultimate guide to crash gambling with crypto. Keep reading to find out what it is, what the best games are, where to play, and how to win!

What is Crash Bitcoin Gambling?

Bitcoin crash games

Crash games are a new trend hitting online casinos. Most crypto sites now feature a range of arcade or instant win titles, and that’s where you’ll find more innovative games, like crash gambling. The most popular way to play is with Bitcoin, but you can pick from a range of other cryptos, depending on what the casino accepts.

Crash casino games all have one thing in common: you need to cash out your Bitcoin before the crash. Different objects take off and move upwards. As they progress, the bet multiplier increases. However, they could hit the ground at any moment. At a random point, the ascent will stop, and anyone that didn’t cash out in time will lose.

Top Crash Gambling Sites

Rank Casino Bonus Casino rating Visit
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3 Lucky Bonus spin + Up to 1 BTC 96% rating Play Now
4 300 Free Spins 100% rating Play Now
5 10% Daily Cashback + Up To 1 BTC WB 96% rating Play Now
6 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins 90% rating Play Now
7 5 BTC + 250 Free Spins 100% rating Play Now
8 100% deposit bonus of up to 5BTC 90% rating Play Now
9 100% bonus + 100 Free Spins 86% rating Play Now
10 100% up to mɃ 1,000 94% rating Play Now

5 Best Crash Gambling Games

We’ve brought together a list of the top five crash game options out there. Check out our reviews for each one, and you’ll know exactly which titles to search for at your online casino.


Aviator bitcoin crash slot

Aviator from Spribe is one of the most popular Bitcoin crash games. It’s featured at most online crypto casinos and has made its way to many mainstream fiat sites too. You can usually find it in the instant win, arcade games, or the ‘other’ category. However, some casinos also add it to their slots tab.

The plane is the object that takes flight at the start of the game. As the player, it’s your job to decide how much to bet and when to cash out. You can bet twice, giving you the chance to spread your risk. The multiplier starts at 1.00x and continues to increase. You can see how much you’ll collect, but you need to claim it before the plane crashes down.

Aviator is a fun and interactive game. You can see when other players cash out, there’s a chat function and regular tournaments. Plus, it’s a game that is provably fair.

Space XY

SpaceXY crypto crash slot

BGaming has an excellent range of arcade games that are provably fair. Space XY is its popular crash game. This time, you’re taking off in a rocket aiming for the stars. Like most games in this genre, it sits in the instant win category at a crash games casino.

The interface is pretty simple, with a rocket that moves across a graph-like grid. The bottom axis shows the seconds in the air and the vertical axis has the odds or bet multiplier as the rocket goes up. In this game, the maximum win is 10,000x your stake.

You can bet twice, which is a common feature for this type of game, so you can spread the risk. You can automate bets so that you don’t have to keep opting in for each round. You can also automate the cashouts if you’re worried about being fast enough when you click the button.

F777 Fighter

F777 Fighter crash crypto slot

Onlyplay produces the exciting fighter pilot game F777 Fighter. It’s more advanced than several other crash games. It definitely has improved graphics, with an airbase-style setting for take-off, pilots jumping out with parachutes during the flight and ships and mountains in the background. Plus, the plane explodes at the end of the round, in a more spectacular crash than most other games.

It also includes other features, such as hitching on to a larger plane to extend the flight time, which adds a percentage bonus. This crash game only lets you place two bets at different values to spread the risk. However, It does have an auto option for betting and for setting a cashout limit.

At the end of the round, you see the players with the highest scores flash up, so it adds to the competition. Like other games, you can see the current bets and when they’re cashed out during the round.


Cappadocia crash bitcoin slot

This time we’re taking to the skies in a hot air balloon. Cappadocia from Smartsoft Gaming has a backdrop of the beautiful landscape of Cappadocia in Turkey. Unlike the other games, the rounds don’t start until you bet, so it doesn’t quite have that same live feeling. However, it does offer a slightly different format.

In this game, you launch the balloons when you bet. There are 10 balloon types that equate to different bet amounts and feature various color schemes and animations. You can launch several balloons at once.

After you press go, the balloon will float up. The button will change to a cashout option, and you’ll see your win potential rise with the balloons. However, it can also crash into a burning ball of smoke! If that feels like too much to juggle, you can use the auto functions; one to bet and one to cash out your Bitcoin.


Spaceman crash slot with Bitcoin

The well known and reputable software provider Pragmatic Play has joined the other studios making crash games with its hot release: Spaceman. Like Aviator, it has live chat with the other players and you can see when bets are placed and cashed out. You can find this game at many crypto online casinos, usually in the slots section.

The main character is the quirky but lovable spaceman who flies off into space; well until he crashes! The interface is a little more complex, but it’s still a simple game to play with only one bet per round. There are auto cashout and 50% auto cashout functions to save you from rushing to click in time.

The graphics and animations help this crash gambling game stand out. It has a stunning purple background with planets and other celestial objects. Besides the moving spaceman, you’ll see shooting stars and spaceships. The top multiplier is 5000x your bet.

Crash Gambling Game Rules: How To Play

Crash Gambling Game Rules

Crash games aren’t like any other casino games. For that reason, we’ve created a handy guide to catch you up on how to play crash gambling games online.

Most crash online gambling games are live and running, with other people placing bets in a multiplayer environment. Once the plane, rocket, balloon or person takes off, betting closes.

Step one of playing is choosing how much to bet. Remember that it could include two or more simultaneous wagers. Step two is deciding when to cash out. You click the same button as you used to bet when collecting your Bitcoin winnings. You can use auto cashout to set a predetermined multiplier.

Crypto Crash Gambling Strategy

We can’t write you a crash gambling: how to win manual, because the house still has an edge. It’s called an instant bust, and it’s when the rocket explodes after a few seconds. Still, it’s useful to have a cryptocurrency crash gambling strategy. We’ll talk you through some potential approaches.

Our number one tool for implementing a strategy is the auto cashout option. It makes it easier to plan and be precise. If your strategy is playing with low bets with a 1.5x and 2x cashout, you can set that up to run every round.

The Martingale system and the reverse Martingale are often used for crash betting. For the former, you increase your bet amount after losing. The latter sees players increase after wins, which is a bit easier on the bankroll.

Crash Gambling Odds

If you’re going to implement a strategy, then it’s best to understand the crash gambling odds. Some games and casinos will refer to the bet multiplier as the odds. Those are clear for you to see on the screen, and most casinos show you how much Bitcoin you’ll get when you cash out. The only mystery is the max win, which you can usually find in the game rules.

Most crash games have a reasonable RTP, despite the instant bust element that can happen. Typically, they’re in the 96% to 98% range. Since you can check the game history for results, you can see for yourself. Results show that there’s around a 1% chance of an instant bust each round.

Why Crypto Gamblers Like Crash Games

It’s not surprising that players seek out crash bitcoin gambling, as it has a lot to offer. We’ve set out the top reasons that cryptocurrency gamblers choose crash games for BTC bets.

  • Innovative format – Crypto users like to stay ahead of the curve. If there’s a game that’s switching things up to make it more interesting, then crypto players will be there placing Bitcoin bets.
  • Live action – Since the rounds are live, there’s more tension and excitement involved.
  • Multiplayer interaction – The games show you how much Bitcoin other players are betting, when they cash out, and even have high scorer boards. They add to the competitive element of the game. Plus, live chat makes the experience more engaging.
  • Provably fair – blockchain games mean players can check the algorithm to see that the result was random.

How To Choose the Right Crash Gambling Site To Play Online

Choose a right crash gambling site

The best crash gambling sites are secure, have a range of crypto options, including Bitcoin, and provide a range of crash games. You can narrow the selection to pick the right site for you by considering your essential criteria. We’ve provided a checklist to save you time.

Main Criteria for Choosing the Right Crash Gambling Site
Name Description
Payment method If you’re keen on crash gambling with Ethereum, check the payments page to see if ETH is listed and what the limits are.
Promotions See if the site has a crypto bonus that you can use on crash games, or if there are special offers awarded in the player chat.
Catalog Search to see if the site has at least two or three of the games from our top five.

Crash Gambling Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can try free crash gambling by accessing the demo mode. It means you can test out the format without risking your Bitcoin. Of course, the winnings aren’t real, but it’s useful to see if you like the format, graphics, controls, and betting options. Most cryptocurrency casinos offer free play versions of games like Aviator, F777 Fighter, and Space XY for fun.
You can see the top five games in our review. We’d like to give an honorable mention to JetX by SmartSoft Gaming. It was one of the earlier crypto crash gambling and remains one of the most popular. The gameplay includes all the best crash features, including multiplayer action, auto options, double betting, and slick animations, with parachute jumps when you cash out.
Yes, all of the crash gambling games in our reviews are provably fair. They use blockchain technology, which is why these are popular crypto games. You can copy the encrypted results before playing and check and compare them after. Some titles allow you to enter a player seed to change the algorithm, proving that it’s a random result each time you play.

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