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The turnover of the eSports industry for the previous year was 400 million dollars, and this figure is expected to increase twice at the end of this one. The profitability of this new sport is expected to grow steadily, which could reach $ 1.5 billion by the end of 2023. In this article, we will take a closer look at the main aspects of bitcoin eSports betting.

From the point of betting, digital sports aren’t fundamentally different from real ones. Everything is the same: tournaments, leagues, matches, and the usual line-up from bookmakers (outcomes, totals, and handicaps). The only difference is that football is shown on TV, the whole world knows the football players and any important news instantly gets into the media. Information about Dota 2 or CS: GO can only be found on specialized sites, and even then it is not always objective. So let’s take a closer look at what eSports betting bitcoin is.

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At which results in bitcoin eSports you can bet?

To bet on eSports and not lose, you need to understand what types of bets are relevant for such type of bitcoin gambling. The most common are the next:

Totals bitcoin betting

Pre-match and bitcoin live eSports betting are diverse. Many bettors prefer deals based on quantitative indicators – totals. There are 4 varieties in total:

  • Total Kills. How many opponents will be killed (destroyed) in a round or in a battle as a whole.
  • Individual total kills. The same, but only for one of the teams or one of its members.
  • Total time. The duration of a round or game.
  • Total rounds. How many rounds will the players last.

Each type is relevant only for certain games. The calculation of bets on totals is very simple, if a player has bet on more than a certain value, he will be satisfied with all the results that exceed it. A similar approach for deals for total less, only in the opposite direction. Most often gamblers made bets on more/less rounds in CSGO or goals in FIFA.
bitcoin live eSports betting

Handicap betting

Handicap is a popular type of bet in eSports, albeit the riskiest one. The bettor’s success depends on how the favorite of the virtual battle shows himself. This type of bet is used when you want to make more money on a win. Usual handicap bets are making on:

  • maps;
  • rounds;
  • murders;
  • goals.

If we take the CS: GO game as an example, then the handicap bet is possible only in two types: on a victory with a handicap by maps or with a handicap by rounds.

The principle of determining the winnings here is the same as in the case of the total. If the sum of the difference in the score for the selected team is more than 0, then the bet is a success. If zero, it is a draw and the gambler gets a refund of the money. And if negative, then the deal is lost. There is no difference on which eSport, the algorithm is always the same.

Bets on the outcome (final result)

Intuitively understandable type of bets, which is a subspecies of the previous one, often used by players in Live mode. The actual outcome implies only three options for ending the event: victory, loss, draw. The last is relevant to bitcoin eSports betting websites that accept bets for sports egames like FIFA.

You can also place bets on the intermediate result of the battle. For example, there are bets on CS GO – on the winner of a certain round for a particular map. Sometimes there is an option with a draw or double outcomes. On the eSports betting sites bitcoin, you are able to find information about the number of maps and rounds on which you can bet on.

How to bet on eSports with bitcoins?

With the main markets for eSports bitcoin betting we have been figured it out, let’s move on to analytics. The advice for betting on eSports won’t be significantly different from the council about betting on regular sports. Analyze, read forecasts, try to understand the game itself in order to be aware of what is happening through the match. Place your bets wisely and with a cool head! Pay attention to the choice of characters in Dota 2 and LoL, analyze the latest games of teams and head-to-head meetings of opponents, monitor the state of the team and players.

As in the case of real sports, the winners in digital battles are well prepared. Read interviews with eSports football players. They prepare without a coach, but they spar with strong opponents. They arrange mini-tournaments in order to identify shortcomings in time and test their tactics and strategy.

Watch for changes in the rating of participants over several months. Here it is appropriate to draw an analogy with tennis when the same athlete performs well at several tournaments in a row, and then noticeably “sags”. It would be useful to take into account quantitative indicators – winnings stat, lose maps, the number of kills, the difference in the score.

For example, if a team has played 25 cards in the last 10 games (in a 3-map format), then half of the games had an equal fight, and the winner will be determined in the final segment. Therefore, it makes sense to bet on totals results like numbers of rounds and points for the competition.

Analyze the actions of teams and players in small and large competitions, use the statistics of handicaps and totals, find patterns. This will come in handy for making the right bets on eSports battles.

How to bet on eSports with bitcoin – short instruction

Now let’s summarize all of the above and put it in short rules, which can significantly raise chances to win:

  • Before you start, try to find recordings of the matches of the team that interests you on YouTube or Twitch, and then do a short analysis of what you saw. This will allow you to sketch out the key points on which the construction of the game is based.
  • Try to bet less in advance and use live options. ESports betting sites bitcoin are very convenient in this regard because on such websites you can follow the broadcast of the match, estimate the choice of characters and strategies for the upcoming game, and make bets instantly on an already ongoing match.
  • Rely more on personal battles of players and teams, because often the team can be inferior to almost everyone, but against particular rival constantly get the win. Such an example can be found in Dota 2, where Evil Geniuses, no matter what conditions they were in, always played successfully against Virtus Pro, for which they received the title of their personal “kryptonite”.
  • Keep track of the changes in the games themselves, since the additions-patches coming out to them significantly affect the balance, as well as the strength of individual heroes, players, and teams. For this reason, you need to be smart about analyzing and tracking updates that can qualitatively affect the result of the game …
  • One of the last but one of the main thing, is to choose the best eSports bitcoin betting sites before the start. It is better to monitor several sites at once in order to choose the best rates, as well as control the bitcoin bookmakers. Suddenly one of them will make a mistake and sets the wrong coefficient, this happens periodically. Choose a bitcoin bookmaker wisely.

The road to consistent profit in eSports betting with bitcoins doesn’t end on these tips. These are just some of the basic guidelines to follow if you are serious about making money on betting. It will take time and effort to develop your skills.

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eSports betting: what mistakes do you have to avoid

Betting on a large number of games and battles

If you want to try setting up your own strategy for eSports betting, you will realize that making a profit is incredibly difficult in the case of constantly betting on each game. This is because the preparation takes a lot of time and find out coefficients that give a positive expected value is not so easy.

Our team made special research, we take cybersport results for the previous year and calculate how much profit a player would make if he bet on every winner or every underdog in the CS: GO. Both results were negative, you can check this by yourself. The win loves preparation so you are betting to make money, there are no reasons to hurry.

Get hung up on the coefficient

Many beginner players get it wrong with the odds. Seeing high odds, they are tempted to bet on the outsider, in according to making a big profit. Or they make a big bet on the favorite to get a “guaranteed profit”.

Remember that coefficients represent an estimated probability. This is just the bookmaker’s assessment of what will happen. Your best bet is to calculate your team’s odds of winning yourself and then use the correct staking method to ensure you don’t lose your entire bankroll in a single bet.

Make bets according to chain logic

For example, in CS tournaments play Team A won team B, team B won team C, so team A will win team C. It doesn’t work like that. Don’t ignore key points of important information. Perhaps Team A won two pistol rounds, their playstyle and map pool might be bad against the other team, or maybe they had a day off and were more “fresh”. Also, it’s cold be that A team has a strategy that works perfectly against team B, and there are a lot of other factors that could have affected both teams. So these are just examples of why chain logic doesn’t work in bitcoin eSports betting. There are many factors that can decide the outcome of a match. Players should be acting according to more reliable information instead of using chain tactics as part of their strategy.

Emotion bets

If you’ve ever read about the psychology of betting, you will know that make bets based on emotions and personal feelings isn’t a good idea. Regardless of whether you abandon the staking method due to a series of failures, betting on your favorite team without analyzing the odds will not bring you success. It’s better not to bet on the championship where your favorite team or player is playing.

Advantages and disadvantages of the eSports betting


  • Events on which you can bet held often and throughout the year;
  • Much easier to study teams and opponents;
  • High variety of betting “topics”.

  • Not a popular type of bets yet;
  • It’s necessary spent time to figure out how to buy, store and make transactions with Bitcoin;
  • There are no cool promotions with big bonuses for this type of bet.

Frequently Asked Questions about bitcoin esports betting

Esports originated in the United States at the end of the twenty and at the beginning of the twenty-first centurys. Then all over the world shooters were gaining popularity. The organizer of the first fights was Angel Munez from the USA, who appreciated the relevance of this kind of entertainment. He also created the first Cybersport National League, within which he launched an online broadcast of virtual competitions.
Here is the list with eSports that you can bet on with bitcoins:

  • League of Legends;
  • Dota 2;
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO);
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft;
  • Call of Duty;
  • SMITE;
  • Mortal Kombat;
  • Fortnite;
  • World of Tanks;
  • FIFA.

Yes, if you are from America you can make bets on the websites dedicated to esports betting usa bitcoin.
The answer to this question is the target audience of this betting type. The truth is that over half of all crypto owners are 18-35-year-old men who love and know how to play computer games, enjoy professional eSports, and have the financial opportunity to place bets on crypto eSports betting.

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