Many people claim that Litecoin is Bitcoin’s younger brother. There is a great number of advantages and features provided by Litecoin. LTC was an early bitcoin spinoff or altcoin, starting in October 2011. The same as “brothers”, Litecoin is not managed by any central authority, and because of the unstable world situation, becomes more and more popular.  Also, the demand for online casinos with Litecoin had increased.

This article is a review of Litecoin usage in the most popular online casinos. You are going to get familiar with the best Litecoin gambling sites. Also, we will give you a piece of advice about how to choose the LTC gambling site for yourself.

litecoin casino

But if you don’t want to spend your time reading, here is a short list of LTC casino games in which you able to play:

  • Litecoin slots games
  • Litecoin blackjack
  • Litecoin roulette
  • Litecoin video poker

This article is a review of Litecoin usage in the most popular online casinos. You are going to get familiar with the best Litecoin gambling sites. Also, we will give you a piece of advice about how to choose the LTC gambling site for yourself.

Rank Casino Bonus Casino rating Visit
1 5 BTC + 100 Free Spins 100% rating Play Now
2 Lucky Bonus spin + Up to 1 BTC 96% rating Play Now
3 100% UP TO 0.1 BTC 100% rating Play Now
4 100% UP TO 1 BTC 96% rating Play Now
5 300 Free Spins 100% rating Play Now

Honestly, Litecoin is not a famous cryptocurrency, and in fact, LTC is similar to bitcoin. But why would customers change their Bitcoins to Litecoins if there is no difference between them? Well, there is one tiny difference and it plays the most important role. Litecoin has a much more convenient exchange rate and it is more stable than more popular crypto. It makes it a great cryptocurrency for online gambling and brings popularity to each Litecoin gambling site. The speed is the main and the biggest advantage of the Litecoin, deposit, and withdrawal happens almost instantly, and their speed significantly higher than of Bitcoin.
For the online casino Litecoin has the following main advantages:

  • Litecoin transactions are processed within 2-2.5 minutes. This is four times faster than Bitcoin transactions.
  • One block of Litecoin is capable of generating up to 84 million LTC units. That being said, BTC only generates 21 million units.
  • Using innovative protocols – Segregated Witness and P2P Lightning Network.

So we can say that gamblers who use LTC, smarter than the rest, they don’t just follow everyone, they want the best. And of course, they want to find the best Litecoin casino online. To do this, you will have to try hard. Find a website that accepts Litecoin is not so hard, for example in our table available 22 Litecoin gambling casino. But the casino is not only deposit and withdrawals. Also is important which software used by a particular casino and games that you can play there.

The best Litecoin casino list
Litecoin casino LTC deposit possibility LTC withdrawal possibility
7 bit
7 bit
✅ Available ☑️ Available
✅ Available ☑️ Available
✅ Available ☑️ Available
✅ Available ☑️ Available
✅ Available ☑️ Available

Litecoin (LTC) casinos around the world

Litecoin is becoming more and more important day by day. Litecoin sites are everywhere, and their number continues to increase. Let’s look at some of the most popular ones.

FortuneJack is one of the best casinos which support cryptocurrencies. It is probably the most popular Litecoin casino in the USA. They offer a wide choice of games and different bonus sets. It means that every player can find something enjoyable and interesting in FortuneJack. FortuneJack casino offers no deposit bonuses for newcomers. Use them and start playing in FortuneJack casino.

This casino is still in the developing process. It means that there are only a few people who are playing in BitcoinPenguin and the game set is really poor. On the other hand, as a new casino, their offers are advantageous and profitable.

Another popular and fair Litecoin casino in the UK is the MBit. The only thing you need to choose it for is that it achieved an Askgamblers reward for being one of the best new casinos in 2018. This casino works with a huge number of cryptocurrencies. Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Monero are available in mBit Casino.

If you are interested in sports betting then you will definitely enjoy the sportsbook of MBit casino. Despite the little choice of sports and teams, this option is very popular, and a lot of gamblers like betting in mBit casinos. Notice that cryptocurrencies are also available in mBit sportsbook.

Advantages of playing in Litecoin (LTC) casinos

Litecoin online casinos

LiteCoin (LTC) casino

In the introduction to this article, we mentioned a single little difference between Litecoin and Bitcoin which makes Litecoin the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world. Litecoin like a Bitcoin has a lot of useful features.

Remember, Litecoin in bitcoin casinos, live casinos, online casinos is a really great choice for gambling. Why? Read below.


Litecoin is as safe as Bitcoin because they are brother* cryptocurrencies. Blockchain technology is used in both of them. Nobody will interrupt or see your transactions except you.


The main problem with flexibility is the fact that you can’t play with Litecoin everywhere. Most of the online casinos do not support it and aim for fiat or bank cards. Although, you should not worry about it, because there are some fabulous online casinos that support Litecoin currency.

Lack of inflation

Most of the cryptocurrencies are not as affected by world economics as “offline” currencies and Litecoin is not an exception. Litecoin is not affected by a phenomenon such as inflation. Although, there is a big probability of Litecoin’s cost decrease if Bitcoin will inflate.


Finally, speed is the biggest advantage of online gambling with Litecoin. The speed of Litecoin transactions is really fast, because of special Litecoin technology which allows you to make transactions from your wallet without annoying confirmations.

It does not affect your Litecoin wallet security. While Bitcoin cryptocurrency makes several operations that are not necessary, Litecoin avoids them. It means that withdrawals or deposits from your Litecoin wallet are the fastest transactions available on the cryptocurrency market.

Litecoin casino special characteristic
Condition Litecoin characteristic
📡 Initial release 7 October 2011
🌐 Stable release 11 June 2020
📃 License MIT License
⚙️ Operating system Windows, OS X, Linux, Android
🎲 Games with Litecoin Sic Bo, Pai Gow Poker, Craps, Dice, Slots, Roulette
✅ Casino which accept Litecoin Stake, FortuneJack, Syndicate Casino,, Cryptogames, Bitstarz, mBit
🎁 Litecoin casino bonus Welcome pack,no deposit bonus, free spins, sign up bonus

Casino games to play with Litecoin (LTC)

There is a huge variety of casino games that are well-designed, well-thought, and easy to understand. In this online gambling game, you may double, triple, or even with a jackpot and then withdraw your winnings to your litecoin wallet.

We have tried a lot of different popular games and are ready to tell you, which of them you will enjoy the online casino sites. Remember that most of the Litecoin casinos give free spins or other bonuses only for the registration. Try as many of them as possible and play your favorite games for free. After you become more experienced you can try to make a real bet on litecoin gambling games.

For the gambling game, it doesn’t matter which type of currency you will use. Cryptocurrency doesn’t change rules or winning strategy, the basic strategy for blackjack will be working the same for BTC as for LTC, currency is just a tool of deposit and withdrawal funds. And in any casino, you have an opportunity to choose different currencies. But there are big differences after playing. Agree, it will be a shame to win at litecoin gambling roulette and then realize that all your winnings have been lost due to the fall of the exchange currency rate. And in this case LTC safer than other digital currency. So you can play casino games Litecoin and be calm.

Video Slots with Litecoin (LTC)

For those who do not know what are the video slots, we will go back in time and give you a little piece of gambling history. First casinos used for gambling had one-arm bandit slots. Now, these slots are available online. Those are the video slots.

LTC slots do not differ from BTC slots but you should remember, that not every casino accepts LTC currency.

We recommend you to play video slots in FortuneJack. There are 1200 slots which you can try. We are sure that you will find a perfect game for yourself.

Roulette with Litecoin (LTC)

Online crypto roulette refers to real-life roulette. In this game, you have to choose your number, spin a wheel, and rely on your luck. Just a decade ago, it uses to happen in front of the big tables in life casinos. This time period has passed and the way we play this game has changed.

BetChain Casino offers players 40 roulette choices and profitable bonuses to start gambling on the roulette.  Also, you can get acquainted with other options of litecoin roulette sites by using our table.

BlackJack with Litecoin (LTC)

One of the most popular casino games is undoubtedly available to play on any gambling website. Litecoin casino blackjack works the same as the traditional one. You have to collect from the deck twenty-one points with your cards or at least get close to 21 points, and the same as usual if you want to win you have to think and calculate. This is what distinguishes LTC blackjack from other casino games, it manages by the player, and not by the randomness. Online poker is already recognized as an official sport, next in line litecoin blackjack. It has been said many times, but we repeat once again, you do not have to immediately play by using LTC and you don’t tied with a particular casino. You can play demo games as much as you want and changing litecoin blackjack sites as much as you want, nobody can limit you, we can only recommend the best.

For example, Litecoin in BlackJack with the Mbit casino site, they offer about 50 BlackJack games.

Video Poker with Litecoin (LTC)

litecoin online casino games

There’s no need to explain what poker is. The only difference for crypto poker is that it is available only in online poker rooms or online casinos. Unfortunately, an online poker game with cryptocurrency doesn’t involve the emotions of players which you could see in real life. That is the main disadvantage of online poker.

Spend your Litecoins with BetCoin. It is one of the most popular platforms for online poker in the whole internet. Try playing Video Poker games there.

Dice game with Litecoin (LTC)

Dice is probably the oldest game in the gambling industry. The only thing that was required to play dice fifty years ago was the bar with tables and dice itself. Certainly, the Litecoin dice game is available in all casino sites which accept LTC currency. In our opinion, the BitcoinPenguin casino offers the best LTC Dice experience. This casino offers at least 4 types of Litecoin gamble dice. Low fees and fast transactions made the BitcoinPenguin site one of the most famous online casinos where you can play dice.

Lottery with Litecoin (LTC)

Lottery with Litecoin is attractive and venturesome. All you need to do is to choose your lucky or favorite numbers. The only available Litecoin lottery is the Crypto Games casino lottery.

Betting with Litecoin (LTC)

If you want to bet your Litecoins, we have good news for you. Sports betting on litecoin is possible in some online casinos and sportsbooks. For example, Betcoin and MBit sites are providing you this opportunity. Just use a sportsbook tab on the website. There are some important rules which you should follow, so we would recommend you to read them for each site specifically before making your sports bets. We would recommend you betting with Betcoin because this platform has a lot of special offers and helpful mechanics.

Using Litecoin (LTC) as a payment method in online casino

Bitcoin and Litecoin currencies are really similar, there aren’t any specific requirements for litecoin currency transactions. The only thing you should remember is the fact that litecoins are not available in every online casino.

Requesting Litecoin (LTC) withdrawal in online casino

In order to make a payout for the litecoin casino, you need to complete the wager if you have one. After you complete it, you need to go to the casino cashout section, then choose your Litecoin wallet and make a withdrawal. In addition, we remind you that if you want your withdrawal to definitely succeed, the withdrawal method needs to be the same as the deposit method.

Advantages and disadvantages of Litecoin casinos sites


  • Blocks: Litecoin block formation is the same as in Bitcoin;
  • Mining: the Litecoin algorithm contains the SHA-256 structure. This is especially actual for provably fair casino games;
  • Transaction speed: Litecoin blocks are creating faster than Bitcoin chain parts;
  • Number of coins: Litecoin has a limited number of coins which is 84 millions.

  • Not clear of perspectives: experts argue that the only advantage of Litecoin over Bitcoin is the fast confirmation of blocks;
  • Vulnerability: Litecoin is more vulnerable than other cryptocurrencies;
  • Low demand: the popularity of Litecoin in the world is at a low level.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Litecoin casino

Some of the most popular questions about the litecoin gambling casino are below.

It depends on the site where you are going to play litecoin casino games. To avoid any misleading, we don’t have any “exact” numbers of fees that accrued at different LTC gambling sites. Remember that Litecoin currency transactions are cheaper than Bitcoin cryptocurrency fees.
Usually, it takes several minutes to make any operation with your litecoin wallet, but in various casinos, it could be different. Information on payout speed on each LTC online casino you can find here. Although you need to follow payout rules, otherwise your payment will become rejected, and more detailed information you get in support casino service.
If you play by using dollars then nobody will get your personal data or banking details, except the online casino where you have played. But if you play in casino litecoin online then nobody at all. You will be identified by the id of your Litecoin wallet.

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