Bitcoin casinos

The variety of gambling services never ceases to amaze players around the world, and the pioneers of this variety are Bitcoin casinos. Every year at the Global Gaming Expo, new developments for this type of online gambling are presented, and this trend will continue until blockchain technology is fully explored. – digital reviewer of bitcoin casinos, your guide to the world of online crypto gambling. Our team is former casino employees mainly from the United States, who decided to unite due to the common interest. In this article, you will find how we evaluate bitcoin casinos and what is the best of them. We will start from the beginning, with how the first crypto gambling sites were created, while you can get acquainted with the modern casino bitcoin list.

Bitcoin casino sites

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3 100% UP TO 1 BTC 96% rating Play Now
4 100% UP TO 0.1 BTC 100% rating Play Now
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History of bitcoin casino

BTC casino was developed by combining two unique (at the time of 2010) innovations. On the one hand, this is Bitcoin on the other, online casinos. To simplify the task for you, we will analyze them separately.

Bitcoin’s foundation is full of incredible ups and downs, and it will sound a little shocking, but the gold currency has been around for over 13 years. The history of the world’s main crypto official began on October 31, 2008, when an unknown person under the nickname Satoshi Nakamoto published an article “Bitcoin: P2P Electronic Money”. In this article, he described the bitcoin protocol – a set of rules according to which the created system was supposed to work.

Among the majority of BTC online casino players, there is a misconception that Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology that has never been used previously. It’s not quite true, all parts of the system were known before Nakamoto. The cryptographic algorithms on which Bitcoin is based had already existed, as a distributed data storage. Nakamoto’s genius idea was to combine all pieces into a whole, build the system, and made it work.

31st of October 2008
A document was published that officially presented the new cryptocurrency to the public.
The name of the document was “Bitcoin P2P e-cash paper”
12th of January 2009
The first Bitcoin transaction (block 170). Sender: Satoshi Nakamoto; Addressee: Hal Finney
6th of February 2010
Bitcoin market was opened – the first official exchange
9th of February 2011
Bitcoin has caught up in value with the dollar. At the MtGox auction, coin cost 1 USD
27th of February 2012
Bitcoin” magazine is launched
1th of April 2013
Bitcoin capitalization exceeds $ 1 billion
December 2014
Microsoft started accepting bitcoins
March 2015
The creators of Bitcoin Startup 21 Inc. announced they have raised $ 116 million in venture funding, the largest amount ever for any digital currency company
September 2016
The number of bitcoin ATMs has doubled over the past 18 months to 771 ATMs worldwide
29th of November 2017
Bitcoin price exceeds $ 10,000
6th of February 2018
Bitcoin Price Falls at 50% In 16 Days, and the fall didn’t stop there
26th of June 2019
The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has authorized LedgerX to offer customers the country’s first deliverable bitcoin futures
6th of March 2020
French court equated bitcoin with the official currency. The decision was made on February 26, but it became known only in March
14th of April 2021
Bitcoin price reached historical maximum: 64,863.10 USD
16th of Jan 2022
Due to the fact that market participants expected a global worldwide crisis, the Bitcoin rate began to fall.
8th of Jan 2023
The constant FRS base rate increase has brought the Bitcoin price to a 2-year low. The stock market shows similar decaying dynamics. Cryptocurrency market froze in anticipation of the crypto-winter end.
7th of May 2023
Gradually, a banking crisis begins. SilverGate Bank closed. The US government saved Silicon Valley (SVB) and Signature Bank by giving them money from the reserve fund and protecting depositors. The largest holding JPMorgan allocated funds to rescue First Republic Bank. All this actions also saved the USDC rate and gave a positive impetus to the growth of Bitcoin to $30k.

The first bitcoins during 2009 were mined personally by Satoshi Nakamoto, and he was the only one who supported the network. Therefore, there are still about 1 million bitcoins on the wallets that belong to him, but even today no one knows who is Satoshi Nakamoto. This fact is well confirmed that Bitcoin is 100% anonymous currency. Today the number of owners of bitcoin is more than one hundred million (roughly speaking), and the price is above 45 thousand dollars.

Bitcoin gambling sites

The second important component of the emergence of bitcoin gambling sites is online casinos. Unlike Bitcoin, the history of online casinos is silent about how and who exactly came up with the idea of creating a website with gambling games. However, it is reliably known who was the first software developer which releases the first online slots. This company is still the leader in the online gambling industry and we know it as Microgaming. The first Microgaming online slot machine was created in 1994 and that moment is considering as the beginning of the history of digital casinos.

bitcoin casino online

Online casinos were popularizing quickly, and in 1998 they bring in $ 834.5 million in revenues only in the United States. Such financial results began to attract serious investors, who put up money into the development of new games and sites. At first, only slots were available online, but with time, other classic gambling games also joined them.

Unfortunately, the rapid popularity and growth of online gambling sites attracted not only investors but also the government. Online casinos got under high taxed and in some countries, they were even banned. The owners and managers of online gambling sites tried to go for all sorts of tricks. For example, online poker was singled out as a separate category of games and was recognized as a sport. Thus, it turned out to bypass the ban in many countries, but this trick, like many others, didn’t work for a long. It became clear that the development of gambling sites is at an impasse and it’s necessary something radically new. And this radical new solution is supposed to be Bitcoin, which has undeniable advantages in front of other currencies.

Pros and Cons of bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin casinos pros and cons

So, the owners of online gambling sites made a bet on bitcoin casinos, but why? What are the strengths of Bitcoin in comparison to other currencies? We will sort them all out in order, and start with the most important – anonymity.

Anonymity. We single out this factor as the most important because of the specific of the online gambling field. Most online casino players just don’t want to expose to the public. Everyone has their own reasons for this, someone doesn’t want to show off, others don’t like the extra attention. Unfortunately, nowadays online gambling sites can’t give you 100% anonymity, better to say, they can’t give you anonymity at all. But Bitcoin can! Remember what we told about Satoshi Nakamoto (still nobody knows who he is)? Bitcoin transactions are completely anonymous since the only thing that identifies you is the bitcoin wallet ID, and it isn’t linked to your personal data in any way. Accordingly, when you make a deposit in bitcoins, you can be sure that your personal data is safe, simply because no one knows it.

Speed. The next advantage is the speed of transactions. Since Bitcoin isn’t burdened by any regulatory authorities and operates within a separate network, transactions are almost instantaneous. The delays can be only at the stage of accepting a transaction into “work”. This is another working feature of internal “Bitcoin infrastructure”. To occur a new transaction, it is necessary to build a new chain of blocks with the script (blockchain), and persons who do this work are called miners. Of course, they do this with the help of computers, not themselves physically. But specifically, miners, make decisions about which transaction to execute and which back to turn. It goes without saying that, they are interested in taking the most expensive “order” (transaction). The person who sets the price is the sender (you). So you (or anybody who wants to transfer money) diced how much money will earn miner by performing your transaction. Accordingly, the lower the price, the longer your “order” will stand in the queue. The principle is the same as on any free market, and it gives another advantage which we’ll make out.

Low transaction fees. So, prices for transactions are formed on the free market, which means that fees are always minimal as possible. Yes, if you want to make a transfer quicker than usual, you’ll have to raise the price in order to increase miner’s interest. But even in this case fees would be lower than in a bank.

Pioneers technology. Even in 2023, Bitcoin casinos are still being outlandish entertainment. Maintain this image helps the constant software modernization and newest solutions. All the novelties of the gambling world immediately appear in bitcoin casinos. An example would be games with a live dealer.

The new version of games. In addition to the availability of the newest products, Bitcoin casinos also offer unique products, for example, provably fair games. At such games, you can check the honesty of the results of the draw, it’s become possible thanks to blockchain technology which is implemented in-game software. In this context, crypto gambling sites can be called blockchain casinos, because they use bitcoin not only as a currency but also as a technology.

Availability. This benefit applies to all online casinos – they are available everywhere. You can play it at home, while going to work, or staying in a queue.

bitcoin casino advantages

Mobile adaptively. Mobile Bitcoin casinos are available for all smartphones, they don’t need to be installed, they don’t take up much memory space and they can work with a weak 2G connection. So even if your mobile has been made in the previous decade, you can still gamble online with bitcoins. For the owners of new powerful smartphones, colorful design and high speed are guaranteed.

More bonuses. Bitcoin deposits are beneficial not only for players but also for website owners. Therefore, gamblers who want to make a deposit in cryptocurrency – got better conditions. One of these conditions is a more generous bonus system with low wagering. You can read more about all types of bonuses and how to get them here.

Okay with the main advantages we have done, but what about disadvantages.

Irrevocability. All actions in a bitcoin casino are irrevocable and this is its main drawback. If you replenish your casino account and entered the wrong address – you lose your money, if you transfer an amount less than is minimum requirements – you lose your money, if you lose bitcoin wallet ID or password – you lose all your money. Since Bitcoin is a decentralized system, there is no support service that can cancel the payment or restore the password.

Hard to find. Another negative consequence of complete decentralization – there are no regulatory authorities.  Therefore, there are a huge number of scammers in the bitcoin casino market, so, be very careful, choosing a site for the game.

Bitcoin law restriction. Bitcoin is prohibited in some countries, and you’ll have a problem with the law in case of using it.

Now, for a clearer picture, we will display all the pros and cons in one shortlist.

Bitcoin casino Pros

  • Anonymity;
  • Speed;
  • Low transaction fees;
  • Pioneers technology;
  • The new version of games;
  • Availability;
  • Mobile adaptivity;
  • More bonuses.

Bitcoin casino Cons

  • Irrevocability;
  • Hard to find;
  • Bitcoin law restriction.

Bitcoin casino popularity map

As we can see from the previous section, the numbers of advantages of BTC casinos and their forces are more significant than disadvantages, but they have their own specifics. Let’s see how it’s influencing the popularization of bitcoin casinos in the world.

Because of the uncontrollable situation with cryptocurrency, only a few countries ventured to legalize bitcoin casinos and crypto gambling, including the UK, Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Poland, and Belgium. But not allowed does not mean forbidden, and if the law is absent, this doesn’t mean that bitcoin games are prohibited. For example, in Canada, Bitcoin isn’t recognized as a currency – it’s considered as a commodity. So there is no law about crypto gambling and you have the legal right to play at a Bitcoin casino in Canada. By the way, the laws of Canada are very loyal to the players. In particular, there is no need to pay taxes on winning money. So, despite the fact that the laws in most countries haven’t been written yet, casino BCT collects players and fans all over the world. In accordance with the frequency of requests, we have compiled a map of the popularity of bitcoin casinos in the world (with scores from 0 to 20):

Of all the countries where Bitcoin casinos are available, this type of gambling is the least popular in Ireland. A bit unexpectedly that Japan is in the top three, and even more surprised that Italy is on 4th with overtaking of the UK and Australia. China is in second place, and the leader in popularity is held by the United States.

Share of crypto casinos in the online casino market

In general, the popularity of bitcoin and online casinos looks similar, and this is an interesting point because the percentage of the popularity of the online gambling market is constantly growing. We have compiled indicators from the main sources of Google traffic estimation such as Google search console, Google Analytics, and Google Keyword Planner, then calculated the average results and displayed them in the form of a graph. It looks next way:

And the share of Bitcoin casinos compares with Online casinos (number of queries in thousands) is the follows:

So, as you can see the share of bitcoin casinos among all online casinos approximately stays at the same level (the average number is 15.5%). But the number of online casino queries raised more than 20% in comparison with the previous year. Based on this data, we can conclude that BTC casinos are very closely related to other online gambling sites, and their growth is interdependent. The reason for this phenomenon is quite simple and it follows from the history of the bitcoin casino’s development and the pros of crypto gambling. On the one hand, the pros and cons of bitcoin casinos are very similar to online gambling sites, and on the other, all the software for both is developed by the same companies. So it isn’t surprising that they are linking each other. The only difference and trump card in the sleeve of BTC casinos in front of classic online gambling sites it’s Bitcoin, and this is obvious. By the way, what about other currencies at crypto casinos, which money could be used to play?

Bitcoin casinos in relation to other cryptocurrencies

Casino BTC can be divided into three types:

  • Bitcoin strictly;
  • Crypto strictly;
  • Multi-currency.

Strictly Bitcoin. The main characteristic by which casinos were assigned to this category is simple and clear. But it’s difficult to find such casinos in 2023 since it doesn’t make any sense. Bitcoin is already not the only crypto, and no one of the casino managers wants to restrict their players just like that.

Strictly Crypto. Such sites are also becoming less popular, but they are still there. For example, in our listings with free bitcoin casinos, you will find the gambling website CryptoThrills. In casinos like those you are able to deposit and withdrawal only in crypto.

Multi currency. The vast majority of bitcoin casinos fall into this category, and in the future, it will absorb all the others, and there are objective reasons for this. Firstly, bitcoin is recognized by an increasing number of companies, and even if the governments of most countries are against it (because they cannot control it),
even in countries that completely ban online gambling, people use VPNs and play in offshore crypto casinos, so cryptocurrency receives more and more open doors. Firstly, it’s approving by an increasing number of payment systems, such as Visa and MasterCard. Secondly, the number of Bitcoin users is increasing and online casinos are starting to expand their portfolio of currencies through crypto. If this trend continues, eventually all online gambling sites will become multicurrency. But all this will happen in the theoretical future, and what about the present? Let’s move on to the focal point of our work it’s the study and research of the bitcoin casinos that are available now in 2023.

How do we make Bitcoin casino review?

At the beginning (in 2018), our evaluation was based solely on our preferences, and everything seemed simple and clear. Each of our team personally had tested casino brands that pretended to be on the top list and rated them according to personal preference. But after creating the and trying to visualize our rating, we realized that this approach was wrong. It is impossible to qualitatively and openly prepare research on the gambling market without using a scientific approach. Yes, now for us bitcoin casino review is a full market research and we approach this from a scientific point of view, the result of which is the overall online bitcoin casino rating.

What separates our new approach from the old one and from most of the review sites you can find, is the complexity of the research. We can’t lower the bitcoin casino rating just because it is following modern trends, even if we don’t like it, these are the conditions that the market dictates. On the other hand, it is wrong if the BTC casino is trying with all its might to attract new gamblers, and forgetting about the old ones. Because of this contradiction and in order to achieve the most objective assessment, we separate external and internal factors that affect the bitcoin online casino. It is worth clarifying that we do not evaluate the factors themselves, we evaluate how well a particular casino ready for the influence of these factors.

Perhaps some readers won’t understand what is the point of adding these factors to the overall assessment, how the price of Bitcoin could influence the game experience. In this case, the influence is manifested through the functionality of the deposit. Bitcoin casinos accept bitcoins in two ways – directly or through the exchanger. If they do it directly, then there are no problems, the high volatility of cryptocurrencies will not affect in any way. But there is another type of sites those are actually dollar-denominated, and when you make a deposit or withdraw in bitcoins, they simply convert them. As a result, you lose your money due to the commission for the exchange, as well as due to the difference in the exchange rate that may be formed.

That is why it is important to assess the influence of external factors, if you look in the abstract, then there is no difference and it doesn’t matter whether casinos accept deposits directly in bitcoins or convert them, but if you add a factor of rate exchange, then everything changes. Of course, the influence of external factors isn’t so important as internal characteristics, therefore, we are taking more time specifically for them, as well as gives more weight when summing all the separate ratings into one general.

Our assessment internal characteristics of bitcoin casinos also consist of two subsections: quantitative and qualitative analyses. Quantitative data gives you numbers to support the general points of your research. Qualitative data provide details for a deep understanding of their full implications. Quantitative and qualitative analysis are complementary methods that combine to produce comprehensive results.
All of this could be a bit difficult, but below will be a scheme with all factors and characteristics that we count through the overall evaluation. Maybe it will help you to figure it out.

For a better understanding of our bitcoin casino review process, let’s analyze a few qualitative and quantitative characteristics in more detail.

Game selection in online casino bitcoin

Game selection is one of the key characteristics of any Bitcoin casino. In the end, we come to online casinos for games, we come for pleasure. If there are no cool games at the site, no matter what bonuses or withdrawal speed it has, that won’t be a desire to gamble on such a website. Assessment of game selection formed on the basis of comparison number of certain bitcoin casino games and BitcoinCasinoTop (BCT) Quality mark.

Now let’s take a look at each game separately, and also try to understand how the BCT Quality games mark was formed:

Bitcoin casino slots

The most popular type of online casino gambling is BTC slots. They attract the most attention from the players and bring 70% of the profit for online gambling sites. In some countries, slots are almost a national game, for example in New Zealand each fourth citizen plays slots, by the way, they call them pokies*. If you noticed, there are no slots in our “Number of Bitcoin casino table games” chart. The reason is very simple there are too many of them in comparison with other games, so we evaluate them separately. But as usual, big popularity generates untruthful myths and statements. One of them is that slots work on the basis of RNG (random number generator), and you can read this statement on many sites. But it just physically cannot be true.

The mechanism of winnings generation in bitcoin slots is very complex. Yes, it’s based on RNG, but this indicator is calculated not for one particular slot, not for one player, but for all players at once, who play in a certain period of time. Therefore, the winnings in bitcoin slots are big.

The indicator that is really relevant for the game on each slot is “Return To Player” (RTP). It shows how much money will be returned to the player from his bet. For example, a slot with RTP of 97% will give back $97 for every $100 that goes into it.RTP indicator varies from 70% to 99% depends on the slots software manufacturers. More detail about bitcoin slots is here.

Poker in bitcoin casino

Bitcoin casino poker

Poker is an absolutely unique casino game because it is the only one recognized in the world as a professional sport. Despite the fact that the rules of the game are simple and even a beginner can master it in just a few minutes, in order to become a professional, it will take years of training. The poker that is available at bitcoin casinos has almost no varieties, the only approachable option is Texas Hold’em.
Texas Hold’em is the simplest and most popular form of poker today, it is also called classic poker. Each player starts the game with two hole cards. The game is followed by four rounds, during which five “community cards” are dealt to form a “board”. Players add their hole (their) cards and the board in order to collect the strongest combination of 5 cards. More detail about bitcoin casino poker here.

Bitcoin casino blackjack

Bitcoin casino blackjack

Blackjack is obviously the favorite game of Hollywood filmmakers, as countless movies have been made about it. Perhaps this is because it’s very easy to play in this casino game, or because a large number of stories have been created around it. The reliability of these stories can only be guessed at, however, mathematicians and philosophers exploring the theory of probability have also always been interested in this game. In terms of its popularity in bitcoin video casino, blackjack rightfully takes its third place. The game is quite unassuming, it has fairly simple rules and at the same time is quite dynamic and exciting. More detail about strategies and game rules of bitcoin casino blackjack here.

Roulette in bitcoin casino

Roulette in bitcoin casino

Roulette is a game of chance, the name of which comes from the French word, which literally translates as “little wheel”.Those type of game is allocated to a separate category which is called the game of chance because the result doesn’t depend on you at all. Despite that in Bitcoin casinos this game is more predictable and fair (because of blockchain technology and provably fair games), the winning still doesn’t depend on you. But still, this game has millions of fans around the world and even had a games-sister – bitcoin craps. The rules and the game table are quite similar, the only difference is that in the first case the roulette wheel is spinning, and in the second – the dice rolling. In addition to provably fair play, bitcoin casinos can offer to the old France game fans, such features as auto-bet and auto-roll, which are very useful when playing for a long time. More detail about roulette in a bitcoin casino is here.

Bitcoin casino live games

Bitcoin casino live games

Live games are an online stream platform where you play online gambling, but instead of artificial intelligence, there is a real dealer on the other side. In a sense it’s can be cold as a subspecies of other games, because you play the same table bitcoin gambling games as usual. But most gamblers who play live games, enter online casinos or bitcoin casinos only because of this game type, and that is why we distinguish it as a separate category. More information about bitcoin casino live games here.

Of course, many other games are available in bitcoin casinos, Baccarat, various types of Dice and etc., we have described only the most popular ones that are included in the main rating. For clarity, why we have chosen particular them, it won’t be superfluous to look at the percentage ratio of games popularity in bitcoin casinos:

Payment system

After the game selection, it’s time to talk about the payment system. We put those indicators in second place because it characterizes the availability of a casino as a whole. Once you have decided where you want to play, you’ll need to make a deposit, and therefore the payment system is highly important. To payment system we include:

  • Deposit and withdrawal restrictions (min. and max. amount);
  • Speed of transactions (deposit and withdrawal);
  • Available currencies

It is also worth noting that in the last couple of years, web3 casino has been actively developing. Perhaps this is the only case where people are looking not for payments in a crypto casino, but for a crypto casino based on the presence of web3 technology. This is not surprising, since the industry has not yet come up with an easier and more convenient way to start playing online gambling.

Deposit and withdrawal restrictions

Deposit and withdrawal restrictions at the casino BTC are determined by the maximum and minimum permitted amounts of these actions. Usually, there are no problems with maximum threshold values, for cryptocurrencies they are quite high (bring to mind that among our evaluation, we take into account only cryptocurrencies). Even if you cannot withdraw the entire amount in one payment, you can do it in several, and since the withdrawal of money occurs fast this won’t bring problems. Therefore, limiting the maximum withdrawal amount is rather important only for evaluation than for a comfortable game. You might ask if it doesn’t affect the game, why is it so important to the rating. The maximum withdrawal amount is an indirect indicator of the casino capital, the higher the amount, the larger the reserve and the more reliable the bitcoin casino. Restrictions on the maximum deposit amount are relevant only for high rollers, and again, the limits at the best BTC casino are very loyal so we don’t put too much attention to them.

With the sums of the minimum withdrawal and deposit, everything is much more interesting. Firstly, these amounts are usually equal (that is, the amount of the minimum deposit is equal to the amount of the minimum withdrawal). Secondly, when you play at the bitcoin casino first time you don’t want to deposit a lot, so the first number that you are looking for is the amount of minimum deposit (following the link you’ll find a bitcoin casino list with minimum deposit amounts). Unfortunately, casino managers very often change this amount and we do not always have time to correct our data, so do not forget to double-check the information by yourself. Another important point: if you make a deposit less than the minimum allowable amount, you will irrevocably lose your money. So if you are a newbie, it is better to choose a casino without restrictions on the minimum deposit.

Speed of transactions

The transaction speed of deposit and withdrawal is also a very important element of the payment system of any online casino. The deposit speed is important to hold the game rhythm and withdrawal speed is a good indicator of the casino reliability (just like the highest payout limit). Also, there is a comfort factor that is obvious to everyone, because no one wants to wait for his money for a long time.
Fortunately, bitcoin casinos are doing well with this. You can replenish your account and withdraw funds to your digital wallet almost instantly. By following this link, you will find the bitcoin casino list with their speed of withdrawal transactions.

Available currencies

Last in our list but not in significance is currencies selection in casinos. A wide variety of currencies make gambling websites more open for different players. Perhaps someone likes a bitcoin casino, but he uses a different cryptocurrency, or for some reason, he doesn’t want to use Bitcoin. For such players, this item is especially relevant and therefore we will definitely take it into account in our rating. Below is a table with bitcoin casinos and payout system characteristics that are peculiar to them:

StakeEthereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, EOS, Ripple, Tron✅True FlipNEO, TFL Tokens, TRON, Dogecoin, Binance, Cardano, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin SV, Tether, Bitcoin❌

Bitcoin Casino Brand Cryptocurrencies Instant Payout Availability
7bit Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin,Tether
BitcoincasinoUS Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash
Katsubet Bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin,Ethereum
FortuneJack Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Dogecoin, Monero, DASH
BitStarz Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, Ethereum

Bitcoin casino bonuses

The next point in our review are bonuses – an integral part of any online bitcoin casino. Many gamblers choose websites according to their reward system, there is even a separate category of players called bonus-hunters. The same as before, we don’t recommend this strategy and we don’t recognize bonuses as the main factor, although we understand their importance. They occupy a high level in our rating, but according to our opinion games and payment systems are more important. In order to understand why it is so, our team also recommends you explore how the bonus system works and what types of bonuses are available in bitcoin casinos.

After familiarizing yourself with the basic ones, it will be easier for you to understand that bitcoin casino free doesn’t exist. Nobody gives free games just like that, in any case, you’ll have to do some actions that the casino requires. Plus, bonuses don’t always go with the games that you want to play. For example, one of the most common welcome bonuses is free spins, and they are applicable only by slots, which means that if you want to play any other game, you won’t be able to use them.

Also, don’t forget that all bitcoin casino free BTC bonus has an expiration date and wagering requirements. Some gambling sites cheat on purpose, put up big bonuses to their promotions but also add strict requirements for wagering, as a result, it isn’t possible to get those bitcoin casino rewards. In simple words, bonuses are usually become a manipulative component of a casino and therefore it’s difficult to objectively assess them.

Software manufacture

The most interesting stage of bitcoin casino evaluation is the examination of its software providers.

Explaining for beginners: Gambling sites consist of two parts, the first is the site itself, and the second is the games software. In a sense, gambling sites can be called “intermediaries”, since by using the casino website you are playing games of certain providers. With rare exceptions, almost all games available in casinos are developed by third-party companies. Today there are hundreds of such companies, but the main market is divided between six:

How we can see from the graph, the most famous of them are: Microgaming, Netent, Playtech, and Softswiss. By the way, we have already talked about Microgaming in the history section, remember? This is the company that created the first online slot.
Bitcoin casino app and site adaptation
Move one to mobile adaptation, perhaps the easiest part. The main parameters of the check are:

  • Page load speed on the phone with 2G Internet;
  • Readability of the text;
  • The convenience of an adaptive menu.

Below is a graph with the results of several best BTC casinos:

Despite the fact that the assessment of this characteristic is quite simple, this doesn’t mean that it is useless. About 40% of BTC casinos users play with smartphones, therefore the mobile version of the website is highly important. As for applications, this is a very rare phenomenon with very dubious advantages, therefore we don’t evaluate it.

Support service in BTC casino

The support service is extremely important for the stable and successful operation of any best online bitcoin casino. Users inevitably face different sorts of difficulties: during the deposit and withdrawal of funds, while wagering bonuses, and so on. This can be due to gambler’s mistakes or a software outage. In any case, a way out must be found, and this is a bitcoin casino support job. It can be considered as the main way for players to communicate with the casino administration. There are several ways to contact support, and each player decides which one is most convenient for him. Our task is to assess the general presence, the response speed of the service team and convert it into the mark which will be a part of the major rating.


License – a permit from an authority to own or use something, do a particular thing, or carry on a trade. Licensing is a very controversial thing* in any area of entrepreneur activity, and gambling isn’t an exception. The situation with bitcoin casinos is even worse than with other types of gambling. Almost all crypto sites have a Curacao license, which cannot be verified for authenticity. In other matters, they cannot be blamed for this, since the only trustworthy license that a BTC casino can receive is a UK gambling license, and its price is extremely high. In turn, then higher the license price, than more casino costs and fewer bonus payments.

Similar situation with restricted countries. On the one hand, the more players (from a more number of countries) have access, the better. On the other, some BTC casinos can cheat and hide forbidden countries, as a result, players from these countries will have problems with withdrawing funds. Unfortunately, we are physically unable to check all countries, therefore the question with the license is still open. But we have selected the main number of countries by which we check the honesty of the bitcoin casino, and put a score that is included in the overall rating. These countries are:

  • USA;
  • Canada;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Australia;
  • Ireland;
  • South Africa.

Best bitcoin casino according to BCT rating

Finally, we covered the all main aspects of “how do we make Bitcoin casino review”, so let’s move to results. Given all of the complexities of the process and the variety of preferences of the players, it won’t be correct to choose the single winner, and therefore we settled the TOP 5:

TOP-5 Best Bitcoin Casinos
Brand Date of creation Payouts in bitcoins / year Win Rate

2014 (redesigned in 2023) ₿ 55.226549 95.7%

2014 (redesigned in 2022) ₿ 99.596486 94.7%

2014 (redesigned in 2020) ₿ 116.435656 94.2%
2014 ₿ 32.765458 95.2%

2014 (redesigned in 2021) ₿ 48.643363 94.8%

Bitcoin casino 7bit

The first in our TOP 5 list is 7Bit. The casino started its work in 2015. Its creator and owner is an experienced and reputable operator Direx N. V., who has many good online gambling sites in his portfolio. 7bit has a large selection of games, about 2,000, from more than 20 best software developers, including: NetEnt, Rabcat, Ezugi, Platipus, Mr. Slotty, Big Time Gaming, etc. Highly qualified support service works around the clock. You can contact it by email, through the contact form on the website, or via online chat.

All these positive qualities have allowed 7bit to climb so high on our list.

Casino Bitcoin mBit

The next is mBit casino, a games range of which includes over 1000 different games, about half of which are slots. Some of them even offer progressive jackpots. In addition to slots, there is a fairly large selection of traditional table games: Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Pai go, Craps, and many others. On the official MBit casino website, you can find special games also. For example, you can try your hand at a wide variety of video poker such as: Aces & Faces, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Split Way Royal, Tens or Better, Jackpot Poker, and others. The design of the site may seem a little old, but with mobile adaptation everything is fine. Particular bitcoin casino has a wide selection of cryptocurrencies for depositing, and the support service works flawlessly. In short, Mbits rightfully occupies an owl place in the top 5 of our ranking.

BitStarz BTC casino

BitStarz Crypto Casino is a modern crypto casino with an amazing selection of slot machines and large cash prizes. The selection of classic card games isn’t big as those of competitors, but the necessary minimum is awarded. The situation is similar with bonuses – there are enough of them, but there could have been more. In addition to all of the above players can count on instant withdrawals and first-class support services. The choice of cryptocurrencies for a deposit is one of the largest. In two words, BitStarz can be described as a decent and reliable casino. You know how experts say about some athletes, he isn’t a leader, but a worthy player. With BitStarz situation is the same.

Cloudbet – casino with bitcoin bets

In 2013, Cloudbet revolutionized online betting by creating the most advanced Bitcoin betting platform available from any mobile device. Although a lot of time has passed since then, advanced technologies are still the main trump card of the casino. Cloudbet is powered by Betsoft software and they are well known for their 3D games with animated characters who admire, taunt, and dance with every bet. In addition to 3D games, on the site, you will find: slot machines, roulette, poker, various types of dice, and, most importantly, games with a live dealer. Also, unlike all other casinos in our top 5 rating, on the Cloudbet website, you can bet on sports and eSports using Bitcoins. The rest of the necessary characteristics of the top bitcoin casino are in perfect order. – online bitcoin casino

This casino has existed since 2013, it is the first bitcoin casino that received an official license. The site contains a huge number of bitcoin gambling games, more than 1300. The bonus system is more advanced than in other casinos. The player has the opportunity to choose the bonus that he wants to receive, thus, the main drawback that is inherent for all reward systems of online gambling sites is eliminated. Unfortunately, the amount of the bonuses themselves aren’t as big as we would like. and the speed of the site on a mobile phone is also not great. On the other hand, the support service responds instantly and there is a good selection of currencies for a deposit, and because of its closes up our top five.

For the first acquaintance, this information will be enough, more detailed review of these sites as bitcoin casino reviews are available here.

Bitcoin casino rewards

Of course, our rating is not the only one and there are a large number of other tops. We don’t pay much attention to them when compiling our rating, since very often they are purchased. But there are reputable publications in which honesty you just don’t want to doubt, as for example or Askgamblers. Using their example, let’s analyze what rewards a bitcoin casino can receive.
Awards are given for:

  • Best Bitcoin casino;
  • Best new casino;
  • Best live casino;
  • Best new slot game;
  • Best new feature;
  • Best bitcoin casino according to player’s choice.

As you can see of all the awards, our research includes only the first, so there is still a lot of work to be done 😅.

Bitcoin casino loyal rewards

Perhaps some of the readers wonder why it’s so important to choose the best online bitcoin casino? Wouldn’t be better to play by using different sites? At first, yes but in the long run, it will deprive you of loyalty bonuses.

Loyalty bonuses – this is a reward system for customers who constantly enter and play on a particular gambling site. The program allows getting additional bonuses (in addition to the main ones that we discussed earlier). The evaluation of the actions of the players is carried out using points. They are often called loyalty points or LP. The accumulation of a set number of LP leads to an increase in the player status at the casino. New levels allow gamblers to receive personalized offers and provide a number of other benefits.

User statuses could be the next:

  • Mastery designation – “Amateur”, “Lucky”, “Experienced”, “Expert”, “Favorite of Fortune”, and so on.
  • Precious metals or stones – “Silver”, “Gold”, “Ruby”, “Platinum”, and others.

On some sites, the name may change, but the essence remains the same. Loyalty points can be obtained for the following actions:

  • Active play. In this case, the bets are converted into points;
  • Making deposits. Every dollar or bitcoin that was deposited into the account is converted into points;
  • Completing assignments. The players have to take certain actions in order to receive a fixed number of points. This can be, for example: passing double verification, the first game for money, daily site opening, and etc.

So, if you want to get free BTC in the bitcoin casino better to play in the same one and that is why it is so important to find the best one.

Future of bitcoin casinos

In the end, let’s add a little more philosophy and talk about the future of bitcoin casinos. As mentioned in the “History” section, the Bitcoin casino was founded by combining Bitcoin and online gambling sites. Also, in the section “Share of crypto casinos in the online casino market“, we have shown that BTC casinos are proportionally dependent on both of these components. Therefore, in order to understand what awaits bitcoin casinos, it is necessary to assess the future of cryptocurrencies and online gambling.

Now cryptocurrencies are only being accepted by the world, and so far there are not many technologies that are ready to ensure the massive attraction of the population to the crypto market. Accordingly, the bitcoin rate will strengthen as soon as a solution to this problem appears, but for now, it is still volatile due to stock speculators. Just like in 2017, when bitcoin rose to $ 20,000 and then dropped to $ 3,500 within three months, we can now observe the same trend, only adjusted for the price level to which bitcoin rose last year and at the beginning of 2023. Therefore, unfortunately, the future of bitcoin is ambiguous, but with online casinos, the situation is completely opposite.

Every day more and more players give their preference to online gambling. The reason for this is convenience and availability, as well as the cheapness and high quality of the game. This means that online gambling will delight us for a long time, and the quality of the game in them will get better and better every day because progress doesn’t standstill.

Well, we can draw the conclusion of our small forecast: the only weak point in a bitcoin casino is its main advantage – Bitcoin. And as soon as the problems with the massive use of cryptocurrency are resolved and the main weakness of Bitcoin is broken, it will be possible to say that Crypto casino is our future.

Frequently Asked Questions about bitcoin casinos

Yes. As I wrote above, bitcoin is the best option for playing ▶ in a casino for players who want to remain anonymous and feel completely safe.
Yes. In Bitcoin casino, you can use the following cryptocurrencies for deposits: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Namecoin, SwiftCoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, Emercoin, Gridcoin, Omni, Primecoin, Ripple, Auroracoin, BlackCoin, Burstcoin, Coinye, Dash, DigitalNote, MazaCoin, Monero, NEM, Tether, Nxt, PotCoin, Synereo AMP, Titcoin, Vertcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, SixEleven, Decred, Waves Platform, Lisk, Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Ubiq.
Availability of the license is the first thing that you have to check while visiting a bitcoin casino. Only sites with permission to conduct online gambling activities can guarantee the integrity of the gaming 🎲 process We represent on our website only brands that are licensed from such regulators as MGA, Kahnawake, Curacao, UK gambling commission, and others.
First of all, you should decide how exactly you want to start your search. There are two options: 1. You can independently search for bitcoin casino brands in a search engine; 2. Or use a casino review site such as Our experts have already done all the work for you! There is no longer any need to surf useless review sites and make mistakes when choosing scam projects. All you need to do is select the appropriate offer in the table of the best bitcoin casinos in 2023 and click the “Play Now!” Button.

  1. The main plus of BTC casino is that you can play slots or boarding games with pleasure and be completely anonymous at the same time. Cryptocurrencies give you the opportunity to remain in the status of “incognito” throughout the time that you spend in an online casino.
  2. The next plus is the speed of crediting bitcoins to your account. Transactions in cryptocurrencies occur at lightning speed, which means that you will not have problems when you go to get your winnings on a bitcoin wallet.
  3. Mobility. Online bitcoin casino allows you to play at BTC from anywhere in the world, while fans of classic casinos experience inconvenience when trying to play casinos for real money.
  4. A large selection of bitcoin casino sites. Only 5 years ago you would have found on our site only 5 available offers, but now, in 2023, we provide you with a choice of 15 top Bitcoin casinos and a trusted history.
  5. No taxes. In land-based and trivial online casinos, you would pay a ton of taxes to tackle your hobby. In addition, you would be asked to fill out questionnaires with your personal data, such as passport data, fresh copies of utility bills, mail and a telephone number. In Bitcoin casinos, this is not necessary for everyone, since payments cannot be tracked.
  6. Completely legal bitcoin gambling. All casinos on our list have licenses that allow them to conduct legitimate gaming activities. All of them also passed the test of gaming commissions and have special certificates.
  7. Only fresh software. The fact that Bitcoin casinos use exclusively advanced technologies allows the best BTC casino sites to include the latest and most modern online slots and programs for live dealers in their game lists. This will not leave indifferent any real gambler!

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