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Everyday legal online gambling with Bitcoin becomes increasingly more popular in different countries. Mainly due to advantages related to cryptocurrencies such as anonymity, quick payments, low commissions, etc. Cryptocurrencies have established a system where there is no need for third parties. When the user makes a financial transaction, he contacts the counterparty directly. As it excludes the intermediary in the person of banking organizations, many countries have not legalized cryptocurrencies yet.

Bitcoin gambling legal sites list

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Since cryptocurrency transactions started to be fully digital, verification became very difficult. The players’ anonymity is maintained because they pay with Bitcoin. In this case, fair business practices become more questionable. Moreover, a lot of Bitcoin gambling websites require minimal user information, missing age verification, and location check. Against that backdrop, more and more discussions are concerned about the legality of bitcoin online gambling.

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Although any country has’t specific restrictions for bitcoin gambling, there are some in which online gambling is prohibited. It means that in such countries, cryptocurrency gambling is not welcome at all. It’s important to note, that just because gambling is allowed in your country, it doesn’t mean that bitcoin casinos are legal. The best that players who use cryptocurrencies can do is to keep abreast of developments related to the legal stand of bitcoin gambling.

A lot of players think that legal bitcoin gambling sites are the same as traditional online casinos. The honesty and reliability of the gambling website and protection of the rights by an independent regulator are significant for players. In this case, a very crucial point is the availability of a valid gambling license. This contributes to player loyalty and significantly increases the reputation of the casino, which offers legal gambling using bitcoin. If you want to use a Bitcoin casino, it is recommended to take certain steps to protect your data.

Is Bitcoin casino legal?

Now let’s find out how to determine is a Bitcoin casino legal or not. Fraud is a negative side of our life. At the first glance, some gambling sites may seem completely legal, but in fact, it may turn out to be a deception. Fortunately, there are several ways to recognize the warning signs to help you avoid being fooled.

Check the license of a bitcoin gambling site. This the first and main action that you have to do. Why? Let’s figure out what does it mean “legal”. Legality is the recognition of any action, phenomenon, organization, relationship, a procedure in accordance with the current law. And confirmation of this recognition is the “License”. License is a document of a form established by the state that allows one to engage in one or another specific type of entrepreneurial activity that requires additional control from the state. That is why the first thing we do is immediately look at the license.

Check the company’s website. To see if it is professional enough and if there is any controversy. If you notice any inconsistencies, then this may be a sign that the business is not legal and is a hastily organized adventure. If the site is made unprofessionally (for example, there are stolen images and a large number of spelling errors), then this indicates that not enough attention has been paid to the site, not one official organization will not allow this.

Check the bitcoin casino website registration data. Sometimes you can even find the name and information of the person who registered the website and uses it in further searches. You may want to know information about the date of creation and expiration of the site, or in which country the hosting is registered. If it was created very recently and will soon expire, then this fact gives reason to believe that such a site is a temporary cover for some kind of scam. This can be done by using special websites or by our casino reviews. There are links to the most popular bitcoin gambling legal website reviews: 7bit, mBit, FortuneJack, BitStarz.

Check out customer reviews on the forums. Unlike personal blogs, forums display the real opinions of different customers about the overall reliability of the company. Credible forums will not censor reviews in any way and will fight against false comments.

Okay, now you know how to determine who owns a particular online bitcoin casino and whether it is worth trusting it. But there is another problem. The beauty of the Internet is that you can use any site, from anywhere in the world, but then a problem arises. Any online bitcoin casino has its own specific license and is designed for a specific market, a specific country. The table below shows examples of casinos, their licenses, and restricted countries.

Legal bitcoin casino list with licensing
Legal casino Licensing Jurisdiction Restricted Counttries
Crypto Thrills

Crypto Thrills

Curacao No restrictions

Curacao eGaming states of New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Nevada and the province of Quebec
Fortune Jack

Fortune Jack

Curacao Australia, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom


Curacao UK, USA, Spain, Israel, France, Dutch West Indies, Ukraine, Netherlands, Curacao


Curacao eGaming Mayotte, Réunion, Curaçao, Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Martin, France, Lithuania, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Israel, the United States, French Guiana

As you can see, an online gambling site can be completely legal in one country and not legal in another. Therefore, let’s revise the list of countries in which online bitcoin gambling is available.

Legal bitcoin casinos in the USA

If you look at the picture as a whole, then bitcoin casino USA legal falls under two legislative directions. The first is about cryptocurrency (special bitcoin), and the second is about online gambling. So let’s start from the first.

In which USA states online bitcoin casino is legal

A breakthrough for the American gambling market was the repeal of the federal law PASPA on the protection of professional and amateur sports, adopted in 1992 and prohibiting sports betting throughout America (with the exception of Nevada, Oregon, Delaware, and Montana). The ban was overturned by the Supreme Court in the spring of 2018, allowing local governments to decide for themselves whether to prohibit or allow betting activities across the state.

New Jersey. Online sports betting, online casino, and online poker are allowed in this state. New Jersey is now considered one of the largest gambling markets in the United States. There are more than a dozen legal online casino and poker room sites operating here.

Pennsylvania. In 2019, state authorities legalized sports betting, online casinos, and online poker. The betting companies DraftKings, FanDuel and Unibet operate here. Players can place bets both offline and through a browser or mobile application.

West Virginia. Online sports betting has been allowed here since 2018. Online casinos and poker will be able to start their official work in 2020.

Indiana. Online sports betting began to be officially accepted in 2019 when the state allowed sportsbook offline and on the Internet. There are three online bookmakers here – DraftKings, FanDuel and BetRivers, with five more expected to enter the market.

Iowa. The state allowed to accept online sports betting in 2019, several companies opened in Iowa within six months. At the same time, the activities of online casinos and poker rooms are prohibited.

New Hampshire. Sports betting has been allowed here since the end of 2019, while DraftKings is the only company on the online market. Poker rooms and online casinos are prohibited in this state.

Nevada. The state in which the famous Las Vegas is located has been a monopoly in sports betting for almost 20 years, online betting was allowed here back in 2010.

Delaware. Online betting has been allowed in this state since 2018. Online casinos have been operating in Delaware since 2013, when poker rooms were allowed to operate. It is the first state to launch an online sportsbook since the ban was lifted.

Rhode Island. Online sports betting was legalized in 2019, with the launch of the first companies expected in 2020. Online casinos and poker rooms are prohibited in the state.

Oregon. It is allowed to place and accept online sports betting here starting from autumn 2019. Online casinos and online poker rooms are prohibited.

Michigan. Last year, the state authorities allowed all types of online gambling here: accepting bets, operating casinos, and poker rooms.

Colorado. The state is considering allowing online casinos and online poker rooms, and accepting online sports betting has been legalized since 2019. The first companies are expected to appear this spring.

Montana. The governor of the state signed into law the law to legalize online sports betting in May 2019. Intralot will operate in the gambling market of Montana. The operation of casinos and poker rooms on the Internet is prohibited.

Tennessee. The state passed the Online Sportsbook Act in April 2019. The launch of the first resources is expected in 2020.

Illinois. Sports betting became legal in Illinois in June 2019, with the first betting sites starting in 2020. Licenses will cost $ 10 million.

Legal bitcoin casinos in the United Kingdom

The gambling sector in the United Kingdom is well-developed, competitive, and strictly regulated as well. Many players don’t know if crypto gambling is legal in the UK. Gambling with Bitcoins in the UK is considered identical to gambling with fiat money. Therefore, there are several legal crypto casinos. There are a variety of games such as roulette, BTC blackjack, poker, and sports betting, where players can use Bitcoins. Almost all gambling sites offer different welcome bonuses for new players, which usually doubles your deposit.

Legal bitcoin casinos in the United Kingdom work in the same way as any other online gambling sites. The only difference is that you will use cryptocurrency as a payment method. Apart from Bitcoin, players can use other cryptocurrencies like Etherum, Litecoin, Monero, or traditional fiat money.

Now we can see that legal Bitcoin casinos in the UK are still few, but their popularity has been increasing in recent years. Legal crypto gambling sites that offer Bitcoin as a payment method must comply with the existing gambling laws.

legal online bitcoin casino

Legit bitcoin casinos in Europe

If you live in Europe, you probably already know that you are lucky as many other countries have very strict regulations regarding online gambling. Is bitcoin gambling legal in 2023 in Europe? – Yes. Most countries in Europe, except some, don’t have specific regulations regarding cryptocurrencies. There are different legit bitcoin casinos, which are becoming more and more popular every year. Once you have created a Bitcoin wallet, you can play in a legit crypto casino.

Not all European countries have the same laws relating to online gambling. For example, in France, online casino games are not regulated. There are no laws that proclaim playing at unlicensed websites as a crime. Bitcoin gambling regulation in France is also missing, so players can choose from a big variety of licensed and unlicensed casinos.

Is bitcoin legal as a gambling currencies

The US takes a generally positive approach to cryptocurrencies. But at the same time, they have several government agencies that are working to prevent or reduce the use of bitcoin for illegal purposes. Large businesses welcome bitcoin payments. The digital currency has also made its way into the US financial instruments markets, which speaks of its increasingly legitimate presence.

The United States Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Service (FinCEN) released a Bitcoin guide back in early 2013. The Treasury did not define Bitcoin as a currency but as a financial services company. This obliges him to comply with a number of laws that require compliance with reporting, registration, and accounting. In addition, bitcoin is classified as property and taxes must be paid on it.

Trusted bitcoin casinos

With so many casinos to choose from, finding trusted bitcoin gambling sites that provide an enjoyable gaming experience can be very difficult. There are a few points you can focus on while looking for the most trusted Bitcoin casino:

  • The security of players’ funds is a very important point for any online casino. Trusted bitcoin casinos do everything possible to ensure the highest level of funds safety;
  • Game selection. Trusted bitcoin gambling sites propose various games such as slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, etc;
  • Special promotions. Different bonuses are very important for many players. Good bonuses can make the game more profitable, therefore it is one of the most important points when choosing a casino;
  • Support. Regular players know that responsible customer support is a very positive sign.

Advantages and disadvantages of Legal Bitcoin casino


  • Legal and clear game;
  • Financial security;
  • 24/7 support.

  • License verification takes time;
  • The license is expensive, which means the licensed casino will issue fewer bonuses.

Frequently Asked Questions about legal bitcoin casino

White label crypto casino is a reliable gambling website that offers players the best conditions. Such casinos are licensed and have good feedback from users. Only by trying out different online casinos, you can find the one that suits you best.

If you are unsure about the following list, you should find out more reliable bitcoin casino:

  • Licensing. All reliable gambling sites are operating under the license. The most prominent licenses are the ones issued in the United Kingdom and Malta;
  • Secure payments. White label casinos must carry out payments promptly. Frequent withdrawals delays are usually a warning sign;
  • Fairness gaming. White label Bitcoin casinos do their best to prove that their games are fair. Such gambling sites are using the services of auditing companies that do the necessary verification.

A gambling license for a crypto casino is a certificate issued by a licensing authority and required by companies that offer any type of game of chance. The requirements tend to vary from country to country, but generally include checking out the company owners, proving of probity, verification of system safety and efficiency, and much more.

Many crypto casinos display gambling licenses on their website. Also, they can provide the license when asked. It should be noted that possession of a license is not enough on its own, however, a lack of one is usually a warning sign. It is highly recommended to play only in licensed crypto casinos.

It’s important to know, that many countries don’t have clear laws around bitcoin casinos. In most cases, the functioning of cryptocurrency gambling sites is regulated by the same legislation. For example, underage bitcoin gambling is also strictly prohibited. Different payment methods and currencies are available in various countries where online gambling is allowed, no matter they are digital or not. Laws for bitcoin gambling are likely to be adopted in some countries within a few years.

Though, if you are planning to use cryptocurrencies and, in particular Bitcoin, it is necessary to take a look if there are any restrictions and taxes. For instance, when using cryptocurrencies is perfectly legal, some states in the USA forbid online casinos to accept them. For this purpose, check your casino’s terms and conditions. Also, you should be aware of the latest laws about crypto gambling in your country.

Bitcoin casinos with a license you can find in this table. This list was created and compiled by our experts. It allows you to save time and not fall into the hands of scammers. Our professionals have made a selection of reliable clubs that have all the necessary documents and provide quality services. The bitcoin casinos from the list are fully suitable for playing and offer one of the most favorable conditions on the market.
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