Bitcoin poker is not only the most popular casino game in the world, it’s the most popular card game at all. Everyone who played cards has played online poker with BTC at least once or heard about it. In our day’s online casino poker became not only the game but the sports. A lot of people all over the globe are having poker competitions in front of their computers and mobile devices every day. There is no worldwide championship in poker, but a lot of tournaments that could be named them. One of the greatest and the most popular is the WSOP – World Series of Poker. It takes place in Rio casino in Las Vegas. Best poker gamers are competing in more than 60 tournaments for more than 225 million dollars for more than one month. But if we’ll come back to the online casino we’ll see that interest to play poker with bitcoin grows faster than any other because of cryptocurrencies. For now, you can play even BTC online poker and win a huge amount of money in this expensive cryptocurrency staying in shadows because nobody will know who became a new millionaire or even billionaire. Professional online BTC poker is a world of dreams and opportunities.

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History of BTC Poker

There is no official information about the time and place where poker was invented. First notes about the game which is similar to poker were found in the memoirs of the artist – Joe Cowell in 1829. But it is generally accepted that poker originated much earlier in the XVI century and its history spans over 450 years. Of course, at the very beginning poker rules were not exactly the same as they are now. The homeland of poker is in Europe, the exact place isn’t known but it’s generally accepted that it is in the Mediterranean region: Spain, France, Italy.

General Bitcoin Poker Rules

BTC poker

BTC poker

There is a lot of real pokers and online BTC poker varieties so even a deck of cards may differ, you can find a poker game with 32, 36, or 52 cards, but in general best bit casino poker is played with 52 cards deck. There are from 2 to 10 players at the same time at one table. As in any other card game, cards have a face value from two to ace, but in poker, you win with 5 card combination. In some combinations such as the street, an ace can be used as the smallest card in it. Poker for BTC consists of rounds. First-round starts with mandatory bets: big and small blinds. In some varieties of online BTC poker games, there is card distribution in every round, in others croupier faceup one or more cards that play for every player combination. In every round player can bet, check, call, raise, all-in or fold. The winner is the person who has collected the best combination of 5 cards or has forced all other players to fall to the last bet of the last round where it is necessary to open the cards.

Poker terms and combinations

As it was stated above poker whether live poker games or online poker with BTC have a lot of game terms and combinations, let’s make a table for them to make everything more clear and understandable.



used in situations when bets have not been made by rivals or a bet has already been made blindly – do not add a bet, leave “as is”
make a bet
increase your bid – bet more than your rivals
put all the money that player has on the game table
level bids, answer the previous bid
refuse to bet/call, discard cards and no longer participate in this distribution
bets added to the bank – prize distribution fund
the part of the bank that the casino takes back (applies only to casino games)
Split pot
the term applied if more than one player wins – divides the bank between the winning players
part of the money that the player put on the table and with which he makes the game
fixed size of rate or raise
Pot limit
players can place bets from the minimum to the current pot size
No limit
players can place bets from the minimum to the size of their stack
this is the amount of money in the player’s account that he uses to play poker with bitcoins
High card
the smallest combination that gives a win to the player who has the highest card, doesn’t win if there are any other combinations on the playing table
One pair
two cards of the same value
Two pairs
two pairs of cards
Three of a kind / Set
three cards of the same value
five cards in order of any suit. Ace can both begin the order and end it. The smallest street (from five to ace) is sometimes called the “wheel”, the highest (from ace to ten) is called “Broadway”
five cards of the same suit
Full house / Full boat
combination of cards that contains three of a kind cards + one pair
Four of a kind / Quads
four cards of the same value
Straight flush
any five cards of the same suit in order
Royal flush
It is not a separate combination but is a special case of a straight flush, the highest of all possible, and consists of 5 elder (ace, king, queen, jack, ten) cards of the same suit
Five of a kind
available only in variations of poker with a joker – four of a kind and a joker – the highest combination is considered even higher than a royal flush


In the classic club BTC poker game, there are no strategies that can guarantee your victory. All players can see only two of their own cards and five of the cards placed face-up on the table which plays for every player, so it’s very hard to count something in a mathematical way. That’s why all of the poker strategies are based on the psychology and study of the behavior and playing style of opponents. The main fundamental works about poker that can be useful for new and experienced players are:

  • Dan Harrington – Harrington on Hold’em in 3 volumes
  • John Enholt – Perfect Poker
  • Phil Gordon – The Little Green Book
  • Doyle Brunson – Super System. Intensive Poker Course
  • Roy Rounder – Easy Poker Math

This books will help you to understand how to play online BTC poker more effectively. How to analyze your chances and how to make a correct choice in different situations, and what you must know and how to use poker game statistics.

Varieties of BTC poker

There are a lot of world-famous varieties of poker games. Some of them are customary to play at home in the family circle, while others are so popular that they collect worldwide tournaments and leagues with multi-million prize pools. Let’s have a look at the most popular poker games:bitcoin poker dealer

  1. Draw poker – one of the simplest types of poker. Most common in home games, in friendly meetings. BTC draw poker online is quite popular in casinos nowadays.
    Rules and sequence of actions:

    • Players make an initial bet, get five cards.
    • The following is a circle of trade.
    • Players announce how many cards they want to change. The dealer takes their cards and gives them as many new ones.
    • The last round of betting follows
  2. Double Discarding Draw-poker – A variation of draw poker in which players make two card changes per con. Double discarding draw poker for BTC is not very common in casinos but you also can find some sites where it is played.
    Rules and sequence of actions:

    • Players make an initial bet and receive five cards face down.
    • The following is a circle of trade.
    • Players announce that they are changing multiple cards. The dealer takes their cards and gives them as many new ones.
    • The following is a circle of trade.
    • Players announce for the second time that they are changing multiple cards. The dealer takes their cards and gives them as many new ones.
    • The last round of betting follows.
    • Double-draw poker can play up to seven players at a time. Cards exchanged by the players are returned to the deck and shuffled there.
  3. Stud – There are several varieties of herds, for example, 4, 5, or 7-card stud, seven-card stud hi-low. You can play any type of Stud for BTC. Here you’ll find a description of the 7-card stud.
    Rules and sequence of actions:

    • Players make an initial bet
    • Sometimes, of his own free will, a player can make a blind bet.
    • Each card is dealt face up and two faces down.
    • The circle of trade comes
    • One card is dealt face-up (4 in total)
    • Followed by a circle of trade
    • One card is dealt face-up (a total of 5)
    • Followed by a circle of trade
    • One card is dealt face up (there are 6 in total)
    • Followed by a circle of trade
    • One card is dealt face-up (a total of 7)
    • The last round of betting follows

    The player chooses a combination of 5 cards in his hand. A variation of the herd is Hi-Lo when the oldest and youngest combination wins. Another variation is Razz when only the junior combination wins. 5-card stud is usually popular in home games, and it is usually the kind of poker that children in the United States first learn to play. The 7-card stud has long been the most popular form of poker until it was superseded by Texas Hold’em.

  4. Bitcoin Texas Hold’em poker – the most popular type of poker in the world. The success depends on the balance of own (hidden from other players) and opened (cards faced up on the table) cards. BTC Hold’em gives you more opportunities in your playstyle than any other poker game. BTC Omaha with its popularity is the closest one type of poker to Hold’em for bitcoin but still, it loses because of its complexity.
    Rules and sequence of actions:

    • Sometimes if players want to increase bank size (amount of money for which they are fighting for), all of them make a small initial contribution (ante), and the activity of the players rises with the bank.
    • There are two blind bets on every first round. The first player sitting near the dealer bets “small blind” – half of the minimum bet, second one bets “big blind” – the whole blind.
    • All players get preflop – two cards face down, then a round of betting comes.
    • The dealer gives a flop – 3 faced up cards in the middle of the table, another round of betting follows.
    • Then comes turn – the fourth card is placed opened in at the playing table, another betting circle comes. If it is a limited hold’em at that moment the fixed bet doubles.
    • It’s time for a river – the fifth card is placed on the table faced up. As a result, players can see 5 cards on the table, again betting circle comes.
    • As a result player with the strongest combination built with 5 cards wins. You can use any combination of your own 2 cards and 5 opened cards on the table, but still, only 5 cards play. It means that you can’t win with 3 pairs even if you have them because only 2 highest will play for you.
  5. Omaha – sometimes called Omaha Hold’em – a type of poker that has almost similar rules to classic Texas Hold’em. One of the most popular types of poker to play online. Of course, you can find a lot of casinos to play BTC Omaha online.
    Rules and sequence of actions:

    • as in Texas Hold’em, players can place an ante if they want to.
    • Small and Big Blinds are brought to the game table right after the dealer
    • Every single player get 4 facedown cards, the betting circle comes
    • Three cards placed face up to the table, again betting round comes
    • The dealer puts on the table another open card. A follows. Fixed-rate doubles at that moment if it’s a limit game.
    • Another open card goes on the table. Thus, there are 5 cards on the table. The last round of betting follows
    • To win the game players must use any 2 of their cards and 3 open to making 5-card combinations.

    There are 2 types of BTC Omaha poker games – Omaha Hi-Lo or Omaha 8. Omaha Hi-Lo for bitcoin is the same as classic BTC Omaha with one big difference – the pot is divided between the strongest and weakest combination – hence the name. Bitcoin Omaha hi-lo is played with the condition “8 or better”, that is, for a player to qualify for a low part of the pot, he must have a combination of cards no older than eight. BTC Omaha and Omaha hi-low for bitcoin also has a limit, pot-limit, and know-limit, but the variation of pot-limit is the most popular in both games. If the opponents have the same cards, that is, two pairs, then the highest card of theirs is taken into account. if the opponents have the same pair, then the opponent’s second card is a kicker.

  6. 2-7 Lowball – draw poker opposite game. It’s hard to find a place where you can play BTC 2-7 Lowball online, but still, there are some casinos.
    Rules and sequence of actions:

    • game sequence is the same as in draw poker

    The main difference between 2-7 Lowball and Draw Poker is in winning combinations. In 2-7 Lowball the lowest combinations win. It means that if you have a combination from 2 to 5 and then 7 of different suits you have the strongest combination of this game. You need to avoid getting straight or flush combinations. Also, there is a variant that is called Lowball 2-7 Triple Draw – the main difference with classic bitcoin 2-7 Lowball is the opportunity to change cards three times.

  7. H.O.R.S.E. – it’s not the game type but a combination of many poker types. In BTC H.O.R.S.E. online players play Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and High-Low Stud in rotation.
  8. Badugi – the youngest poker game. It was invented in Korea. Rules BTC Badugi poker is similar to bitcoin Draw poker and 2-7 Lowball for bitcoin.
    Rules and sequence of actions:

    • The dealer gives 4 facedown cards to each player, a circle of trade comes
    • Players announce card changing and change from 1 to 4 cards. The dealer takes these cards and gives them as many new from the deck as he took. A trading circle follows.
    • After that players have two more rounds of cards changing and betting.

    The winning condition in this game is to collect Badugi with the smallest top card. If no one has collected Badugi with 4 cards then 3 or 2 cards combination wins.

Bitcoin poker bonus

The topic of bonuses is the most demanded among players, and if you want to be a professional in BTC poker, you should familiarize yourself with our entire bonus section. On this page, we will discuss just a small part of all free rewards, about the bitcoin poker no deposit bonus. We decided to focus your attention on this type of reward because not all no deposit bonuses can be used for playing poker. Pretty often bitcoin casinos, gratify their players with free spins but you can’t use it in BTC poker. Plus, almost all no deposit bonuses require wagering and you will not able to wager them in poker. So you have to choose a casino, where you will be able to claim bonuses, which you can use strictly for playing bitcoin poker. To find such casinos, use our list of the best-trusted casinos where you can play real BTC poker games bitcoin poker

Poker sites that accept bitcoin

Unlike other online casino games, poker is recognized as the official sports competition. But for strange is that for players, this created more problems than simplifications. Gambler website owners began separated online bitcoin poker and other casino games. As a result, you cannot use some advantages of online bitcoin casinos, for example like instant withdrawal. So we recommended playing BTC poker on casinos websites, not on separated ones. You can find out the best sites for playing bitcoin poker by using our table. In it, we have collected and evaluated all the casinos, so don’t waste your time and start playing. Another one moment, nobody forces you to play in one casino. You can choose the casino website, sign up there, play a couple of times, and then go to another casino. It is a normal search process of the best BTC poker sites.

TOP-5 online casinos with Bitcoin poker
Online casinos with bitcoin pokers Classic (table) BTC poker Live BTC poker Bitcoin poker software developers
54 26 Quickfire, Amatic, Betsoft, BGaming, Ezugi, Endorphina, iSoftBet, Habanero, GameArt, MrSlotty, Belatra, Play’n GO, Thunderkick, Pragmatic Play and Yggdrasil
27 3 Amatic Games, BetSoft Gaming, Endorphina Games, Bgaming Games, NetEnt Games, Habanero, Mr. Slotty Games, Ezugi Games, GameArt Games, Pragmatic Play, Booming Games, Spin Fest, NYX Gaming, EGT Gaming, Belatra Games, Spinomenal Games and Play’n GO
19 2 TrueLab,Yggdrasil, NetEnt, Quickspin, Play n Go, Quickfire, Evolution Gaming, BGaming
30 Absent Bgaming, Booming Games, Betsoft Gaming
5 1 Bgaming, Booming Games, Betsoft Gaming

Best bitcoin poker rooms, how to find it

🏆 Best bitcoin poker casino: TrueFlip
🆕 New Bitcoin poker casino: BCgames
🎁 Best bitcoin poker bonus: Katsubet
🎮 Bitcoin poker casino games: BitStarz

There are many different controversies on this topic, probably it is because of the wide variety of the game. Our team has been studying this issue for a long time. The opinions of players on the forums, interviews of professional players, and, of course, our personal experience of the game. In the end, we came to the conclusion that the best bitcoin poker is a game that brings you real money (bitcoins). Yes, sounds corny but it’s a fact. Poker is a game that most people play in order to have fun, like hobbies. And what could be better than you get paid for your hobby? You can just play poker and become a millionaire. Based on the foregoing, it doesn’t matter what type of poker you play, the main thing is reliable, safe, and anonymity of the website where you play. So choose the poker site with bitcoin and play for fun.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bitcoin Poker


  • Tournaments with real winnings but with free entry;
  • The ability to pause during the game;
  • No one is following you (no need to bluff, etc.);
  • No one is following you (no need to bluff, etc.);
  • You can make a break during the game;
  • Clear boundaries of rates for each online table;
  • Anonymity and security of transactions, where no one asks where you are from and what your name is;
  • Fast and cheap funds transfers;
  • Ability to play poker for bitcoins in provably fair casinos.

  • You don’t see other players;
  • It isn’t clear which cards are already out of the game.

Online Bitcoin Poker bots/programs

Because of the great popularity of the BTC Poker Game all over the world programmers have developed a lot of poker programs that can help the player or even replace him. Some of these programs are quite primitive and designed to just prompt the player, others are extremely smart and complicated. The first online poker bot which can win real players was presented by researchers of the University of Alberta. In 2017, the computer program won against 4 best Texas Hold’em players in the world, with a 2 million dollar prize pool. In 2019, the computer defeated everyone in a standard 5 men poker game, and in its variation with one human and 4 bots. Some of the bots program you can find on the Internet and check them out at the best bitcoin poker sites, which you can find in our table at the top of the page.

Where I can play BTC poker online safely?

There are a lot of BTC poker sites where you can play online BTC poker for free. Find a web- site with free poker is no so difficult because there are a large number of casinos in which you can play without a deposit and have fun. But if you want to play and earn bitcoins it is better to use a legal provably fair bitcoin casino. There is a big difference between playing online poker for free or for money. If you play for money or bitcoins, of course, you want to protect your deposit and investments. It is important to stay safe and be sure that there is no cheat such as auto poker script or poker bot and your game is fair, you need to play only in trusted BTC casinos.
free bitcoin poker

Frequently Asked Questions about bitcoin poker

First of all, in order to start playing bitcoin poker, you need to learn the rules of poker and remember the combinations. Perhaps you should watch how the game is going to figure out what is happening throughout the cards deal, when and who bets and etc. Although online all this happens automatically but for it will be easier to play with this knowledge. Then you need to select a poker room and register with it to play either for real or virtual money. If you decide to play for real money, then the next step is to fund your account. After that, you can start playing online bitcoin poker. We recommend trying the free bitcoin poker first or starting with micro stakes. At least in order to adapt to the software of the virtual poker hall.
Online poker was at its peak in the early 2000s, and then people massively registered in online casinos and poker rooms. Many of the now successful professionals were spinning their bankroll at that time. It was easy enough to make money with poker then because the bulk of the players were amateurs. Since then, a lot has changed: auxiliary software has appeared, various programs for collecting statistics and auto bets, poker rooms and casinos are less likely to offer lucrative bonuses, and there is also a problem with bots. All this has led to the fact that making money with poker has become more difficult than 10-15 years ago. But this is still possible, even in 2023. In addition, we are talking not just about online poker, but about bitcoin poker. Nowadays bitcoin casinos are becoming more and more popular and therefore there are many newcomers in Bitcoin poker now.
You can play for free and win real money in special bitcoin poker tournaments, which called freerolls. Participation is free but often requires a ticket, password, or additional conditions. Freerolls are a great way to start making money in bitcoin poker from scratch.

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