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With the development of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies, more and more services appear on the network that allows you to earn money without leaving your home. Among such projects is bitcoin gambling with faucet. You can receive bitcoins from such a service for the simplest tasks or simply for being on the site. In this case, donโ€™t need powerful equipment like for mining, the same as any investment.

It would seem that the ideal way to earn bitcoins has been found. But here, ask the legitimate questions: how effective is it? How much income can you get per day, per hour? And how not to fall for scammers? Read all the details about bitcoin gambling sites with faucets in this publication.

Best bitcoin gambling sites with faucet

Rank Casino Bonus Casino rating Visit
1 Faucet bonus (10 Satoshi) 96% rating Play Now
2 200k$ in prizes each month 86% rating Play Now

What is Bitcoin gambling with a faucet?

Bitcoin casino faucets are special online advertising resources that give out small amounts to users for free, most often satoshi (0.00000001 BTC). Entry to faucet sites is usually free, but registration is required. The procedure is simple: you only need to provide your email and bitcoin wallet address. To receive bitcoins, it is enough to perform some simple action: enter a captcha, watch an advertisement, take part in a lottery or a game, click a banner, write a review, etc. Anyone who has a PC and a digital wallet can make money on a bitcoin gamble with faucet.

There is an opinion that faucets are financial pyramids. But this cannot be true in any way, because not a cent, not a penny, or satoshi is collected from visitors here. And faucet owners make and from the percentage of actions that do all users. That is, for example, you went through captcha requirements a certain number of times and received 0.00000001 BTC for this, then the owner of the faucet earned 0.000000001 BTC. Also, bitcoin casino faucet site owners get money from advertising. So you shouldn’t be surprised by such an abundance of ads on the site – banners, videos, flyers. By clicking on them, visitors go to the advertiser’s resources and make money, part of this income received by registered users, and some parentage remains with the owner.

Types of bitcoin gambling with faucets

There are two types of cryptocurrency faucets:

  1. Accumulative. The amount of earnings is constantly increasing, even when the computer is turned off. Upon reaching the withdrawal threshold, the reward is fixed and the money is automatically credited to the user’s account. The amount is cleared and a new countdown begins.
  2. Discrete. The remuneration is charged for a certain period of time, from a few minutes to 24 hours.

The first type is more common and more convenient to use as it has no temporary boundaries.

bitcoin gambling with faucet

Recommendations on how to work at a bitcoin gambling site with faucet

When you start working with Bitcoin casino faucets, you will understand that there are a large number of variable actions for which you can get money. And you can’t say which one is best for you. So we recommend to choose several reliable Bitcoin casino faucets and sign up for all of them at the same time, so you can significantly increase your profits.

๐Ÿฅ‡ Best bitcoin casino faucet: Stake
๐ŸŽฎ Bitcoin casino faucet games: OneHash
๐ŸŽ bitcoin casino faucet bonus: CyberDice
๐Ÿšฐ Faucet in bitcoin casino: 7bit

Here are some more important guidelines:

  • create a new mail for registration on crane sites;
  • do not use too simple and identical passwords, if necessary, use an online password generator or special software, for example, KeePass;
  • install a reliable antivirus on your PC;
  • create a bitcoin wallet and get an address (public key) to which the reward will be received;

Do not forget that bitcoin gambling with faucet is a full-fledged service for making money and not just a casino, so you shouldn’t look for big bonuses or free spins. It is better to pay attention to those sites where you need to perform the simplest operations and receive the biggest payments for this. It is also worth remembering that, like any legal service for making money, bitcoin gambling with free faucets have strict rules for use. The punishment for their violations is always the same – ban.

What you can’t do to prevent your account from being ban:

  • use VPN and proxy;
  • create bots;
  • create several accounts on one resource.

Bitcoin casino faucet game

People spend a lot of time on computer games, some are ready to sit at computers for hours. At the same time, they do not get anything from this except fatigue. But you can have fun and get paid for it, or take a risk and invest in order to get a big money. Sounds good, doesn’t it, but isn’t this a deception? Bitcoin game faucet is a real way to make money, but if you want to make money on games, they will cease to be entertainment for you, it will turn into work.

Bitcoin gambling games with faucets attract the most attention of players. Now gambling and cryptocurrencies are getting closer and closer, some casinos are already based on blockchain, and work only with crypto. Most bitcoin casino faucet games do not involve financial investments. Some of them don’t even require registration. You just go to the site, indicate the address of the cryptocurrency wallet, and withdraw the earned coins to it.

There are also paid games that look more like a pyramid, but earnings are much higher here. If on free sites the owner of the game is an intermediary or developer who promotes his product, then in paid games, gamers receive income from the initial investment. Bitcoin slots faucet is probably the simplest version of the game for making money, but there are also more complex ones such as bitcoin dice game with a faucet.
bitcoin faucet games

Bitcoin casino faucet rotators

Bitcoin casino faucet rotator is perhaps the most efficient way to play bitcoin casino without deposit. These are the resources that post many links to Bitcoin casino faucets 2023 that pay. It is effortless to use such services, you just need to enter the address of the BTC wallet and solve the captcha. Rotators are constantly monitoring for payments to visitors, so it is safer to work with them than with regular bitcoin casino faucets. When choosing a rotator, be sure to consider such an important parameter as the ability to add and block certain positions in the list of faucets.

The main advantages of bitcoin casino faucet rotators:

  1. Ease of use. There is no need to save dozens of crane addresses in browser bookmarks, they will all be displayed in one place – on the rotator.
  2. Providing a stable income. There is no need to constantly monitor the market for newly created quality cranes, the list is regularly updated, allowing users to increase profits.
  3. Saving time. Resource addresses are played automatically, no need to output the code. In addition, as already mentioned, you do not need to look for the most profitable resources – they are all already in front of you.
  4. Affiliate programs. Most Bitcoin rotator offers its own referral program. The user does not need to advertise each resource separately, it is enough to give just one link to get his income. Bitcoin casino faucets, as a rule, pay a large percentage for attracted members, previous we explain why.

Is it possible to make money on bitcoin casino faucets?

Let’s just say that after the first collection on the bitcoin faucet, you have already got a profit. After all, you don’t have to invest anything, which means that the requirements for return on investment are zero. Therefore, any money received from the bitcoin faucets can automatically be considered as a profit.

Another issue is that you are unlikely to consider the amount received as real income. As statistics show, the average reward per hour is about 100 satoshi. Thus, you can earn about 1,200 satoshis per day, and in one bitcoin there are 100 million of them. It is easy to calculate that it will take about 2 years to collect 1 BTC with such methods, and this is taking into account the fact that you will not skip a single collection, which is physically impossible.

Theory always gives a lot of hopes and prospects, but in practice, as you can see, everything can turn out quite differently. Despite the fact that on most faucets you can find statements that very soon you will become the owner of Bitcoin, it can take a couple of years to collect it. But there are ways to improve your efficiency and earn more.

How to make more money on Bitcoin casino faucets?

First of all, the secret of making money successfully on bitcoin casino faucets lies in the simultaneous use of several platforms. Each resource added to the visit list increases your total income. There are also a number of life hacks that will help you increase your earnings and improve the work with resources:

  • Create a list of taps that you intend to visit and set up a visit schedule. This will help bypass all services more quickly. It will not be superfluous to set a reminder so as not to miss the collection.
  • Most of the good faucets have an attractive bonus or affiliate program. Do not be lazy to participate in it, because it can significantly increase your income.
  • In practice, accumulative taps give great efficiency. They are considered to be more stable, and once a week or when the minimum balance is reached, you will be able to immediately receive profit.
  • Multicurrency faucets have a greater potential for earning, as users can maneuver in the marketplace and choose the coin, the value of which is expected to rise in the near future.
  • Users from different countries receive different rewards. This is due to the cost of advertising in a particular region. English-language advertising costs several times more. You can make sure of this yourself by collecting coins through a VPN connection. But it should be borne in mind that this is considered a deception of the service, so you risk paying with a ban.
  • The most money can be made using rotators. These are special services and programs that carry out the automatic collection of faucets. In addition, such resources often also have an attractive bonus program and constantly monitor the emergence of new profitable faucets.

Of course, bitcoin casino faucets cannot be the main way of your capital formation. The income from them can hardly be called high profitable. But this is a good opportunity to get to know the cryptocurrency better and without investment. If you still have not gained the proper level of trust in digital coins, then this way, you can eliminate any risks that confuse you.

How to withdraw earned money from bitcoin gambling with faucets?

Most cryptocurrency collectors choose this service as their main payment system. The reason is very simple – the lowest commissions. Let’s consider a way to withdraw earned coins from the tap using the example of one of the best bitcoin gambling with faucet resources.

Step 1 – creating an account. To register on the website with a bitcoin casino faucet, click the Sign-Up button. You will need to enter: login, password, e-mail, and address (ID) of your BTC wallet. If you don’t already have one, click on the button: “Donโ€™t have a Bitcoin Address”, which will redirect you to the website. When you will be creating a bitcoin wallet, do not forget to save the private keys in a backup file with a password or on paper. When you have a deal with crypto it is essential to not lose your id or password since they cannot be restored. Next, agree to the terms of service and enter the captcha.

Step 2 – viewing your profile. To get into the account overview, select the User + button in the menu and then User Dashboard. All the data will appear in front of you: your level on the service, statistics, information about payments.

Step 3 – adding and viewing linked addresses. At the top of the page on the control panel is the account menu. In the digital Wallet ID section, you can link your new wallet address to any cryptocurrency.
if you entered the wallet address during registration, it means that it will be displayed in the list as attached.


In general, bitcoin gambling sites with faucets do not provide tangible financial results. Working at the computer for 7-8 hours a day, you can earn from $ 150 to $ 200 per month. But don’t jump to conclusions, the situation in the cryptocurrency market is constantly changing. In addition, the long-awaited upward reversal of the cryptocurrency trend is in full swing today, which means that your income will grow every day, today, just 1 bitcoin is equal to 23,225 dollars, which is not a little. Below is a list of casinos with bitcoin faucets.

Bitcoin casinos with fauset
Brand Faucet casino rating Faucet availability
Stake casino

Stake casino
96% rating
โœ… Available Games Games
95% rating
โœ… Available
Oshi casino

Oshi casino
90% rating
โœ… Available
True Flip

True Flip
88% rating
โœ… Available

87% rating
โœ… Available

Frequently Asked Questions about bitcoin casino faucets

Yes, it is possible to make money on bitcoin casino faucets, and since this is a casino, your winnings can be multiplied by placing bets. But, the maximum profit from such faucets is quite low and you won’t succeed ัˆั‚ earnัˆั‚ะฟ a lot by using only bitcoin faucets. We consider this issue in more detail here.
The secret is simple, you need to use as many bitcoin casino faucets as possible. Almost all cranes have time limits and if you use several cranes at the same time you will significantly increase the productivity of their use. More details about this are described here.
We consider a way to withdraw earned coins from the tap using the example of one of the best bitcoin gambling with faucet resources, here.
On casino sites that are presented on our site, allows you to receive and store satoshi until they will be withdrawn to a personal digital wallet or your account will be blocked. In most casinos, accounts are blocked if you do not use them for a year.

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