February 19, 2021 | Updated on: April 21, 2021

Gambling Problematic

Gambling should generally be a recreational pastime such as cinemas, video games, parks, and many other forms of entertainment. But for many people, unfortunately, addiction to gambling grows into something more serious, something important, and addiction is inevitable. The question arises: “At what point does the entertainment” gambling “become a problem of” gambling “? This question is very difficult to answer because the answer varies from person to person. In fact, a problem arises when gambling takes too much of a role in a person’s life when gambling turns from pleasure to necessity. You might think that the problem of gambling has something to do with weak people, people who have no real self-control, but this is not the case. Anyone can face the problem of a “gambling addiction” without even noticing it, you may not even know about it. But remember, you can always consult, just to calm yourself. Organizations such as Be Gamble Aware or Gamblers Anonymous are open to consultation and it’s FREE.

Family and friends

This is why everyone should independently and analytically approach their addictions and raise the awareness of those around them. If you notice that you or someone from your environment is overly immersed in the game, even if you just understand its harmful effects or, perhaps, while you just have the desire to stop, even if you do not yet feel that your losses significantly affect your finances or your personal life, it’s time to look for some help. And help is always there. First, you can reach out to those closest to you – your family, friends. Their support and understanding can play an important role in solving your problem.

Anonymous Help

However, if you would like to try to seek help elsewhere in order to feel more comfortable in your anonymity, there are always associations and foundations that provide support services for people who have problems with gambling or suffer from their consequences. These organizations offer 24/7 hotline assistance for instant support for troubled gamblers, workshops and therapy sessions for anonymous gamblers, and many other types of rehabilitative actions to improve your situation.

Organizations that can help

Such organizations operate either globally, i.e. their representations can be found in many countries of the world, or operate at the national level. These are: Be Gamble Aware or Gamblers Anonymous.

Therefore, if you feel the need for some counseling, remember that help is there, you just need to call or write.