The popularity of Bitcoin has been growing at an incredibly rapid pace for the last few years. This is due to new opportunities for users: anonymity, safety, and fast speed of transactions. So, many online casinos are now supporting different digital currencies beyond just Bitcoin.

xrp-casinoMany online casinos support Ripple. While you may have some trouble finding a casino that supports different altcoins, you would not have any worries in finding a Ripple casino. Usage of Ripple in XPR gambling sites has many benefits, but the most significant one is fast withdrawal. If you play in the XRP gambling site, you can deposit your money and withdrawal wins in a few minutes or, in some cases, even within seconds.

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Brief History of Ripple (XRP)

Ripple was founded in 2012 by Ripple-Labs, an American start-up, based in San-Francisco. It is both a cryptocurrency and a payment protocol that is managed by a large number of independent servers worldwide.

Ripple is used for:

  • Currency exchange. There are a lot of currencies that can’t directly be converted from one to another. In this case, banks are using the US dollar. Accordingly, there is a double commission when converting one currency to a dollar and a dollar to another currency.
  • Ripple platform allows conduct transactions from any currency to another with very low commissions, and XPR is using to execute these transactions;
  • Instant international transactions. An international banking transfer takes about a week. If you need to transfer money fast, you can do this using the Ripple platform. Ripple can make it happen within a few seconds;
  • Payment ecosystem. Using this platform, you can pay for daily purchases. The currency you paid will be automatically exchanged for another, if necessary. In addition, users can create their own currency for fast and cheap transactions.

Ripple has attracted the attention of many investors just after its foundation. Now it is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies that have great prospects to become an integral part of the banking system. The system process over 1500 transactions per second and can scale to handle the throughput as Visa, MasterCard, and other payment systems combined.

Ripple casino special characteristic
Condition Ripple characteristic
📡 Initial release 2012
🌐 Stable release 15 May 2018
📃 License ISC license
⚙️ Operating system Linux (RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu), Windows, macOS
🎲 Games with Ripple Poker, BlackJack, Craps, Dice, Slots, Roulette, Sic Bo
✅ Casino which accept Ripple 7bit, FortuneJack,, Katsubet, Cryptogames, Bitcoinpengui, Stake
🎁 Ripple casino bonus Welcome bonus, second deposit bonus, Cashback bonus, freeroll bonus

Advantages of playing in Ripple (XRP) casinos

ripple casino online

Ripple (XRP) casino

Cryptocurrency gambling is seemed similar to online betting in real money in many ways, but it has a lot of features that make it unique. Playing with crypto, particularly with Ripple, is considered to be the future of gambling. There are several advantages of playing in an online casino with XRP.


We can say with certainty that Ripple is one of the safest cryptocurrencies. The crypto has never had any troubles with security. The system is based on reliable encryption methods that are day by day improved.

Ripple has the backing of banking organizations such as Union Credit, Santander, and UBS. It demonstrates the highest level of trust and legitimizes cryptocurrency all over the world. It may be argued that no other digital currency doesn’t have such support.


Versatility is a main component of finance, even in the virtual world. Ripple is not only a digital currency but an exchange platform too. That means that you can quickly exchange one currency to another using XRP. It supports both fiat money, cryptocurrencies, and even other commodities. All exchanges have a very low commission of just 0.000001 XPR. That makes transactions cheaper than in bank organizations that use the US dollar as a mediator.

Ripple offers big opportunities for users, as it is something more than a straightforward cryptocurrency. You may never use all of these options, but their presence should be considered as a huge advantage.

Lack of Inflation

There are 100 billion XRP in existence and all of the tokens are initially mined. Ripple-Labs cannot mine any additional tokens. That means the number of tokens will be reduced in the future, which will increase their price. What is more, there are minimum transaction fees just of 10 drops (0.000001 XPR). These fees are irretrievably destroyed to make potential DDoS attacks too expensive.


Gambling with XRP is very quick. It has made Ripple the cryptocurrency of choice for many players. You can deposit and withdrawal money instantly. One of the biggest problems of using Bitcoin in casinos is speed. We should pay enormous commissions to make the transaction faster. The main Bitcoin problem is scalability: transaction confirmation takes a minimum of 10 minutes. Ripple has handled this problem and transactions are performing within a couple of seconds.

Casino games to play with Ripple (XRP)

Players, who prefer Ripple, will have no trouble finding any casino game they wish. Modern casinos are not limited to offering games from just one software provider. Ripple gambling sites often provide the very same games as you could found in traditional online casinos. So, many of your favorite slots and Ripple card games are available.

There are no exclusive games that you can play only with Ripple. If a gambling website supports cryptocurrencies, you can play all of the games by using crypto. This includes Ripple mini-games, slots, tables, and specialty games, etc. Certain casinos offer no deposit bonuses for new players. You can receive the bonus after registration and play Ripple games for free.

Video Slots with Ripple (XRP)

Slots are still the driving force in online casinos and no matter they are using traditional currencies or crypto. Crypto-friendly gambling sites follow all the trends, so you can find a broad variety of latest products from well-known providers. Also, you can play your favorite slot, but now with Ripple.

Choosing one of the most popular and reliable online casinos, you will have access to hundreds of slot machines to choose from. From classical slots to 3D slots and progressive jackpots, they have them all. Players can check the randomness of each slot machine. In Ripple casinos the house edge is usually very low – around 1-2%, in some slots even 0,5%.

Roulette with Ripple (XRP)

Fast-paced roulette reminds us of fancy casinos and high bets. Experience these incredible emotions playing roulette online with XRP. Across different gambling sites, you will be able to play not only “American roulette” but also European and French roulette.

If you have played traditional or online roulette, shifting to crypto roulette will be simple. The rules are the same, the main difference consists of the mechanics behind the operations and payouts. Players who prefer crypto roulette, have the opportunity to stay anonymous.

BlackJack with Ripple (XRP)

BlackJack with XRP is a very popular game that is something much more than a game of chance. At first, it seems incredibly simple – you just need to achieve a higher card than the dealer, but no more than 21. There are some variations in rules, the most popular are American and European blackjack.

In Ripple casino, you can play with a real live dealer through a video connection and chat with other players just like you are in a real club. Many casinos offer to play for free using play money to gain experience and improve strategy.

Video Poker with Ripple (XRP)

Anyone who is looking for a Ripple casino that uses all the advantages of cryptocurrencies should try to play video poker. Ripple poker gives players the real opportunity of a big win. Playing online, you can choose from a big number of variations. Video games help you to feel the excitement, thrill, and other emotions, as though you are playing in a real club.

Casinos that are hosting video poker must have a random number generator to guarantee the fairness of gameplay. It is highly recommended to play only in such online clubs.

Dice game with Ripple (XRP)

Thanking the provably fair system, dice games are among the fastest-growing segments. In the classic dice game players guess the random number, and after that decide if the next roll is under or lower. Now you can use different cryptocurrencies and particularly Ripple for dice.

There is a very low minimum bet in a dice game with XRP, so everyone can try his luck. Many gamblers decide to play dice with Ripple coin because of the low house edge that is between 0.5 and 2%. Furthermore, certain clubs offer various bonus rounds or jackpots.

Lottery with Ripple (XRP)

Some Ripple casinos offer to try luck in the lottery. You can buy some virtual tickets should choose 6 numbers. Also, you can get the machine to automatically generate the numbers. After that, you have to hope to match at least 3 numbers.
the odds depend on the number of balls in the draw and the number of balls that will be drawn randomly. If you are fortunate enough to win the lottery, you can try again or withdraw winning in your Ripple wallet.

Betting with Ripple (XRP)

The online global gambling industry is estimated to be more than $50 billion annually, with the fastest-growing area being the digital currency market (currently the largest being bitcoin casinos).

Using Ripple (XRP) as a payment method in online casino

To use the Ripple coin in the casino for deposits and withdrawals, you need to create a crypto wallet. There are many types of them: online and desktop wallets, Ledger Nano S, paper wallets, etc. If you are a high-roller, it is recommended to use hardware wallets like Ledger Nano S for security purposes. In other cases, you can create an online, mobile, or desktop wallet.

Register an account in one of the crypto exchanges. Choose a convenient currency pair and buy some Ripple tokens. Many exchanges allow us to use credit cards to buy cryptocurrency. After that send Ripple to your wallet.

To make a deposit you must know the address of the casino’s crypto-wallet. Gambling sites provide this info on the payment pages. Then send tokens to the address of the online casino. The payment will be completed in a few minutes. After that, you can play your favorite games with Ripple.

How to choose the best xrp gambling sites

There are several criteria based on which you can choose the best xrp casino to play:

  • If you want to make a deposit with a specific cryptocurrency like XRP, make sure the casino supports it. Now there is a large selection of various cryptocurrencies and not all casinos accept their full list.
  • Make sure the casino supports your favorite games. Like the choice of cryptocurrencies, the choice of games is different in separate ripple gambling sites. Check if the casino supports the providers you are interested in and their games, or at least offers some alternatives.
  • Check out the casino rules. For example, not all crypto casinos allow you to play anonymously. Some of them may ask you for verification with your first withdrawal or when you reach the €2,000 limit on winnings.
  • Find out if the xrp gambling site accepts players from your country. Sometimes crypto casinos limit the list of supported countries, which can be a problem for you at the withdrawal stage.
  • Check out the reviews of other players. Since crypto casinos aren’t regulated, a high reputation is the main guarantee of their reliability. Of course, players are not always quick to leave good reviews if everything goes well, but rest assured they will tear the casino apart if they encounter scams or other dishonest practices.
TOP-5 Ripple casino list
Ripple casino XRP deposit possibility XRP withdrawal possibility
✅ Available ☑️ Available
True Flip
True Flip
✅ Available ☑️ Available
7 bit
7 bit
✅ Available ☑️ Available
✅ Available ☑️ Available
✅ Available ☑️ Available

Requesting Ripple (XRP) withdrawal in online casino

The withdrawal process is similar to making deposits. If you make a deposit in Ripple coins, you must withdrawal in XRP. To withdraw the money, you need to:

  1. Go to the withdrawal page and choose “Ripple” among the listed methods;
  2. Copy the blockchain address from your crypto-wallet, determine the amount you want to withdraw;
  3. Once your withdrawal request has been processed, the coins will be in your digital wallet.

We hope that a review of ripple withdrawal in the casino will help you. After that, you can exchange your winnings for fiat money or to any cryptocurrency using exchanges.

How to start playing with ripple (XRP)

How to start playing on ripples is the most common question asked by novice gamers who are just about to go to play in casino games. Before making a deposit to an XRP online casino, somehow, you have to get ripple coins. This is not difficult to do, but you will have to create an account on one of the crypto exchanges. This is a mandatory item, and you can choose one of the lists on the official Ripple website. Then you need to get XRP coins on your digital wallet. After registration, you will have several options. The fastest and simplest way is to make the currency exchange. After registration of a digital wallet, you will have access to currency exchange. Choose a convenient currency pair, evaluate the rate – and go ahead, make a purchase. After completing the deal, you can deposit ripples to the XRP casino address.

You can use another way to top up your digital wallet, you can “earn” Ripple coins.  For example, it is possible by using crypto faucets. It will be much longer, but for free and allow you to get casino coin XRP also for free. This method works well for young and novice players.

Remember deposit in a crypto casino brings bonuses, and in some casinos, a deposit in a ripple can bring other bonuses in front of a deposit in other currencies. You can find the best ripple online casinos and compare them by rating in our table on top of this page. Good luck!

Advantages and disadvantages of Ripple casinos


  • Speed: international transactions take no more than 4-5 minutes, and simple transactions take up to 3-5 seconds;
  • Low fees: ripple fees for transactions are the lowest;
  • Reversibility: complete deal can be corrected if there is any mistake or could be canceled.

  • Issuer has a monopoly on most of the crypto coin (65%);
  • Overestimated level of centralization.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ripple casino

You know that commissions for XRP transactions are very low. But, in most Ripple casinos you shouldn’t pay any fees to make a deposit. There aren’t any commissions for withdrawal in many XRP casinos too. That makes gambling with XRP highly attractive for online players.

Each gambling site has its own fee structure, and commissions may differ from one casino to another. You can get acquainted with the commission fees for payments in different currencies on the casino’s website.

Deposits and withdrawals in most cases take within a few minutes. However, much depends on the gambling site. Reliable and trusted casinos are performing all payments automatically, so it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes.
Fiat gambling sites need all personal information: name, age, address, etc. In certain casinos, players must verify their identity by uploading documents. Similarly to fast payments and zero commissions, XRP casinos are favored among online players because they allow them to stay anonymous. But, if you want to play in a legal casino with XRP, you should provide your personal information.

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