BUSD casinos

There are a lot of crypto casinos these days and their number is increasing much faster than online casinos for fiat money. Crypto casinos that accept BUSD are no exception. There is a simple explanation for this BUSD casinos give players the opportunity to play their favorite gambling games with much more anonymity, sometimes even without KYC.

Binance USD casinos are an exciting new way to experience online gaming. Their ability to process transactions quickly and securely provides players with a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. BUSD casinos offer a wide variety of games from slots and blackjack to baccarat and roulette, as well as the chance to win huge amounts of tokens that can be easily converted to fiat money, such as the US dollar. Explore this guide to learn about the benefits of playing at a Binance USD casino and how you can get started!

Top BUSD casinos

Rank Casino Bonus Casino rating Visit
1 5 BTC + 100 Free Spins 100% rating Play Now
2 Lucky Bonus spin + Up to 1 BTC 96% rating Play Now
3 100% UP TO 0.1 BTC 100% rating Play Now
4 300 Free Spins 100% rating Play Now
5 Play with 5 BTC + 150 FS for 1 mBTC 100% rating Play Now

What is BUSD?

Binance USD or BUSD is one of the altcoins which is pegged to the US dollar 1 to 1. Already from this, it becomes clear that you are playing for the same dollar, but at the same time you take advantage of all the advantages of blockchain technology, and if you compare BUSD with a real dollar, then these will be the speed and size of third-party commissions. But let’s learn a little more about Binance USD to understand why its popularity in online casinos continues to grow at a tremendous pace.

  1. BUSD is the stablecoin of the largest crypto exchange in the world, after the fall of FTX it is difficult to call the exchanges the guarantors of safety, but Binance was able to prove the opposite by successfully making payments of more than $ 6 billion per day;
  2. Binance USD with a capitalization of 16.6 billion dollars is ranked 7th among all cryptocurrencies, according to Coinmarketcap;
  3. The number of BUSD holders has almost reached 6 million people worldwide;
  4. New York State Financial Services Authority (NYDFS) approves Binance USD, issued in partnership with Paxos. All reserves are 100% held in cash or cash equivalents. Clients have the ability to withdraw funds at a 1:1 ratio;
  5. You will receive zero maker fees when trading all trading pairs using BUSD. Takers will not be charged any commission when trading USDT/BUSD;
  6. Binance has introduced a 1:1 auto conversion feature for BUSD, for both existing user balances and new stablecoin deposits;
  7. BUSD is currently issued on the following blockchains: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, BNB Beacon Chain, Avalanche, and Polygon.

BUSD in online crypto casinos

There are 2 types of views on stablecoins, some perceive them as the most stable cryptocurrency with the least volatility, while others have long perceived stablecoins as an analogue of a digital dollar. But neither view denies that in many respects stablecoins are more convenient, cheaper, and faster than a standard dollar transfer.

For an online casino, where the amount of deposits, as well as winnings, can vary hundreds of times, from cents to millions of dollars, issues of commission rates and speed of crediting/payouts are critical. BUSD can be purchased on over 30 crypto exchanges, and can have a lot of different usage cases. That is why BUSD casinos are becoming more and more popular.

Pros and cons of BUSD casinos

As mentioned above, a stablecoin is a cryptocurrency whose value is equivalent to a real currency, in our case BUSD is a crypto version of USD, with all the advantages and disadvantages of tokens. Let’s, knowing this, take a quick look at the main pros and cons of BUSD casinos

Pros and Cons of Binance USD casinos
Pros Cons
Fees – Virtually free transactions against real US dollars or other fiat currencies Wallet – You need to register a crypto wallet
Rate – The BUSD rate is stable, there are no risks of losing money on volatility Limited Choice – Not all online casinos support playing with cryptocurrencies, and even fewer of them allow playing with BUSD
Speed – Transaction speed is instant, especially if we are talking about BUSD casinos that support web3 technology Variety of Games – Not all casino games software developers accept Binance USD
Safety – it is difficult to imagine a more reliable blockchain than the one owned by the largest crypto exchange in the world
Accessibility – BUSD is available for use on more than 30 of the world’s largest crypto exchanges

BUSD casino bonuses

BUSD casino bonuses

In most online crypto casinos, there are almost the same bonuses as for real money. The main difference lies in the size of the bonus itself, which is usually much higher than in a casino without crypto. BUSD casinos keep up with other crypto casinos and offer their players the following types of bonuses.

Welcome bonuses

In most fiat online casinos, the amount of the welcome bonus does not exceed 100%, while at the same time, in BUSD casinos, we found welcome bonuses that reached 700%. Of course, such bonus sizes also affect wagering conditions, do not forget about this when you receive each of the bonuses.

Free Spins

Free Spins are without a doubt the most popular and most desired bonus for all BUSD casinos players. Therefore, this type of bonus can be found in almost every online crypto casino where you can play for Bitcoin USD. Most often, finding a BUSD casino that offers 100-300 free spins as a bonus is absolutely not difficult. In our table, you will find at least a few of them.


Cashback as a popular type of bonus in BUSD casinos has appeared relatively recently. At the same time, as with other bonuses, here you can find almost incredible offers of up to 30% cashback. Just imagine, almost every 3rd BUSD is returned to your account as a bonus, it’s nice!

Loyalty system

All BUSD casinos, like other participants in the gambling market, are trying to keep their players. Therefore, loyalty systems are also developing rapidly, giving players more and more bonuses. In some casinos, this is a specific bonus at each stage, while in others you can get a coefficient on existing bonuses when you reach certain levels of loyalty

Bonus Codes

Who in childhood did not like to wash the coating with a coin to receive a bonus? I think everyone has done it at one time or another. Getting an additional bonus not available to other BUSD casinos players is always nice. Sizes and types of bonus codes can differ dramatically from each other, depending on the brand. Often such bonuses can be found on a specific event, for example, on the Christmas holidays.

BUSD casino games

BUSD casino games

As mentioned above, all the same, not all games are still available for cryptocurrency and the BUSD token is no exception. But here it is worth noting that this phrase refers to specific online slots rather than the type of casino games. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the most popular games that a gambler can play at BUSD casinos.

BUSD Slots

Despite the fact that many software developers do not accept cryptocurrencies as a payment, a fairly large variety of BUSD slots is still available to the crypto casino player. Here you can find from standard games to trendy crash games. It is also worth noting that recently there have been exclusive crypto slots that can be played with Binance USD.

BUSD Roulette

Roulette can rightly be called the most reckless among casino games. BUSD roulette is no exception, the rules of the game are no different, we bet on a number, black or red, and hope for good luck. You can also play online live roulette with BUSD.

BUSD Poker

Poker is also available to play with BUSD. There are so many varieties of poker that we couldn’t find all of them on BUSD. But major versions like Texas Hold’em, Stud, Omaha, and H.O.R.S.E. available to play at Binance USD crypto casinos.

BUSD BlackJack

You can also play Blackjack with BUSD. A game beloved by all gamblers, one of the oldest and most popular, with such a number of all kinds of tactics and mathematical probabilities that probably don’t even exist in poker is also available with Binance USD in its online live version.

How do we rate BUSD casinos?

After reading such a large amount of information about Binance USD and the casinos that accept them, you must have wondered how we rank BUSD casinos in our rating. Based on many years of experience of our team, we look at the main indicators of online crypto casinos, namely:

  • Availability of a license allowing to accept payments in BUSD;
  • Brand trust and reputation;
  • How many years the casino has been on the market;
  • The number of games that you can play with BUSD on the online casino site;
  • Available bonuses;
  • Wagering requirements;
  • Feedback from the players;
  • Feedback from other gambling market participants.

This is not a complete list that we are guided by before giving BUSD casino a place in our rating, there are a number of less significant factors that can also affect the rating and final place in the table. But in the end, I would like to add that each player decides for himself where it is more convenient and pleasant for him to play, therefore our rating is only intended to facilitate your choice. Good luck with the gambling, you will definitely need it! πŸ™‚

Frequently Asked Questions about BUSD casinos

There are no specific limits on deposits and withdrawals. Each BUSD casino independently sets limits, which can be found on the terms and conditions page.
The withdrawal of funds occurs almost instantly, but if we are talking about a BUSD casino that supports Web3 technology, then you do play directly from your wallet, so there is no delay in depositing or withdrawing at all.
Yes, if it is provided by the terms of the casino.
Yes, unless it is prohibited by your local laws

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