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Blockchain technology has changed the world. With the advent of cryptocurrencies, the dynamically developing online gambling market has accelerated its growth to space speeds, opening up new opportunities for both players and brands. Web3 casinos have provided the market with an unprecedented level of anonymity, simplicity, speed, reliability, and most importantly, cost when it comes to online casino commissions. That is why we can say that everyone, both players and brands, has benefited from the appearance of web3 in the online gambling industry.

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What is web3 casino?

Web3 casino is a new technology that allows gamblers all over the world to play their favorite casino games with a new level of privacy, security, transaction speed, and cost based on blockchain technologies. Web3 casino provides players with the opportunity to use their own wallets bypassing the need to pay an additional commission to intermediaries between the player and the casino.ย This technology is especially rapidly developing in offshore crypto casinos that care about the anonymity of the players as much as possible.

How does web3 casino work?

Web3 casinos are incredibly easy to use. In order to start playing, it is enough for a player to have a decentralized wallet that supports web3 technology, let’s say Metamask wallet. The process of starting a game in web3 casinos is as follows

  1. Enter your wallet, and confirm its use.
  2. Choose the blockchain network and the currency you want to play with. The entire balance of this currency will be displayed in your web3 casino personal account.
  3. Play your favorite games by debiting money directly from your wallet and getting instant payouts for winning directly to your wallet.

web3 crypto casino steps

KYC in web3 casinos

One of the main advantages of web3 casinos is anonymity. There is no need to go through the KYC (Know Your Client) procedure, which involves providing the platform with your personal data. Web3 casinos work directly with your decentralized wallet and you don’t need to provide your personal details to start playing. And this is a huge advantage even over other types of crypto casinos that, as a rule, use KYC, which kills the very idea of โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹using cryptocurrencies – decentralization, security, and anonymity.

Pros and cons of web3 casino

As mentioned above, web3 casino is a completely new approach to online gambling. The process of playing in a casino has never been easier and faster. Let’s look at the pros and cons of web3 online casinos so that everyone can decide for himself how suitable it is for him.

Pros and cons of web3 casinos in May 2023
Pros Cons
Speed – instant deposits and withdrawals straight to your crypto wallet Less choice – not all casino brands support cryptocurrency deposits, and even fewer brands work with web3 technologies.
Anonymity – no need to pass the KYC procedure and share your personal data with web3 casino Crypto wallet – to start the game you need to have an account in a crypto wallet supported by web3 casino, as well as a balance of cryptocurrencies on it.
Simplicity – 3 simple steps will take you less than a minute to start playing your favorite casino games Itโ€™s hard to stop – your entire crypto balance is available for you to play here and now, so donโ€™t get carried away too much, play only what you are ready to lose.
Cost – players pay only for the transaction in the blockchain. There are no third-party commissions.
Reliability – all transactions go strictly through the blockchain – the most secure option available today. Your money does not go through any intermediate wallets and cannot get lost somewhere along the way.

Wallets that accept web3 casino technology

web3 casino wallets

To date, many crypto wallets have realized how fast web3 technology is progressing in online crypto casinos and beyond. That is why many brands have already implemented support for web3 technology, and those who have not yet managed to actively work on it. Below we will consider some crypto wallets that are already available in the web3 casino.

  • Trust Wallet – the largest crypto wallet in the world. It belongs to the Binance trading exchange, which has been the market leader for many years and has integrated the wallet with all its services including web3. The wallet allows clients to trade cryptocurrencies through a convenient mobile application without going through the KYC procedure. Also, it gives the ability to buy NFTs and provides access to charts and prices for a huge number of coins. It guarantees a high level of security and anonymity, and right inside the wallet, there is an opportunity to buy a cryptocurrency and pay for it with a card.
  • Metamask – one of the most popular crypto wallets, and the most used on the basis of Ethereum (ETH) – has more than 1 million users. Most often it works as a browser extension. Compatible with DApps (Decentralized Applications). Provides the ability to work with smart contracts. Additionally, it is protected from loss of control over the wallet by the ability to create a seed phrase to restore access.
  • Ledger – one of the best and most popular hardware wallets in the world. The company has been present in the cryptocurrency storage market since 2014. Its devices have a CC EAL5+ certified key storage chip and run their own unique BOLOS operating system. Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more than 1800 altcoins. Can be controlled via a mobile application, or via USB and Bluetooth connection (for some models)
  • Argent – another wallet based on Ethereum Layer 2 technology. The main advantage is up to 100 times lower fees on the zkSync network compared to using the Ethereum network. Provides the possibility of staking, paying for cryptocurrency purchases with a bank card, and exchanging various tokens. They also provide investment services through partners Lido, Yearn, Aave, and Index Coop.
  • Phantom – popular Solana blockchain non-custodial crypto wallet that allows you to receive, send, swap tokens and collect NFTs. The main feature of the wallet is the opportunity to connect it with your Ledger hardware wallet and use biometric authentication for better security.
  • OKX wallet – one of the most advanced web3 wallets. More than 30 available blockchain networks with the ability to change them with just 1 touch. An extensive pool of DeFi and GameFi opportunities will allow you to start playing in your favorite online crypto web3 casino as simply as possible with the help of a browser extension or a phone application.
  • Bitkeep Wallet – โ€‹โ€‹trust crypto wallet with more than 5 years of history. Almost 6.5 million users worldwide, about 80 supported blockchain networks, almost 225 thousand supported tokens will allow you to explore the world of web3 casinos, NFT, DeFi and DAO without restrictions.

If you did not find your crypto wallet in the list, but think that it could also support web3 technology, you can search for it on the integrator site, at the same time, you need to understand that not all wallets are directly supported by web3 casino brands, and even if your wallet has web3 technology, but it is not on the crypto casino site, you will not be able to integrate it into your account.

Frequently Asked Questions about web3 casinos

Yes, it is completely legal if youโ€™re not playing from a country where crypto is restricted.
Here in this article, we have gathered all the web3 crypto casinos that can be played by gamblers from different parts of the world
Yes, it is completely safe, because web3 casinos are connecting with your crypto wallets using blockchain technologies, which means that you are protected from any kind of fraud.

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