Baccarat is considered to be one of the oldest casino games. Despite this, it remains one of the most popular to this day. Bitcoin live baccarat, like its offline parent, has become one of the most common and well-known games in online crypto casinos. It will be much more difficult for you to find a casino that does not have it than one where it is loved and played daily.

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History of live baccarat for Bitcoin

bitcoin live baccarat
Since, as mentioned above, baccarat is one of the oldest games in the world, the origin of the original version of the game is not exactly known. Historians cite Italy and France as the countries most likely where the game originated. The most popular version is that the baccarat was invented in the Middle Ages by the Italian Felix Falguere. Starting in 1490, it reached France and became the main gambling game of local aristocrats and nobles. It goes without saying that live bitcoin baccarat has appeared relatively recently. The history of bitcoin dates back to 2009. But the real hype came to BTC starting in 2013 when his cost exceeded $ 1000 and he was talked about all over the world. The gambling industry also noticed BTC and decided not to graze the back. We do not know the exact date and manufacturer of the first Bitcoin live baccarat. But our experts, who were already working in the online casino market at that time, claim that the first live baccarat for BTC games began to catch their eye somewhere in 2015. Since the cryptocurrency market has been growing at a rapid pace, live baccarat for Bitcoin is no exception. At the time of this writing, we could not find any well-known online crypto casino that does not have at least one option for BTC online baccarat. Based on all of the above, let’s make a shortlist of events in the history of live baccarat for Bitcoin:

  • The appearance of the first original version of the game falls in the Middle Ages, presumably, the game was created in Italy.
  • Bitcoin appears in 2009.
  • Since 2013, the gambling industry has shown a serious interest in Bitcoin as a payment instrument for casino games.
  • Presumably, in 2015 the first online live baccarat for Bitcoin appears.
  • At the beginning of 2023, it will be very difficult for you to find at least one well-known online crypto casino that does not have BTC live baccarat. That’s all you need to know about its popularity.

How to play live baccarat for Bitcoin

Today in crypto casinos the most popular and playable version of live BTC baccarat is mini baccarat or punto blanco. The rules in this game are quite simple. We’ve divided them into steps to make them more clear:

  1. The player and the banker are given 2 playing cars. cards from 2 to. 9 gives you points at face value, tens and figures are considered as 0, if the sum of your cards is higher than or equal to 10, then 10 is subtracted from it, for example, you have 8 and 9, respectively, your result will be 8+9-10=7 points.
  2. The player can pass the bet on himself, the banker, or on a draw.
  3. The third card is the main difference between the original baccarat and the mini baccarat currently played in most Bitcoin baccarat live games. In the original version, the player himself could take a third card, in punto banco the card is issued automatically only if the sum of the points of the first 2 cards is less than 5 points. If the player scored more than 5 points with 2 cards, then the banker, according to the same rule, decides to take or not to take 3 times. If the player did take the 3rd card, then the banker may choose to take or discard the 3rd card based on his score and the player’s result.
  4. The winner is the player who has collected the number 9 or closest to it. Accordingly, if the banker has 9 or the closest number on the table, then the bet on the banker wins if the player has the bet on the player. If the sum of points is equal, then the draw wins, in which case the bets on the player and the banker are returned. Bets on the player and the bank are paid as 2 to 1, with the only difference that the bank has an additional commission of 5%, respectively, when betting on the bank, you will end up with 1.95 to 1. The bet on a draw has a coefficient of 9 to 1 (less often 8 to 1).

Considering that we are talking about Bitcoin live baccarat, you should not forget that you will bet in Bitcoins. Accordingly, here it is worth recalling that to start the game you will need to make a deposit in bitcoins, which will become your game currency. You can read about how to fund your account and choose the best BTC casino here

Bitcoin live baccarat pros and cons

The combination of one of the oldest casino games with the first and most trusted cryptocurrency created a real hit – Bitcoin baccarat. And when the ability to play live was added to it, we got a real bestseller. Live Baccarat for BTC is rightfully considered one of the most popular games in all online crypto casinos, but let’s take a closer look at its advantages and disadvantages:

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin live baccarat
Pros Cons
Live games – an exciting live game that takes place on your screen without leaving your home Crypto games – there are still a lot of casinos that do not work with crypto as a payment method
Security – minimal risks associated with the payment system, since you work through the most famous and secure blockchain in the world Registration – it is impossible to remain completely anonymous because any casino will ask you to fill out a registration form before you can play for real money
Speed – payments in bitcoin occur almost instantly Crypto restrictions – still quite a large number of countries consider crypto to be illegal and prohibit playing it in casinos
Low fees – taxes in cryptocurrency are always lower than in fiat currencies Volatility – Bitcoin has not been as volatile as most altcoins for a long time, but, nevertheless, its rate can change quite a lot in a short time.
Anonymity – Bitcoin’s decentralized system and blockchain technology guarantee you absolute anonymity Bitcoin wallet registration – if you found live baccarat with BTC in a crypto casino, but you did not have any bitcoins, there is a possibility that such a game does not accept fiat currencies, and you will have to register a Bitcoin wallet and replenish it with the required amount
Communication – playing the live bitcoin version of baccarat allows you to communicate with your dealer right during the game
Wide distribution – among the trusted crypto casinos, we could not find any that would not have at least 1 Bitcoin live baccarat game
Special Bonuses – Bitcoin is a very desirable payment instrument for any online crypto casino, because of this the best bonus offers are most often found in the BTC gambling games.

How to choose the best casino to play live baccarat for Bitcoin?

play live baccarat for bitcoin

The gambling market is full of different crypto casinos where you can play BTC live baccarat games online. In order not to get lost in the variety and choose a really worthwhile game, in a casino that you can trust, you should follow simple and clear rules, it will not take much time, but it will save you money, time, and nerves, as it will greatly help to avoid fraud:

  1. Start your search with a trusted online crypto casinos review website. Our experts have already selected for you only the best crypto casinos, all of which provide the opportunity to play live baccarat for Bitcoin.
  2. After reviewing the overall rating in the table, go to the review section, read more about the casino, go to their website, rate how much you like it visually and technically.
  3. Double-check whether the casino has a license and whether it is up to date.
  4. Try to google reviews about the casino, if you see only negative, it is better to choose another brand.
  5. Register and enjoy playing Bitcoin live baccarat.

Frequently Asked Questions about live Bitcoin baccarat

Yes, in live baccarat for Bitcoin you will play online with a real live person, the distribution will be broadcast to you through the camera in real-time. You will be able to communicate with your dealer without any restrictions. This is the same as getting into a real casino right from home.
It all depends on where and how you play. There are countries in which playing in a casino for cryptocurrency is prohibited, but this is a rather rare occurrence. More often than not, it will simply be unregulated, which means that you can play live BTC baccarat without any restrictions. Also, don’t forget that you can always use a VPN for gambling
No, you do not pay any additional payments other than the transfer fee that the blockchain itself charges. Yes, and this amount will seem symbolic to you against the background of what commissions are for the use of fiat currencies.

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