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The first half of the 21st century is actively immersing us in the era of digitalization and online orientation. Literally 20 years ago, when you thought about holidays, you remembered an evening with friends or going to a match, movie, theater, or casino. Now you are thinking about one thing, I will open my laptop and watch some videos. There is a lot of video content nowadays, including gambling content. There are many types of different videos and streams that you can find on the Internet, but today we will talk about Slots Streaming.
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How much did drake win on stake?

Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, is an actor and one the most well-known rappers of all time. OVO Sound, which he founded, is a label that works with young artists. Multiple Grammy Award winner Drake for his achievements in hip-hop. His albums are well-received by music critics as well as listeners. A great example is the best-selling album VIEWS, which sold over 7,657,500 copies. Singles from this album have already been added to the musician’s collection with additional awards.

How much did drake win on stake?
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Tiktok wants to go gamble, Aristocrat wants to be the best, athletes and cyber athletes cheat

TikTok plans to enter the gaming marketTikTok

Chinese social network TikTok is testing HTML5 games on its platform. The company is now trying out new features in Vietnam, and could roll them out to all of Southeast Asia by the third quarter. It is possible that gambling will also be added to the social network.

Aristocrat says it plans to become the world leader in online gambling

The Aristocrat brand in its latest report indicated the company’s goal for the coming years is to become the largest online gambling platform in the world. The company plans to expand first in the US and avoid the European market for five years.
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How to play bitcoin casino

Pessimists continue to talk about cryptocurrencies as a bubble that will explode soon. However for now, the picture is reversed. Altcoins are strengthening and becoming used in the modern world. Bitcoin’s popularity is growing all over the world, you can buy clothes, tickets, software, or even pizza. Also, with the help of Bitcoin, you can bet at a sportsbook or an online casino.

Currently, bitcoin casinos are actively gaining popularity. The main advantage is the complete anonymity of players and also the ability to accept both fiat and crypto electronic payments. This casino type provides various large rewards, such as sign-up bonuses, free spins, cashback, and others.
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Gambling sanctions in support of Ukraine

Ukraine flag

For the last month, we have been observing how the entire civilized world is actively uniting around Ukraine, this also applies to gambling companies. We have collected news reports on how the gambling and crypto world reacts to the war in Ukraine:

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Bitcoin casino poker chips

Our today’s article is a bit out of our usual subject and it’s rather has general informational character. However this fact doesn’t make it less interesting, and due to the fact that this is an experiment, of course we are waiting for your feedback.

A poker chip is a small disk, the equivalent of money bets that is used during the game. They are widely used in poker tournaments and have become an essential attribute of any gambling club, and even bitcoin casinos have a digitalized version of the poker chip. Although there is no practical explanation for use real casino poker chips in the online version since in general they aren’t needed, it’s all about the external surroundings and the entourage. Some casinos and crypto gambling sites with high stakes ($25,000 and up) use a sign. A plaque differs from a chip in that it is larger and, as a rule, has a rectangular shape.

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The latest profit reports for past year

Gaming Innovation Group reports 29% revenue growth in Q4

Gaming Innovation Group is a leading iGaming technology company that provides solutions, products and services to online gambling operators. The company is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and on the Nasdaq.

The Gaming Innovation Group (GIG) released its fourth quarter financial report, which reported revenue growth of 29% (€18.2 million). GiG Media revenue hit a record high of €12.8 million, up 42%, while platform services revenue hit €5.3 million, up 8%. GiG Media broke the record not only for quarterly revenue, but also for FTD, which increased by 82% to 60,600.

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Bitcoin casinos design features

The gambling industry and technology are changing rapidly, which means that bitcoin casinos must follow them. The modern and high-quality design is the first thing the player sees and what attracts him. User-friendly interface, realistic animation, smooth operation – all this is a guarantee of the player’s confidence.

The high-quality design of BTC games in countries where this type of business is legal is an important aspect for a Bitcoin casino, no less than productive software and variety. A well-organized appearance of a gambling website helps to attract new users and retain regular players.
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