Stable growth of the gambling industry excluding Illinois and harsh Maltese fines

Illinois is losing the passion for gambling


In June, Illinois players bet $ 476.5 million, up from $ 507.3 million in May. This is the lowest betting amount in Illinois since November 2020.

The daily rate of interest slowed to $ 15.9 million in 30 days in June, down from $ 16.9 million in May.

FansUnite enters the UK market

FansUnite subsidiaries Askott Entertainment and E.G.G have received gambling licenses from the UK Gambling Commission, which will allow them to supply their technology to the UK market.

Note that FansUnite has already mastered the Maltese market and is planning further expansion in Europe.
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Best software solutions for bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin casino software

If you are planning to start your own gambling business and open an online casino, then one of the most important stages will be the choice of software. Software is the backbone of any digital product. The operation of a bitcoin casino, its reputation, development success and, as a result, profitability will depend on its quality and reliability. In this article, we’ll figure out how to choose the best software for Bitcoin casino.
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How to make successful ICO project in 2021 – 10 useful tips

Today, Bitcoin and Ethereum rates keep high level. That is why a lot of new crypto-currencies appear every day and is getting popularity. One of the most comfortable und frequently useable ways to create new crypto-currencies and raise funds for blockchain startups is ICO nowadays. This is a new model of crowdfunding for crypto currency. However, as it often happens with crypto-currencies, there are many legal issues which scammers use skillfully and that is why this scares off potential investors. Of course, the most important question for everybody is how successfully conduct an ICO campaign and attract money to the project without losing investor confidence. However, there are a lot of another questions which we need to find answers.

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Blokchain will allow holding honest elections on the Internet. And not only that!

What future for the technology behind blockchain?

Blokchain seems like technology from the future described in science fiction. However, not all the potential of this technology is realized now. In the future, with the help of distributed databases, it will be possible to implement the most daring initiatives – for example, to ensure fair elections on the Internet. Moreover, it is not just fantasies: there are already many projects and blockchain products on which one way or another you can guess the possible future of technology. We will tell you what scenarios the blockchain without cryptocurrency can develop.

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How does Blockchain work?

For many people, the blockchain is strongly associated with crypto-currencies. This is not surprising, because the first practical application of the new technology found in bitcoin. However, in fact, this is just a principle of recording and storing information, which is already use in other spheres.

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Kirill Bensonoff’s Prediction for The Next Big Thing in Blockchain

Kirill Bensonoff, Tech Entrepreneur on the State of Blockchain:

Blockchain: the buzzword in every entrepreneur’s repertoire right now. Blockchain as a technology is becoming more well-known than ever before, but the truth is that the technology is still in the early stages. Kirill Bensonoff, successful tech entrepreneur, states that blockchain has created a unique foundation which can improve the availability of many services and products for people around the world.

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