Is bitcoin gambling legal in the United States?

Today, Bitcoin has become one of the most famous decentralized monetary coins in the iGaming business. And as usual, speculation and popularity walk hand-in-hand. The question about the lawfulness of digital currency betting controls is not the exception. Administrators who run their online Bitcoin gambling sites, or some other digital web entertainments, are regularly confounded the audience by dubious reviews and equivocal choices of experts about cryptocurrency and its legality. The situation in the United States is even more complicated because, in addition to federal law, each state has the right to determine its own policy in relation to any type of gambling.

The USA, as a single country, was formed relatively late, and therefore many global decisions were made correctly at once, based on the experience of the countries of the old world. However, this didn’t prevent from encountering other problems. Remember how the alcohol Prohibition ended, gambling is about the same situation. Historically, In the United States, any type of gambling was confined all over in this country, besides in Atlantic City and Las Vegas. Basically, these territories were “created” for gambling. But such tight restrictions contributed to the development of boardwalk casinos. With the advent of online gambling, underground dealers have gotten significantly more opportunities, but after the appearance of Bitcoin, the situation decisively spiraled out of control.

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Holland restrict gambling more and more

New restrictions for the Netherlands gambling Market

Advertising in the Netherlands has doubled since the legalization of the online marketplace, according to a study by Nielsen. According to the study, in October and November 2020, there were 170,066 unique commercials in the country, while in the same period in 2021 there were 366,631 of Netherlands gambling marketthem. As a result, the Netherlands decided to further restrict gambling advertising and the receipt of bonuses when playing online. Now video advertising for casinos on the Internet will be banned exactly according to the same rules as on television – from 6:00 to 21:00. If a TV channel has more than 25% of its audience of minors, then gambling advertising will be banned altogether. As for the bonuses, they will be prohibited for players between 18 and 24 years old and cannot exceed 250 euros.

Restrictions from the Netherlands for Curacao

Dutch Legal Defense Minister Sander Decker said an action plan is to be adopted this month to stop illegal gambling on the island of Curacao, which is part of the Tulip Land. According to the minister, about 12,000 illegal gambling sites have been created on the island, with 40% of the world’s unregulated gambling activity passing through Curacao. After negotiations between the two countries, it was decided that an independent regulatory body would be established on the island with the authority to grant and revoke gambling licenses, which should ensure compliance with laws and eliminate illegal business.

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White label casino software

White label casino

Have you ever wondered, why there are so many different online casinos appearing in the few last years? After all, the creation of a full-fledged gambling establishment requires a lot of money and time. It’s necessary to contact online game developers, set the payments, create personal accounts for players, support services, and much, much more. So where does the investment for all these projects come from, what is the secret?

White label online casino software is a ready-made business the purchase and management model of which is very similar to the franchise. This is a budget product, which at the same time has good functionality and is completely ready to launch. And at the same time, the providers of such software are ready to offer options for a unique design according to your wishes, as well as help you to create your own brand under your management.

Traditionally, the white label casino solution package includes:

  • Legal package of documents and gambling license;
  • A platform for online casinos with extensive administration options;
  • Game software (a package of licensed games for online casinos);
  • Integrated payment software (a set of payment systems and services, crypto includes);
  • Protected server;
  • Professional technical support services.

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Sweden against bonuses, 888 Holdings sells bingo

Sweden in opposition to bonuses for gamblers

Sweden flag

The Swedish Gambling Authority fined Betway 100,000 SEK (the US $ 11,000) for violating the bonus rules. The investigation says that this summer, Betway contacted its customer base and offered additional incentives, which 53 people managed to take advantage of. This was the reason for the fine. According to Swedish gambling law from 2019, operators are allowed to provide a bonus only once, this happens as an incentive when registering.

888 Holdings divested from bingo

888 Holdings will sell its bingo business to Saphalata Holdings for $ 50 million. The deal should be fully completed in the second quarter of next year. Revenue from bingo company 888 Holdings in 2020 amounted to $ 65 million.
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Entain tries to buy an Olympic, meanwhile, Flutter Entertainment have bought Tombola

Entain intends to make an offer to purchase Olympic Entertainment Group

Bloomberg reports that British giant Entain intends to take over Olympic Entertainment Group, an Estonian gambling holding that operates under the OlyBet and MaxBet brands in the Baltic countries, Slovakia, Italy, Romania, and Croatia. The deal is worth $ 1 billion.
Olympic Group was previously acquired by the late Novalpina Capital for $ 325 million. Now, judging by the likely size of Etain’s offer, Olympic’s value has tripled, which is explained by the company’s recent entry into the Romanian and Croatian markets.

JOI Gaming has received a license for online gambling in the Netherlands

JOI Gaming (owned by Dutch offline operator JVH Gaming & Entertainment Group) has received an online gambling license in the Netherlands.
The license came into effect on November 20. The casino will provide its services in the Netherlands through the domain.
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Online gambling is growing and countries are fighting with illegal casinos

Greentube will be in the USA

Green Tube

Greentube enters the US market through an association with Golden Nugget Online Gaming in New Jersey. As per Greentube, this is just the first of numerous resulting bargains, so the organization’s objectives incorporate designs for the continuous improvement of different states, like Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Interpol took up betting in Serosa

As a result of Interpol’s operation to combat illegal gambling during Euro 2020, about 1,400 people were arrested, and about $ 8 million in cash was also seized. According to Interpol, over a thousand raids were carried out, which covered 26 countries.

New Jersey is still the best state in the iGaming industry, and Nevada as a whole. According to the latest research, New Jersey could be the first US state to generate over $ 1 billion in net profit in 2021 in the iGaming industry.

At the same time, revenues from gambling in Nevada in August amounted to $ 1.17 billion. This is the sixth consecutive month that revenue is in ten figures. Most of the money came from slot machines ($ 825 million).
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Stable growth of the gambling industry excluding Illinois and harsh Maltese fines

Illinois is losing the passion for gambling


In June, Illinois players bet $ 476.5 million, up from $ 507.3 million in May. This is the lowest betting amount in Illinois since November 2020.

The daily rate of interest slowed to $ 15.9 million in 30 days in June, down from $ 16.9 million in May.

FansUnite enters the UK market

FansUnite subsidiaries Askott Entertainment and E.G.G have received gambling licenses from the UK Gambling Commission, which will allow them to supply their technology to the UK market.

Note that FansUnite has already mastered the Maltese market and is planning further expansion in Europe.
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Best software solutions for bitcoin casinos

Bitcoin casino software

Due to the current global situation, the online gambling industry is growing steadily and in parallel pulling up all related areas. One of such areas is Bitcoin gambling, which’s growth not only follows the entire industry but also outstrips it. As a result, on the market were created unique conditions, which contribute to the opening of new Bitcoin casinos, and many people want to take advantage of this opportunity.

If you are one of them and think about starting your own gambling business and open an online casino, then one of the most important stages will be the choice of software. Software is the backbone of any digital product. The operation of a bitcoin casino, its reputation, development success and, as a result, profitability will depend on its quality and reliability. In this article, we’ll figure out how to choose the best software for Bitcoin casino.
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How to make successful ICO project in 2022 – 10 useful tips

Today, Bitcoin and Ethereum rates keep high level. That is why a lot of new crypto-currencies appear every day and is getting popularity. One of the most comfortable und frequently useable ways to create new crypto-currencies and raise funds for blockchain startups is ICO nowadays. This is a new model of crowdfunding for crypto currency. However, as it often happens with crypto-currencies, there are many legal issues which scammers use skillfully and that is why this scares off potential investors. Of course, the most important question for everybody is how successfully conduct an ICO campaign and attract money to the project without losing investor confidence. However, there are a lot of another questions which we need to find answers.

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