September 6, 2022 | Updated on: April 19, 2023

Today’s gambling news is tough, literally. Indonesian government cracks down on people linked to online casinos. At the same time, in America, the creators of, which are our good partners, sued their ex-partner. The amount of the claim is 580 million. But that’s later, we’ll start with our other good friend – GPWA. Fortunately, this is not directly related to them, but on their forum about online gambling, one of the affiliates of the Genesis Affiliates affiliate program published a post with accusations of not paying commission.

Genesis Affiliates doesn’t pay the debt of 409 thousand euros to the affiliate

On the GPWA forum, one of the affiliates of the “Genesis Affiliates” affiliate program posted a post claiming that the company has been ignoring payout requests for the fourth month. During this time, the debt amounted to 409 thousand euros.

“We tried our best to establish contact and conduct productive cooperation. After the traffic stopped, they started demanding personal documents. Lawyers from the side of Genesis could not answer what documents are required if KYC has already been passed. As a result, we made a compromise and sent all the necessary documents in the hope of resolving this situation. However, Genesis has stopped responding and has been ignoring our requests for a long time,” the employee says. The reasons for the delay are still unknown.

Indonesian hardcore

In Bali and other parts of Indonesia, police raids are being carried out against individuals associated with online slots and gambling. Ferdy Sambo, the former head of the Indonesian police, who was arrested on August 09, 2022, could face the death penalty or life imprisonment. Recall that 34 gambling agents were arrested by the Indonesian police in the province of Central Java. According to preliminary data, they worked for a gambling site based in Cambodia.
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The raid was carried out on the personal orders of the head of the national police, General Listjo Sigita Prabowo. The operation came amid unverified rumors that former chief of the interior, General Ferdy Sambo, and numerous high-ranking officers patronized illegal online gambling.

Now the position of the former powerful policeman has been complicated by the fact that in addition to persistent rumors about the patronage that Ferdy Sambo provided to illegal online gambling in the country, he is also charged with organizing the murder of his bodyguard, Nopryansyah Yosua Hutabarat, also known as “Foreman J “.

At the same time, raids are being carried out throughout the country against persons associated with online gambling. 8 gambling agents detained in Jakarta. 29 computers, 29 mobile phones and SIM cards were confiscated.

Another police raid on the Jalan Kartika Plaza Hotel in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia resulted in the seizure of dozens of computers and mobile phones. The contents of the latter indicated a connection with Indonesian online crypto casinos. The owners of the confiscated equipment themselves managed to escape shortly before the appearance of the security forces. founders sued for $580 million

The Australian founders of the world’s largest cryptocurrency casino, Ed Craven and Bijan Tehrani, are being sued in the United States for $580 million in damages to former partner Christopher Freeman, who claims he was “excluded from a hugely successful business.”

Stake bitcoin casinoChristopher Freeman has filed a civil lawsuit in the Southern District of New York seeking compensation for his initial investment in Primedice,’s predecessor. Freeman states that he was a childhood friend of Tehrani and Craven. In 2013, they decided to open the Primedice Casino. Freeman owned 20%, Craven and Tehrani 40%. Freeman claims that within nine months of creating Primedice, his stake was reduced to 14% due to other senior members of the development team being compensated.

Freeman is convinced that the share transfer happened despite the fact that the trio had an agreement that Primedice would only grant shares to people who had invested in the business. As the cryptocurrency took off, Freeman claims he was the originator of the cryptocurrency casino idea, however Tehrani and Craven were not interested in his idea given the potential regulatory issues.

Further, the partner was not allowed to join Tehrani and Craven’s new business –, since Freeman believed that fiat money casinos were futile, while it was precisely this concept that formed the basis of the new company. “He argued that there was high competition and personal risks that he was not ready to take, and he did not want to be forced to move to Australia to run a fiat-based gambling business,” the company said.

Freeman claims that despite their previous claims that a cryptocurrency casino is too expensive an idea and concerns about regulation, Tehrani and Craven launched their cryptocurrency casino The lawsuit, filed by Freeman, also cited the two founders’ extensive real estate as evidence of’s significant success. In turn, the owners of the company, Craven and Tehrani, dismissed the lawsuit as “completely frivolous” and “provably false.”

Finally, some good news

Betr app

Betr launched the world’s first micro betting app. The American company Betr has launched the world’s first application focused on microbetting. In it, the interface is focused solely on the fact that users can predict the results of every moment during a sports match. For example, users can bet on every serve in MLB games, as well as on any maneuver in NFL and College Football games.

Initially, the free version of the app will be available in the US, where users can bet on coins that can be exchanged for real prizes. In the future, the company plans to expand and launch real money betting as Betr has received licenses and regulatory approvals throughout the United States.

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