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Perhaps only the most desperate people can decide to play for money in online casinos. It is impossible to check the outcome of a “random” event, the probability of winning inherently in the algorithm is unknown, it is not clear who is behind all of this, and in general, will the winnings be given back? There is too much uncertainty, do you agree? After all, online casinos are virtual at their core, these are just bits and bytes on some remote server that can be simply manipulated to fit the “randomness” into your business plan.

With the advent of cryptocurrencies, freedom has come unprecedented. Now you can easily transfer any amount from point A to point B, the bank is not able to block the account at the request of the clerk, and transactions are public and irreversible. The revolution was supposed to come to the world of gambling because, with freedom and anonymity, with crypto appeared new opportunities for fraudsters of various stripes. The casino works with chances and probabilities, and question is, how could gambling sites show their own transparency and convince gamblers of the independence of random processes? The answer to this question is given by cryptography.

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Minimum Foundations of Cryptography

Bitcoin technology is based on cryptography. It ensures the impossibility of forging wallets and transactions. Cryptography is the science of hiding information using ciphers. One of the side effects of the development of encryption algorithms was the invention of hashing functions (hash functions, or simply hashes).

In simple terms, a hashing function is a kind of digital signature. The original text is not entangled, as in the case of encryption, but undergoes a series of irreversible cryptographic transformations, the output of which is another text, often also called a hash. Basic properties of hashes:

  • the original text cannot be obtained from the hash
  • for the same text, the hash will always be the same
  • the slightest change in the original text will entail the calculation of a new hash
  • hashes are also unique for two unique texts

Thus, we can say that the hash “signs” the source text, uniquely identifies it. And the main further of bitcoin casino provably fair that you can check hash. Hashing is at the heart of Internet security. For example, the service in which you store your correspondence stores your password, as a rule, in the form of a hash. It is impossible to get the original password from the hash, which means that when the server is hacked, your password will not “float away” (another thing is that hacking the server usually automatically means free access to your correspondence, bypassing your password, but this has nothing to do with cryptography). When you enter a password to access your mailbox, the server calculates a hash from the entered password and compares it with the hash of the original password in its records, and if the hash matches, you are given access, if there is no match, the entered and original passwords are not equivalent.

Provably fair as a way to test casino reliabilit

Provably fair casinos have been talked about recently, but the principles and methods of encryption taken as the basis from the blockchain.
bitcoin casino provably fair

Reasons for the appearance

It would seem that during the existence of online gambling sites, control and regulatory organizations have already formed ways to find out the honesty of online casinos. But still, there are players who are not sufficiently aware of the signs of reliable casinos and find themselves on the resources of scammers, where they are deceived either during the game or when withdrawing money, not allowing them to get their winnings. Here it is important to note provably fair BTC casinos allow you to control only the process of the game itself and not the input and output of funds. Also, there are simply distrustful gamblers who suspect any casino of cheating, no matter how many positive reviews there are and no matter what position it occupies in the rating of gambling sites. Perhaps they like not so much the process of the game as the analysis of the reliability of the results.

What is a provably fair casino?

Provably fair – is an algorithm based on cryptographic hash functions is offered to the visitor as a test of fair play.

For a better understanding of the terminology of what a provably fair casino is, we need to make a small digression. The fact is that, when somebody says provably fair casino, that means provably fair games in this casino. The Provably fair algorithm is applicable specifically for games and not for gambling sites.

So provably fair casino is an online gambling site where you can play provably fair games. Examples of such casinos you can see in the table Provably fair casino with the biggest variety of provably fair games. But do not forget that the main thing is not quantity, but quality, so we added a central one with an overall casino rating. This rating includes all the basic information about the casino: the number of bonuses, the speed of withdrawal of winnings, the reliability of the license, etc. So, if you want to choose provably fair casinos, this table will help you.

Provably fair casino with the biggest variety of provably fair games
BrandCasino ratingProvably Fair Games
Play Amo

Play Amo
85% trust rating
Provably Fair Games

86% trust rating
Provably Fair Games (+provably fair arcade games)
Fortune Jack

Fortune Jack
98% trust rating
Provably Fair Games

88% trust rating
Provably Fair Games

87% trust rating
Provably Fair Games

How is the provably fair test done?

In order to check the fairness of a casino using Provably Fair, a player will need several values:

  • Client seed – a series of numbers that the client sets,
  • Server seed – a sequence of characters generated by the server,
  • Nonce – the number of bets in the game.

Then, having data from both the client and the operator (gambling site), the system generates the round result. The Myerson Vortex is used to generate these random numbers. The result of the instant generation is calculated before the start of the game and the player is able to see it after placing a bet. And the absence of interference from the side of the institution is indicated by the coinciding initial and final caches.

Let’s take a look at an example of how the algorithm works using the example of one of the provably fair casino

Select one of the online casino provably fair from our table with gambling sites. Now you need to choose a game, let it be BTC roulette. As we already know, the generation of random results in any game in a provably fair casino occurs by mixing the value of the seed of the site itself and the gambler, so the player has to set his own seed. The server generates its own seed automatically.

provably fair algorithm

Now let’s go to make the best three times on 17. Falls out: 30, 1, and 17.

how to use a provably fair algorithm

Of course, we get lucky this time, bitcoin casino provably fair system does not guarantee you winnings, it is approved honest random for everyone. So let’s go check the results.

how to use a provably fair casino

In the verifier section, you must insert the values of the casino seeds and your and then you will see the numbers that dropped out on the virtual roulette wheel. A similar result can be obtained by generating values on other resources that provide access to the hash calculator.

As usual, used by the system uses the SHA-256 math algorithm or, on some sites, SHA-512, it important because allows you to check the validity of the pre-modulation of the game results.

Is it worth to trust a provably fair casino?

Over the years, there have been some digital innovations that allow you to look differently at the methods of verification using algorithms and really verify the honesty of a gambling site. A full-fledged cryptocurrency casino that fully uses blockchain technologies in its work is able to provide players much more data than a classic online gambling resource. This, of course, is their undoubted plus. But as usual, existing a fly in the ointment. So let’s talk about provably fair online casino minuses.

Bitcoin casino provably fair – flaws(h3):

At first: is the difficulty of understanding the method, which allows the explanation of its application, divert attention from other important aspects that online bitcoin casinos provided. For example, let’s recall the problem that was voiced earlier, the provably fair system allows you to control the honesty of the game but not the payments, that is means, nothing prevents a dishonest online casino, simply, does not pay the winnings to you.

Secondly: on such gambling sites, it is customary to give out the result for each game. Such a table is usually present, but without confirmation that this data comes from the blockchain, and is not “drawn” by some additional script. That is means if you want to be 100% sure that an online bitcoin casino doesn’t cheat, you have to check each operation.

Third: provably fair BTC casino anonymous this has a number of advantages, but also a disadvantage. If you made a mistake by making a transaction or lost your password, it is simply not possible to recover your money.

Provably fair slot machines

The Provably fair method, just like the old friend – fairness control, is suitable for games with simple result generation, like table games, but not for modern slot machines. Why? 🤷‍♂️

Because when creating current slots result, not only RNG is used, but mathematical models that take into account the invested funds, and how much needs to be returned, and how to do it in the long-term period, so that the players remain interested in continuing to place bets on the gaming machine. So provably fair algorithm for slot machines not applicable, and for some reason, this point is not touched upon in numerous articles.

Provably fair bitcoin casino, conclusions

So what we know now:

Provably fair cannot really prove the fairness of the game when it comes to slots. Roulette, cards, craps – it’s not a question, got a hash, made bets, played, got a key, checked the result. But do not forget that the bitcoin casino provably fair system confirms the honesty of the game, but does not guarantee the reliability of the casino and the instant withdrawal of money. It is important to remember this! 📛

It is not worth giving up on proven sites, the rating of which has been earned over the years, and the reliability is confirmed by the reviews of the players. Although almost all such casinos require identity verification, there is much more confidence in the fact that they provide licensed slots and will not block winnings. But of course, now more and more bitcoin websites new casino is provably fair, so it is possible that everything will change in the near future.

Frequently Asked Questions about provably fair casino

Provably fair casinos provide full payment of winning funds to players, without unnecessary delays. On such sites, the level of return on slot winnings corresponds to the declared parameters of game developers. In more detail about this here.
Provably fair casinos are ordinary bitcoin casinos that have provably fair games, which means that the algorithm and the withdrawal process are the same as in any online casino. By choosing reliable clubs in the rating of provably fair casinos on our website, you can have fun playing slots. Such online platforms provide fair rules of the game and full payouts of winnings.
In our table “Provably fair casino with the biggest variety of provably fair games”, there are casino rating lists, which will help you with choice. Gambling sites that offering a better variety of provably fair games are on the top of the list.

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