August 30, 2023 | Updated on: September 30, 2023

Step into the future of crypto payment processing with CoinPayments, an unrivalled leader in the dynamic iGaming market.

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We would like to introduce you to CoinPayments, a crypto payment gateway that sets new standards in the industry. Featuring a myriad of enticing attributes, this platform offers fees for completed transactions as low as 0.5%, setting it apart from conventional FIAT gateways. Alignment with stringent Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations and adhering to the Know Your Customer (KYC) principle, underscores its strong reputation.
Delve into our comprehensive review and discover the true potential of CoinPayments.

About CoinPayments

CoinPayments is one of the leading cryptocurrency payment processors worldwide. With over 1,000,000 user accounts and more than 120,000 registered merchants in over 190 countries, CoinPayments has become one of the most widely used multi-crypto payment systems available online. Since 2013, we have developed a complete crypto payment gateway that allows merchants to accept over 100 cryptocurrencies and hold over 2,000+ altcoins, all on a single platform.

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CoinPayments Features

CoinPayments is more than just a conventional Bitcoin payment processor; it is a cutting-edge crypto payment solution bolstered by features including:

  • Point of Sale Interface: Streamline transactions with an efficient point of sale interface, ensuring seamless in-person payments
  • Crypto Invoice Builder: Prepare professional invoices, enhancing the payment experience for both merchants and customers
  • Multi-Signature Wallets: Elevate security measures with multi-signature wallets, safeguarding transactions against unauthorised access
  • Long-Term Storage Vaults: Store crypto assets securely for the long haul within CoinPayments’ vaults, prioritising peace of mind
  • Mobile & Desktop Support: Enjoy the flexibility of utilising CoinPayments on both mobile and desktop devices, ensuring accessibility at your fingertips
  • Industry-Low Transaction Fees: Embrace ultra-competitive transaction fees, commencing at 0.5%, enabling highly cost-effective payment processing
  • Conversion Tool: Seamlessly convert cryptocurrencies with the built-in conversion tool, facilitating swift and efficient exchanges

CoinPayments in the iGaming Industry

As the pioneering and foremost crypto payment provider, CoinPayments serves as the primary gateway for crypto payment processing in the iGaming industry. By fostering iGaming partnerships, CoinPayments demonstrates its commitment to the synergistic pairing of iGaming and crypto payments and the growth of the crypto industry overall.

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Benefits for Providers and Players

CoinPayments elevates the overall iGaming experience. By enabling the adoption of cryptocurrencies, the following benefits can be enjoyed:

  1. Chargebacks and Settlement Delays: Eliminate chargebacks and delays in settlements, streamlining operations
  2. Geographic Restrictions: Overcome geographical limitations, enabling global accessibility for players worldwide
  3. Reduced Transaction Costs: Slash transaction costs with CoinPayments’ competitive fees, boosting profitability for providers

“To be the most innovative company in iGaming, the mover and the shaker, the guys that are trying to make a splash, I think you have to go and really have the an innovative product to make a difference and show yourself that you are the best platform to play, because the customers have options, there is very many places for online gaming where it can happen, so in order to be the TOP choice, to be the one for the customer you have to have options, you have to be able to offer secure, fast borderless options that allow any customer to play, deposit and get instant crypto withdrawal!” – Jonathan Acoca, CoinPayments Business Development Executive, Europe.

Start Using CoinPayments

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For representatives of iGaming, sports betting or bitcoin casino brands seeking to transform their operations, go to our “Business Inquiries – Propose Partnership” section to help usher in a new era of payment processing excellence.
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