Bitcoin casino software

If you are planning to start your own gambling business and open an online casino, then one of the most important stages will be the choice of software. Software is the backbone of any digital product. The operation of a bitcoin casino, its reputation, development success and, as a result, profitability will depend on its quality and reliability. In this article, we’ll figure out how to choose the best software for Bitcoin casino.

The game world is based on diversity that grows and expands rapidly, offering players an incredibly exciting range of possibilities. The range of casino gaming software is also extensive and it’s quite difficult to choose. But anyway the basic thing that you have to consider is how the player interacts with your platform. The following options are possible here:

  • Downloadable bitcoin casino;
  • Browser bitcoin casino;
  • Mobile bitcoin casino.

Downloadable bitcoin casino

In modern casinos, software and applications are often optional. Regardless, there are still existing casinos that need to be downloaded. They are generally only compatible with the Windows operating system. The advantages of such software are the colorfulness and speed of work. Anyway, the most productive machine that everyone has is a PC, and if you want to create the most spectacular bitcoin casino, then this is your choice. Another question – is this has any sense. You want to create a bitcoin casino for profit, not beauty.

Browser bitcoin casino

The browser casino software is applied in most online casinos. Unlike downloadable software, browser casinos allow gamblers to play instant, directly from their web browser, download isn’t required. The advantages of this solution are the simplicity and speed of the start of the game (but not the game speed). The disadvantages are the necessity of own of high-speed internet on the side of the players. Plus, the speed and colorful of the game will always be limited by the browser. Nevertheless, this particular type of software is the most popular at the moment. This is due to the lowest costs for its implementation, as well as the development of technologies that neutralizes the disadvantages of this software.

Mobile bitcoin casino

Recently, we have seen that more and more casinos develop applications for their online gambling platforms, thus expanding access for players. Moreover, some casino providers have a number of games developed (or modified) exclusively for mobile devices. But the development of own application is quite expensive, and therefore it’s better to refuse such option at the start (at the time of opening a bitcoin casino).

If we compare the approximate summaries of the number of particular types of bitcoin casinos, it will turn out the next picture:

Don’t be surprised that the total is 130%, some brands use two different views to reach a larger audience (the ratio you can clearly see on our chart). But as already mentioned, most worldwide brands switched to the option with browser casinos.

Own vs purchased software

After choosing the platform for interaction with players, you’ll need to figure it out with software. On this point you have two options: develop your own soft or buy already prepared. In order to understand which variation is best for you, we’ll analyze both of them, and start with a more hardcore ​- creating a gambling site on your own from the scratch

The owner of such a casino bears the costs at various stages of the development and operation of the site. First, any new business requires a well-thought-out plan, economic calculation, and market analysis, which can cost you $ 5,000 or more. After marketing research, you get detailed information about the competition and target audience, it will help you better understand at which countries are better to focus on and which licenses to obtain.

The next task is to choose the license that best suits your needs and budget (Malta, Curacao, etc.) Prepare to pay next to $ 20,000- $ 30,000 for licensing services and take into account that you have to spend $ 20,000 annually on license renewals and banking services.

The development of a bitcoin casino site is one of the costliest steps and requires close cooperation between you and the IT contractor. During the process, you’ll need to choose game providers and payment methods that will be available to your customers. Live games, as well as slots with progressive jackpots, usually come in a separate package – all of which add costs. The development phase will cost you $ 20,000 (and more). Please note that the mobile version, visual design, and some other important elements are integral parts of any modern bitcoin casino.

Any business is it digital or not, requires operating expenses that are necessary to maintain and increase the dynamics of income. And even when your gambling site will be full of content and ready to use, the inevitability of costs won’t disappear. In the case of bitcoin casinos, the cost items will be approximately the same as at the development stage, only one item will change. Instead of the expenses for creating a website, staff costs will be added, and your main operating costs will look like this:

  • Staff salaries (IT experts, accountants, promoters in social networks);
  • Annual license fees;
  • Costs of conducting audits;
  • Network security costs, etc.

All these expenses and time costs can be avoided by purchased of ready and set up the software, and now we are not talking about the white label, where the owner must give more than 90% of the profit. We are talking about companies that are professionally engaged in the development of bitcoin casinos. They will solve all problems: connect payment systems, develop a design, customize the desired games, and even can provide their own license. On the other hand, the price for such complex services is lower compared to other options. This option is chosen by almost all modern brands, and it practically doesn’t have any cons. The only difficulty is – how to choose the right developer?

How to choose the software providers for bitcoin casino?

The company with which you sign a contract for the software development will actually be your partner since the whole process will depend on it. And any successful businessman knows that rush while choosing a business partner is a bad idea. It is important to take a responsible approach to the task and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the data. To solve this task, we recommend to use the rating scale method.

The calculation of the final rating mark assessment is based on a comparison of firms (soft developers) by a large number of indicators that characterize their strengths and weaknesses. Each indicator is assigned a “rating of importance” in the form of a coefficient (for example, 0.05 or 5%). Each company is given points for each indicator, after that, they are multiplied by a coefficient and summed up in the final grade.
Software for bitcoin casino
First, let’s look at the main characteristics that you should focus on when choosing software for bitcoin casinos:


If you want your online gambling site to run smoothly, choose licensed with all the necessary permissions. Do not forget you’ll need to put up a bunch of money, and although black software is cheaper, it’s always best to invest in a licensed product that doesn’t run the risk of malfunctioning. Good indicator will be if the software has passed the eCOGRA test.


Quality customer service is a necessary aspect of customizing the software of any website. The software developer should provide 24/7 technical assistance since problems must be resolved instantly and at any time.

Games selection

This is one of the most important aspects of choosing a software provider because particularly for playing games we come to the casino and their assortment and variety are an important indicator of the prestige level. Any Bitcoin casino has such popular games as slots, roulette, blackjack, poker, dice, baccarat, etc. In cooperation with some developers, you can also offer to players sports betting. This is especially important for those who want to work in the UK market since British and sports betting are inseparable.

Convenient interface

Playability is a unique characteristic since the casino can’t function without it. The modern gambler won’t waste time searching, everything that he needs should be at his hand. How to cope with such a difficult task? This knows only professionals with extensive experience in this sphere.

Graphics and sound quality

Today’s gamers expect excellence in every segment of their gameplay, which means high-quality pictures and sound are required. Look for gambling software with excellent graphics, exceptional colors and high-quality background music.

Adaptable to mobile devices

According to a 2020 Pew Research Center poll, about 89% of the world’s adults use smartphones. Therefore, to attract more players to your bitcoin casino site, integrate mobile-compatible software. Moreover, the adaptation applies not only to different devices but also to different browsers. We recommend you to check how the software works not only in Google Chrome but also in other web browsers.

Feedback from the other user’s

Only the real players will tell you the truth about the best gaming software on the market. However, keep in mind that feedback is subjective and doesn’t necessarily reflect the actual situation. Also, do not forget that reviews can be purchased. Perhaps this is the most important but also the controversial factor of choosing the best software for your BTC casino site.

How to analyze?

So we have 5 main characteristics which we have to evaluate for every software developer and we have to give them the mark of importance. In our opinion, the main characteristics that you should pay attention to are the support service and licensing, since these are the most expensive stages of development (the coefficient for both is 0.05).

The least important feature is graphics and sound and there are two reasons for this. Firstly, almost all developers are good at this task, which means that it cannot be decisive. Secondly, visualization is a very subjective thing, someone may like it, but someone may not (the coefficient is 0.02). It is much more important than the software has a user-friendly interface, since it is the ease of use that often affects the loyalty of the players (the coefficient is 0.03). Mobile adaptation is also one of the main spots because it includes not only the process of adapting the design but also working with the speed of website loading on the phone (the coefficient is 0.03). Now all that remains is to multiply the estimates of all characteristics and indicators, and then sum them up.

Our choice

Of course, we checked most providers by ourselves and in our opinion, the best option is software from the company SoftSwiss.

The main activity of the company is directed towards the provision of ready-made solutions for online bitcoin casinos, bookmaker’s counters, and online auctions. SoftSwiss provides licensing services in the jurisdictions of Küracao, Malta, Occupy Maine, Olderni, Italy, United Kingdom, Canada, Denmark, Belgium, Belgium

The White Label package from SoftSwiss includes:

  • 2,000 games from more than 20 providers (including NetEnt, BetSoft, Amaya, Thunderkick);
  • bitcoin module;
  • separate domain, brand, and logo;
  • working support service;
  • ready to use payment systems;
  • regular software updates.

The list of online casinos, which already work with the SoftSwiss platform, is constantly growing. Among the best are BitStarz and King Billy.

It is the successful experience and wide variety of products that make SoftSwiss software the best choice for partnerships and Bitcoin casinos.