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Jackpot sizes in bitcoin casinos are measured in hundreds of thousands of monetary units and sometimes go beyond these limits. One of the biggest winnings in slots was $20 million (or 514 Bitcoins) which entered the Guinness Book of Records.

Even those who play their favorite bitcoin slots in order just to relax and enjoy the process, even they are tempted by the prospect of hitting a big jackpot. Bitcoin casinos with a good reputation don’t forget about the attractiveness of jackpots, offering players to try their luck and win impressive cash prizes. Below we’ll consider the types of jackpots in bitcoin casinos, and also the largest of them.

Huge slots win at the bitcoin casino

Jackpot types in Bitcoin slots

Jackpots could be fixed (predetermined) or progressive. In the first case, the player is guaranteed to take possession of a fixed-size jackpot when a predetermined winning combination appears.

The progressive jackpot – sometimes called the accumulative jackpot – is not limited by any upper limits. Its value often reaches millions of dollars or hundreds of Bitcoins. The peculiarity of the progressive jackpot is in the constant increase of the money fund created for it. It’s replenished by the expense of percentage deductions from the amounts lost by all bitcoin slot players.

Winning the progressive jackpot isn’t easy. This will require not just luck, but the real favor of fate. Millions of gamblers imagine themselves to be a winner, and the more there are, the more miserable the chances of an individual player to win.

It is beneficial for any Bitcoin casino to equip slot machines with a progressive jackpot because its size is always an order of magnitude smaller than the profit from the services provided by the casino. But the more powerful advertising gimmick, inevitably attracting players, has not been invented yet.

Unfortunately, some progressive jackpot games aren’t available for free trial in the demo version. Such bitcoin slots, unlike others, often have a fixed value per spin. But in addition to online progressive jackpots, many bitcoin casinos offer their own jackpots available on almost any BTC slot machine. Unlike progressive jackpots, these “smaller” random jackpots can be won at any bet, at any time.

So, now when everyone has already figured out the types of jackpots and their basic features, let’s move on to the biggest jackpots.

Big win slots in casinos accepting bitcoins

Jackpot news is rare. Especially when it comes to huge win slots in bitcoin casinos. If you don’t believe that you can win really big money using bitcoin slot machines, here are the five biggest jackpots as proof:

5th place – $443 thousand (13 BTC)

5th biggest jackpot

Almost half a million dollars at the end of last year was won by a woman from the small town of Allentown in Pennsylvania, United States. Playing Divine Fortune slot at the bitcoin casino, the woman hit the jackpot of $443,480.64 with a bet of just three dollars. It’s noteworthy that the winner played the bitcoin slots directly from her smartphone and watched TV with her husband late at night. When asked about where she plans to spend the winnings, she said that this is a great chance to pay for the house and car.

4th place – 4.2 million euros (123 BTC)

4th biggest jackpot

This jackpot was hit in the spring of 2020 when one of the lucky ones spun the reels in Empire Fortune on his laptop. Empire Fortune is a popular bitcoin slot developed by Yggdrasil in 2016 and is featured in many legal BTC casinos including one user who won over four million euros. The developers of the game said that they have paid out 39.5 million euros in winnings over the past five years, and it’s the large jackpots that attract players to these BTC slots.

3rd place – 7.7 million euros (224 BTC)

3th biggest jackpot

We raise the stakes and present one of the biggest progressive jackpots of last year, which belongs to the player in the popular Mega Moolah slot from the world-famous company Microgaming. It is obvious that having entered the bitcoin casino website, the winner didn’t expect that on that day he would become the owner of almost eight million euros. And to be precise – 7,784,425 and 63 cents. Microgaming was happy for their user and said that all their games have already brought people more than 1.1 billion euros. The Mega Moolah winner received their cash prize in one sum. It is important that the amount of this jackpot was exactly three million euros less than the winnings in the same bitcoin slot, which was taken by one of the players a month before.

2nd place – 10.7 million euros (313 BTC)

2th biggest jackpot

The same Mega Moolah slot, the same Microgaming company, but this time a slightly larger win, which was recorded just a month before the one we wrote about earlier. While playing at the bitcoin casino, the anonymous player received one of the largest lump sum payments, hitting the jackpot in a Mega Moolah slot. The exact eight-figure jackpot was €10,735,716 and 84 cents or 313 Bitcoins.

1st place – 14.2 million euros (413 BTC)

1th biggest jackpot

And the biggest known win in an online bitcoin casino for a recent time was the amount of 14,239,532 euros and 84 cents or 413 Bitcoins.

β€œSomewhere deep down, I probably believed in this dream all along, but when I won the Jackpot, I thought it was a joke. And only when I got a call from representatives of the online bitcoin casino, I realized that my life would suddenly change. Words cannot describe how happy I am. I think it will be some time before I understand how much money I won,” said the winner.


A few banal notations at the end. If you are ready to take risks and gamble, then have fun wisely, don’t look for trouble, and you may someday be lucky to win very serious money. But there is no need to build illusions, it’s foolish to hope so. It is better to just spend your leisure time comfortably in a reliable bitcoin casino and enjoy a reasonable BTC slot.

Frequently Asked Questions

They are usually classified into predetermined (fixed) and progressive. In the first case, a certain amount is at stake, in the second, it’s constantly growing.
Usually, the larger the jackpot amount, the harder it is to hit it. The chances of hitting a multi-million-dollar jackpot are slim. However, from time to time there are lucky ones who succeed.
No. You cannot improve your chances of winning the jackpot if you follow any kind of betting system.

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