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Any bitcoin casino might seem quite honest and decent at first glance. And only personal experience and the experiences of other players can determine what level a website supports. A large number of real reviews will allow you to better learn about the real state of affairs. But put your attention to that the keyword here is “real”. The advice itself “pay attention to the reviews” is rather banal. Anyone can give it, the question is how to implement it? In this article, we will try to deal with this issue.

bitcoin casino reviews

Beware of false bitcoin casino reviews

All bitcoin casino managers know that player reviews are a great way to learn in detail about the casino, this tool is abused by many. It’s a usual situation when promoters wind up positive comments for themselves, distorting reality. And at the same time, can create negative reviews about their competitors.

There is also a separate category of players who feel deceived. The logic behind their comets is that they have already invested some money but have not received any good payouts. Or perhaps for some reason, they made a deposit and it was not credited. Most often this happens due to the limitation of the minimum deposit amount. For example, if such an amount is $20 and you make a deposit of $10, you will simply lose your money. Here is an example of one such comment:

bitcoin casino reviews example

Such reviews about bitcoin casinos are usually useless. If you are still worried that such accusations may turn out to be true, just go to the website of the casino in question. First, check that it is licensed. And secondly, start some game and see where it loads from. If the players lose it doesn’t mean that the casino is bad. Let’s be honest, a very small number of gamblers win at bitcoin casinos on a regular basis. Therefore, relying on bitcoin casino USA reviews about a simple defeat or frequent wins isn’t worth it.

Ratings and reviews of unverified resources should be treated with the same caution. Some thematic websites may give false ratings. These ratings are made to make money at the bitcoin casinos that offer the most value for webmasters. They post positive reviews, and also allegedly positive reviews from real players. This creates the illusion of a great establishment, even though it could be operating without a license.

How to determine real bitcoin casino reviews?

Paid comments are often very convincing and it’s difficult to identify them. Usually, such reviews aren’t long and have very general information. They usually just tell you that everything is great, withdrawals are quick, games are fun, and everything is perfect. Real players may also be able to speak in this manner, but usually, they don’t.

False reviews also can be negative. As with fake “good reviews”, the position is expressed unilineal critically. “Casino is terrible” and it’s often not easy to understand why. Casino representatives might offer to help the player if they make such comments. If the player doesn’t return, this is a sign that the casino representative has become a figurehead.

Real players write about what excites them and influences their decision. These include conclusions, correspondence with support services, or bonuses description. They don’t say that everything is perfect, but they give more information about why. They often attach screenshots and text of correspondence that they receive from the support service. For example:

bitcoin casino reviews example 2

If we are talking about comments such as “this bitcoin casino has a beautifully designed website”, then the player has nothing more to say. And most likely that this is a fake review.

Answers from the bitcoin casino side

Pay attention to not only reviews but also the answers from casino representatives. Many players create scandals on the sites to win money that is the way that is restricted by the rules. They often make comments as complaints and not like real reviews.

Unlike paid comments where the author may not have visited the casino site, complaints are submitted by real players. But these players may also be fraudsters. They can create multiple accounts and abuse bonuses. Therefore, it’s very important to read the response to such complaints, to understand why this or that fine was imposed.

Frequently Asked Questions

By publishing a response about a particular gambling site, its visitors can pursue different goals. They can recommend a particular bitcoin casino in which they managed to get a win and withdraw money, or conversely, warn other players about scum websites. On the net, you will always find more negative reviews than positive ones. Admit that if you are not satisfied with something, it gives you much more motivation to write a review than when you are satisfied with something. The only exceptions are those people who do it for fun, who like to write reviews and discuss certain problems. Therefore, the place where you are most likely could find honest reviews is independent forums.
Truthful reviews must contain specifics and proofs. A detailed description of the problem, the process of its occurrence, and the time frame indicate the reality of the response left.

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