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White label casino

Have you ever wondered, why there are so many different online casinos appearing in the few last years? After all, the creation of a full-fledged gambling establishment requires a lot of money and time. It’s necessary to contact online game developers, set the payments, create personal accounts for players, support services, and much, much more. So where does the investment for all these projects come from, what is the secret?

White label online casino software is a ready-made business the purchase and management model of which is very similar to the franchise. This is a budget product, which at the same time has good functionality and is completely ready to launch. And at the same time, the providers of such software are ready to offer options for a unique design according to your wishes, as well as help you to create your own brand under your management.

Traditionally, the white label casino solution package includes:

  • Legal package of documents and gambling license;
  • A platform for online casinos with extensive administration options;
  • Game software (a package of licensed games for online casinos);
  • Integrated payment software (a set of payment systems and services, crypto includes);
  • Protected server;
  • Professional technical support services.

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White label casino affiliate

If you have scrolled through our article to this point, then you are really interested in this topic, so, let’s analyze this issue in more detail. The essence of the service that you are purchasing under the name “white label”, lies in the name itself, that is mean, you buy a product, on the tag of which you need to add the name (your brand).

In the case of online or bitcoin casinos, this is especially beneficial, since the costliest stages of spending are in organizational matters. For example, obtaining a license or connecting payment systems. That is, what the client will use ” extramural”. And for the most coveted part of any casino (games or bets), it makes no difference whether you’ll use white label casino solutions or contact game developers directly (more details below). Let’s imagine that you want to create and sell your own smartphones. I think it is quite obvious that for most people it won’t be matter how your device works. They wonder about the brand, design, product popularity, or price. That is why today see one product under different names it’s a usual practice.

So in fact, the casino white label is an affiliate model of promotion, which means that your site is a digital separate branch of the parent casino. It’s highly important to understand and comprehend before starting the purchase negotiations. You have to be aware that you’ll be promoting someone else product, albeit under your own name.

White label casino price

The price of the β€œWhite Label” package usually starts from 30 thousand dollars, and most likely you’ll have to pay in advance. It will b almost impossible to get the opportunity to pay in installments or after starting work. Moreover, if you want to receive a full package of services, the amount can grow up to 60 or 80 thousand dollars. The final price depends on your individual agreements with a particular provider.

White label casino affiliate program can bring you from 10 to 20 percent of income, but again it all depends on your agreements. For example, there are options of cooperation in which even the payment of winnings (prizes, bonuses) is assumed by the parent company. So everything depends on your professional skills.

In addition to the profit and purchase expenses, you should take into account the variable white label casino cost. Basically, you will have to invest in website promotion, as well as advertising your brand. Brand awareness is a necessary aspect since it is not enough just to lure players to your page, they have to make a deposit particularly in your casino. For this, you have to earn the trust. And what’s the easiest way to gain trust?
white label casino advertising

Is it worth playing at white label casinos?

If you are interested in the white label casino platform as a player, then the situation is ambiguous. As a rule, such casinos are silent about their affiliation with any other resources and try to convince potential customers that this is a completely new establishment with unique bonuses, promotions, and so on.

But let’s be honest: if a casino has to give away most of its revenue, will it be able to offer users a more enticing gaming experience? It a highly doubtful. Moreover, all of them are have a hard link with parent casinos, so they have Identical: games, support services, payment abilities, they have to follow certain requirements of the main resource, and all this significantly limits the possibilities of the white label casino administration. Besides, the problem solving may be difficult, because it will be necessary to sort it out through the new casino, and not directly with the manager of the parent resource.

On the other hand, the white label casino providers are very large and serious offices, for example as SoftSwiss or SoftGamings. That is means that all features named before as license, games, support service and etc. will be at the highest level. Admit it, it’s better to drive a Lincoln with a Ford badge than just a Ford. And since the white label casino software implies complete automation of the process for the owners, it’s possible that they will share the bonuses, more willingly, despite the lower profitability.

White label casino game development

Earlier we promised to tell in more about the peculiarities of casino games that are available under the white label. Well, the explanation will be short – there are no peculiarities πŸ™ƒ. The development of games and software for betting is a separate area of the gambling industry, and it is occupation by other organizations with which you’ll have to conclude a contract. For example:

And if you choose the white label option, you will get access to the same software developers but through a middleman (parent casino).
white label casino development
And there are two sides to this coin, on the one hand, there is a “middleman” between you and the game developer, which will negatively affect the price. On the other hand, because this “middleman” is big, it has access to special features and prices. I think each of us has experience buying something in a wholesale format and understands the advantage of this approach. So you don’t have to worry about white label casino game development, just try to get as many offers as possible and then choose the best. Quality will be the same, but the price could differ.

If we talk about white label casino app, then the situation is the same, but in 2022 the development of such an application is pointless, and there are several reasons why. First of all, the cost of a license for gambling applications is extremely high. Secondly, browser casinos are not much inferior to downloadable ones and in the future, this gap became even smaller. And thirdly, maintenance of such an application will cost significantly more than the classic online version. So the choice is yours, but we don’t recommend it.


A White label casino website is a quick way to open an online casino while avoiding all complicated technical, legal, and financial processes. This format of cooperation will be suitable for businessmen who want in the shortest possible time:

  • Create a new website;
  • Optimize the old resource without capital investments;
  • Switch to a more dependent, but at the same timeless costly, business model.

By delegating responsibilities to professional platform casino software, the owners and managers will save more time to develop the brand itself, instead of the long-term setting of basic casino infrastructure.

Based on the material described above, we can also distinguish the main advantages and disadvantages of choosing casino white label solutions. They are the following:


  • Assistance in obtaining a license. The final gambling product is provided with the option of purchasing an international developer license and avoids the necessity to pass additional verification in separately regulated gambling markets.;
  • Reel Power special function;
  • Ready-integrated payment systems. The package includes popular forms and payment options with a wide selection of currencies. Also, it includes risk management, fraud detection, and prevention;
  • Technical and client support. Comprehensive support in several languages, which has all the necessary information base from the developer and can respond to requests from players is a high-efficiency tool;

  • Low profitability. This is the main disadvantage of this form of business. You’ll have to give away most of your profits, which can negate all efforts to multiply capital;
  • Addiction. You’ll completely obey the parent casino and in many controversial situations simply follow their instructions. It will be necessary to look for compromise on the management decisions of your own casino. And this may not be very pleasant.

Frequently Asked Questions about White Label casinos

These are online casinos owned by one company, but working on the platform of another developer and giving him a part of the profit for this.
Yes, they are quite common in online and crypto gambling. This happens because white label casinos solve the main problem of the gambling market. For a more detailed explanation, please read the article.
There are many gambling sites that operate in such way, and this speaks of the usability and profitability of such a decision. Unfortunately, we cannot say anything specific due to the IP restrictions, but you can write to several companies providing this service and receive an offer from them. Besides this is a good way to learn from the professionals, with the further possibility of creating your own product.
No, it’s not. This is tantamount to someone giving you a bitcoin casino with annual free support. Give at least one reason why someone decides to do this.

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