September 10, 2023 | Updated on: October 31, 2023

JDB gaming

JDB gaming

JDBgaming is trusted gambling software provider with over 89 games. This company is special because it brings Asian culture into its slots. In card games, I watched virtual dealers that looked like characters from anime series, and the slots have a lot of cool 3D animation.

The JDB’s motto is:“Just Do the Best“.

I want to emphasize that JDBgaming have been developing casino games for more than 8 years and, unlike many other providers, they don’t stop only at the production of slots, but also create Arcade, Bingo, Card games and Fish Shooting. This experience allows them to create a truly high quality and competitive product in the iGaming niche.
In addition to all of the above, JDBgaming has round-the-clock support for their games, and the simplest API integration is available for casino brands. One of the biggest strengths of JDB is Big Data Analysis which allows them to perfectly understand the behavior of the players and satisfy all their expectations. This company already provides its partners with advice on Risk Management.

JDBgaming software developer short characteristic
Characteristics JDBgaming stats
🗓 Year of foundation: 2015
⚙️ Developed games: ~89
🎲 Types of games: Slot / Fishing / Arcade / Card play / Lottery / Live Casino
₿ Games with bitcoin: All of them

Best selection of JDB casino slot games by Edward

In this article, I decided to test for you one slot machine from each gaming category, since this will most colorfully describe the versatility of JDB gaming.

  1. King of Football

    King of Football is an arcade game with extremely low volatility level and x888 maximum win chance. The plot of the game is built on the basis of a football game in penalties with additional fantastic elements. You will be able to choose the bet size (from 0.1 to 200), the foot of which you want to shoot a free kick (right & left), balls of different colors and with different multipliers (white x2, red x3, gold x5) and Fever bar (accumulative scale impact force). As goalkeepers – robots with different levels and sizes. From each reflected blow, the robot takes damage and begins to spark. When you destroy the first robot, you get a x100 bonus from the decisive blow + up to 30 free hits, and a more powerful red robot with a large supply of lives becomes in place of the yellow low-level robot.

    king of football slot

    From each goal scored, you get a bonus provided by the ball multiplier. From each blow reflected by the robot, you don’t earn anything, but simply lose the amount of your bet.
    In my opinion, this gambling game is an excellent time killer.

  2. Dragon Master

    I hope everyone remembers the childhood game 🐔 Moorhuhn, it was once a real bestseller. So now you have the opportunity to play the unforgettable game Dragon Master in which you will also need to shoot at moving objects (namely dinosaurs, fish and dragons) and receive winnings for well-aimed hits.
    There are 4 types of weapons in the game:

    • Regular auto rocket shooting (good for mass destruction of targets),
    • Machine gun AIM shooting (good for bosses),
    • Boomerang shots (for x6 bet),
    • Explosive TNT shots (for x15 bet).

    dragon master slot

    The base rate for 1 shot is from 0.1 to 1 dollar.
    The game also has multiplayer and up to 4 players can connect to one battlefield. This is good for hunting “Dragon Bosses”, since together you can inflict more damage on them, but bad for hunting for small dragons, since the winner will be the one who hits such an object with the last shot.
    The game is really very dynamic and addictive. Personally, I rate it 5 out of 5.

  3. Gold Rooster Lottery

    A great single-player Bingo game where you have 4 betting fields. The peculiarity of this slot is the presence of a special bonus game in which you have to choose one of 4 golden eggs, each of which has a hidden multiplier (x2, x4, x6, x8). Acceptable sizes of base rates are 0.8, 0.4, 0.16, 0.08.

    gold rooster lottery slot

  4. Tongits Fight

    Here, a great idea was implemented to transform the classic card game into a combat confrontation. In the background you will have a boxing ring, and a fairy-tale character will announce the beginning of each round of the fight and announce the winner. The player’s task will be to collect a strong hand of 3 cards in order to defeat two of his opponents.

    tongits fight card game

  5. Ninja X

    5 lines slot with High Volatility. An excellent implementation of a Japanese-themed 3×3 slot machine. Among the symbols you can see Japanese hieroglyphs, multi-colored spheres (Five Elements of fire, water, earth, wind and metal), shurikens (for the bonus game) and wild icons.
    When the bonus game starts, 1 of the columns is completely covered with the image of a 🥷 Ninja, which complements any of the dropped groups of symbols. Most often, you get 5 free spins in the bonus game.

    ninja x slot


I definitely recommend my readers to try playing slots from JDBgaming to truly appreciate the quality of their product. Especially in 🐠 Fish Shooting!

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