Ethereum blackjack
For non-experienced player would seem that Ethereum blackjack is a classic blackjack with bets in ETH, but is wrong. Ethereum online casinos, you can stumble upon a wide variety of variations of the rules of this famous game. If you want to know about the varieties of Ethereum blackjack, read this review to the end. This popular card game is always in demand among crypto casino gamers, so each of them tries to find unusual types of blackjack in order to diversify their leisure time. This post will help you make the choice.

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We will talk in detail about the types of Ethereum blackjack here, and now let’s take a look at the game in general.

From 18 centuries to Ethereum blackjack

blackjack ethereum

The game is believed to have originated from a Spanish card game called Ventiuna, which translates to “twenty-one”. It was first mentioned at the beginning of the 18th century, the main difference from Blackjack was that it did not use cards in denominations 8, 9, 10. From Spain, the game got to France and only then to North America, however, it was not an easy path.

Not all players liked a new game from the old world. And casino managers had to put in a lot of effort to popularize the game. This is most likely why, over time, so many subspecies of the Ethereum blackjack have appeared. However, their efforts bore fruit: over time, the game became so popular that it took one of the first places in the list of favorite card games of millions of people. For almost three centuries this game has remained practically unchanged, and only in the 21st century, a serious transformation awaited it. The first was associated with the popularization of the Internet and the transition to online, the second one with the popularization of cryptocurrency, and as a result, we got online ethereum blackjack.

The terminology of the blackjack ethereum

Anyone who wants to learn how to play blackjack ethereum should know the terminology of this game. We give you as an example the most common terms:

  • hand – the layout of cards owned by the player or the dealer.
  • shuffle – a full circle of the game, or, in other words, the period of time from the shuffling of cards to the release of the split card;
  • tracking – the player’s observation of the location of the cards, which will definitely be useful to him during the next shuffle;
  • insurance – a bet on the dealer’s possible Blackjack combination, it is possible if the dealer’s first card is an ace;
  • shoe (dispensing shoe) – a special device from where the dealer deals cards one by one. In an online game, this can be seen if you play live blackjack ethereum.

Ethereum blackjack rules

The blackjack Ethereum game is quite simple: the player has to score twenty-one points. More precisely, 21 is an ideal option (which called a blackjack), it is advisable to collect the number of points as close as possible to this number. The main thing is not to overdo it in the heat of passion, since a player who scored 22 points or more automatically loses. It is important to know that several players may be present at the same table (even if it is an online game), but the game is always played against the dealer.

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After a set of cards, they are comparing with the dealer’s cards. The situation is considered to be a winning one when the player’s points exceed the dealer’s points, and the sum of points is less than or equal to 21. That is. The win is possible if the player scores 20, 19, etc. Even 13 points could be a winning combination, the main thing is that the dealer has fewer points than the player or more than 21. If the dealer and the player gain the same number of points, no one is awarded the victory.

This summary of the rules, (these are not all the rules that work in the game) combine all types of blackjack, from the usual board game to ethereum casino blackjack. As for the special rules, we will analyze them together with all types of this game.

Varieties of Blackjack Ethereum

I am at a loss to say how many types of this gambling exist today. I suggest dwelling on the most famous ones that can be present in a casino. Of course, in fairness, it should be noted that most often players have fun in the classic version. But even classic blackjack has two varieties – European and American.

Differences between American and European blackjack

Very often, the rules of gambling among Europeans and Americans are adjusted at their own discretion, blackjack also did not escape this fate. For example, the American version uses some terms from baseball. If you are the player sitting to the left of the dealer, then your seat will be called first base, and the one sitting on the right is called the third base.

European Ethereum Blackjack

Spain is considered the country of origin of blackjack. So, blackjack began its journey namely in Europe. Many great people in history have been known for their addiction to this game. For example, Napoleon was not only an outstanding military leader but also an excellent card player. During his exile, he filled evenings with blackjack, leaving his rivals with empty pockets.

Differences of European blackjack Ethereum

First, the dealer deals the first card face up, even before the player makes a decision on his dropped hand. He takes the second card for himself only when the players finish the set of cards.

If you decide to give up, you can get half your bet back. A Double Down bet is possible if the player already has 9 points in total. But if the dealer has “soft 17” in his hands (a hand with an ace and a total of 17 points), then he must take another card for himself.

If you don’t know what a soft hand is and generally don’t really understand all of the above, you should familiarize yourself with the basics of blackjack as well as with the basic strategy of the game, you can do this here.

American Blackjack

American ethereum blackjack also has several variants of the game. But for playing online, this does not really matter. They differ in the number of playing decks and the dealer’s actions with “soft 17”.

Differences of American Ethereum Blackjack

The dealer deals himself two cards immediately after the start of the game: one face up and the other face down.

The player has the opportunity to surrender at any time during the game. Double Down can be done independently of the cards in hand. With the combination “soft 17” the dealer does not take a card for himself.

I think you noticed that fans of the American game have much more room for maneuver. What about other types of blackjack?

blackjack online ethereum


Among the main differences from the classic ethereum Blackjack are the following:

  • the dealer deals two cards to himself and to the player face up;
  • Blackjack on the player’s hands, received after the first distribution, is paid 1: 1 (in the classic version – 3: 2);
  • insurance rates are prohibited;
  • an equal number of points between the dealer and the player gives an advantage to the first one, and he is considered the winner;
  • split is allowed only once per round.

The rest of the differences are not significant, so I will not describe them.


In this type of Blackjack, there are no tens in the deck, and if there are 21 points in the hands of the dealer and the player, it gives an advantage to the latter, who is considered to be the winner. If you win with seven cards in hand, you win in a 3: 1 ratio.


In this variant, the gamer immediately plays on two hands, while the last cards on different hands can be exchanged with each other. When the dealer scores two 22 points, he is not considered a loser. The game involves 312 cards (six decks of 52 pieces each). For Ethereum blackjack, the number of decks is not important, but keep in mind that the same cards can fall out in one deal.


During the game, only two decks are used, and the dealer can change. Ace can have a different number of points, and this does not depend on the player’s desire but on the number of cards that the player has in his hands (for example, if he has more than 4 cards, then the ace is estimated at only one point).


Bets are placed throughout the entire round. You can bet on the dealer’s loss. With a large number of cards in hand, the player receives a very large payout in case of a win (with 8 cards – 250 to 1).


This version has the most significant differences from all the others. Firstly, the dealer can be one of the players (in turn). Secondly, there are jokers in the deck (the cost of such a card is 2 or 12 points), and to win, you need to score not 21 points, but 22.


Almost ideal for those who like to count cards, since this type of game uses only one deck. This is probably the reason why it is very difficult to find a table in a casino with this type of popular entertainment, but if you really try …

With bonus

This option is very similar to the classic one. The game involves two decks. Before the deal, the generic player can make an additional bet on whether Blackjack will be in the first two received cards. The payout in this type of ETH Blackjack can be 25: 1 to the bet.

Well, I hope I made clear the situation about the variety of ethereum blackjack, and if you already have chosen your favorite, there is no need to waste time, choose a casino from our list, and let’s go!

Advantages and disadvantages of the Ethereum BlackJack


  • You can play wherever you like using your computer, pad or phone;
  • Deposit and withdrawal fees are cheap (cheaper even if compare with bitcoin);
  • Ability to play for free in demo mode;
  • Good offer of bonuses.

  • Not so many casinos that accept Ethereum;
  • High Ethereum volatility, your winnings may be depreciated due to changes in exchange rates.

The best online casinos with Ethereum blackjack game

TOP-5 online casinos with Ethereum blackjack
Online casinos with Ethereum blackjack Classic (table) ETH blackjack Live ETH Blackjack Ethereum blackjack software developers
53 3 Bgaming, Booming Games, Betsoft Gaming
27 15 BetsoftGames, Mascot, Bgaming, Evolution Gaming, Play N Go, Isoftbet, Habanero, Evoplay, MicroGaming
10 1 Stake originals, Evolution Gaming, Play N Go, BestSoft, Bgaming
10 Absent Evolution Gaming, Relax
5 Absent Bgaming, BestSoft

Frequently Asked Questions about Ethereum blackjack

It depends on the rules and the casino, therefore it is impossible to unequivocally answer this question. But what I can assert 100% is Ethereum Blackjack as a Ethereum poker is a game of skill – the victory depends on the player and not on the case. But it is possible to achieve a result only by adhering to the correct strategy.
Tipping is part of casino etiquette and doesn’t matter is it a land-based casino or an online Ethereum casino. They are optional, but of course welcome. The amount depends on your bets. It is considered good practice to leave a tip after 20-30 played rounds. If the game is over for you quickly, you lose, then their size may be small. In case of big wins at Ethereum blackjack, a little more should be left.
According to the basic strategy, it is worth giving up periodically, but not always. If you are counting cards and know which cards are left in the deck, you will always know what you should do.

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