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For a beginner in any game, the first difficulty is the specific terms that he/she will encounter as the game progresses. Knowing such terms will simplify the game process and accelerate the growth of gaming skills. The alphabetical list below includes bitcoin slot game terms and their alternative slang versions.

Personal Account – is a type of profile that allows you to store personal information about yourself as a player on a particular bitcoin casino site. You can save your personal data there for depositing and withdrawing money also as view your balance and available bonuses or change your nickname and photo. At some personal accounts are available the game statistics.

Bankroll – This is the amount of money that the player allocated to himself for the game. Most often this term is used in Bitcoin poker, but recently it has also been used in different slot games.

Bet – the amount of money in play that the player wagers slots glossary

Bet one – step-by-step increase bet rate, starting from the minimum amount.

High roller – there is no clear definition of the term. At first, this was called gamblers who make large bets, but with time the name turned out to be more all-inclusive.

There is no particular sum, by spending which the player naturally gains this status. Usually, a High roller is a rich player who has the assets for huge bets and he isn’t reluctant to lose this cash. The casinos give VIP status to the people who routinely bet noteworthy sums and keep on doing as such no matter what the result is. The high roller does not chase fabulous prizes but enjoys the very process of playing for big money.

Low roller – players whose betting strategy is opposite to high rollers. Such a game strategy doesn’t mean that the gambler has no money, perhaps the player simply doesn’t like to take risks or enjoys the game itself. However, there is also such a type of low rollers that bet with small amounts simply because this is the limit of their capabilities and playing this way is a very bad decision. Never play at the limits of your financial possibilities. Bitcoin casino games, especial slots are the entertainment’s not a way to make money.

Wild – substitute other symbols or sectors of the reel to obtain a winning combination. There are several types of wild symbols:

Expanding Wild – this is a group of wild symbols arranged in one column.

Extra Wild – the additional wild symbol that appears in place of any other symbol.

Random Wild – from the name you can see that this is a random appearance of wild symbols.

Stacked Wild – wild characters that appear in a group, but not in line.

Sticky Wild (another name – sticky reel) – this is a type of wild symbol that can be found in the bonus game when the fallen wild symbols remain on the field for the next spins. Usually, you can win a lot in such rounds.

Bonus rounds – in a certain number and sequence, additional bonus games are activated, for example, mini-tournaments, multiplier games, rounds for guessing cards, symbols, etc.

Bonus hunters – players whose goal is to play bitcoin slots by using bonuses, and this goal for them, is above the game itself. For such gamblers, the game is about searching for bonuses and trying to find the best bonuses of all possible.

Wager – this is the smallest number of bets that the gambler must make in order to be able to withdraw the bonus money. As a rule, this restriction is attributed only to bonuses. The amount prescribed in the terms and conditions of a particular casino site for a particular bonus.

Jackpot the biggest prize in bitcoin slot machines. In a BTC casino, you can win two types of jackpot: fixed and progressive.

bitcoin slots dictionaryJackpots in usual meaning is a fixed sum that doesn’t change during the game, it doesn’t change upon clients and how much wagers. To get this main prize, you have to execute the necessary conditions: get a combination of the same symbols on the line, make the base bet, keep the guidelines of the prize round.

The principle of the progressive jackpot is based on the fact that a certain percentage of each bet goes to the prize fund. If the player fails and doesn’t get a winning combination, the amount of the prize will increase. The current size of the jackpot should be visible on exceptional counters (jackpot meter), soft developers made in the form of large LED displays with bight elements. The sum can be shown in dollars, Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other currencies.

Dispersion (from Latin dispersio) – is a mathematical deviation of the theoretical percentage of the return to player (RTP) of the slot machine from the indicator declared by the developers.

Volatility (or RTP) – tells players how risky the slot is. There are slots with low, medium, and high dispersion. As a rule, this indicator is a sign in the form of percentages and shows the rate of return on the amount of the bet. For example, a slot with volatility (or RTP) of 70%, will give you back $7 for every $10 bet. However, this indicator shows an average outcome, and for a particular spin, the result may differ slightly.

Spin – launching a new round in bitcoin slots.

Scatter – form winning combinations in any position on the screen. When 3 or more of these symbols appear, could be launched free spins.

Free spins – a bonus in form of free games in slots. Issued as a no deposit bonus and as a bonus for replenishing an account. In both cases, the slots on which free spins can be used are limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 5 of them in total: Expanding Wild, Extra Wild, Random Wild, Stacked Wild, Sticky Wild.
In general no, you can play bitcoin slots without any knowledge. But with a more clear understanding of the game, it will be more pleasant to play and more chances to get the win.

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