Bitcoin bingo

For those who want to test their intelligence, we present the Bitcoin Bingo. This game is exciting and will be useful for training the brain. The essence of the game is simple, on your screen, you will see the numbers that are on the playing field in the cells. Above them, a special scale will be visible, which gradually fill with balls with numbers. Then you’ll have to select certain numbers on the playing field. If you guessed right and a ball with exactly the same number appears, then you’ll got points. If you are wrong, then you will have a few more attempts to guess.

The goal of the Bingo game is to collect your numbers among those shown at the top of the playing field for you in the game and mark a straight BINGO line horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. So, first, you get a card with 5 × 5 tables of 24 numbers. The letters B, I, N, G, O correspond to five verticals. Each of the verticals will contain a set of five different numbers. Only the central cell of column “N” will be empty, so it will be immediately covered with a label. If the game gives you balls with numbers and the corresponding letter, you immediately look at the cells if there is such a number, if so then click on it. When a straight line of numbers is filled then press “Bingo” and take your points. If you select several cards, then to win you will need to create straight lines in each card in turn. As soon as you collect a large number of coins, you can switch to other options for the difficulty of the game. Open a new world of possibilities with the game “Bingo” and launch your brain to the robot!

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Varieties of bitcoin bingo

Like other classic gambling games, bingo existing in many varieties. The most popular of them are:

American bitcoin bingo or bingo for 75 balls. In this variation, 75 balls take part, and the drawn numbers are marked on 5×5 square cards with twenty-four non-repeating numbers. This version is not limited to the linear structure of paid combinations. Winnings are possible when you fill in the cells on the ticket that make up a certain geometric figure. Above each of the columns there can be letters B, I, N, G, and O, which also appear on the balls along with the numbers.

British version or bingo for 90 balls. Like in the case with Lotto, this variation played with 90 balls and 3×9 tickets with fifteen numbers. Traditionally, the game includes three stages: the first winner fills in one line, the second winner – three, the main winner fills in the entire coupon. The prize fund in the British version is distributed as follows: 15% for one row, 30% for two, 55% for the entire filled ticket.
Bingo Bitcoin

Bitcoin advantages for Bingo players

Besides the different types of Bingo, you also have different deposit options, you can make payments in both fiat currency and cryptocurrency. But particularly online bingo Bitcoin has become more and more popular lately. This happens for a number of reasons that make them more user-friendly and reliable compared to fiat gambling sites. In particular, most bitcoin casinos have zero transaction fees, while traditional fiat casinos have limits and fees.

Bitcoin also makes it possible to withdraw funds anywhere in the world. Thanks to the anonymity of transactions, even residents of countries where gambling is prohibited can do this. Plus, it is not necessary to provide personal data and go through several rounds of verification (but, if you wish, you can do this).

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Features of bitcoin bingo

Many versions of digital bingo use a lottery drum animation, from which numbered balls fall out. The player can have either one or several cards. A bet is placed on each ticket within the allowed range. The dropped numbers are marked in them automatically. The number of cards can be fixed and adjustable.

Online bitcoin bingo hall can differ from each other in the following ways:

  • The number of balls;
  • The number of available cards;
  • The number of numbers on the ticket;
  • Availability of a jackpot and bonuses.

During the game, users can adjust various parameters. Most often, this is the number of active cards and the size of the bet. In some versions, there are balls with additional functions. For example, the ball-wild, which allows you to cross out any number on the card, its’s work as the wild symbol in bitcoin slots.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin bingo


  • Easy rules;
  • Trains thinking and ingenuity;
  • You can play anonymously and online;

  • Not all bitcoin bingo has a demo mode, which means the game will be paid;
  • Bitcoin law restriction.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin bingo

Got to the online version: American bitcoin bingo or bingo for 75 balls and British version or bingo for 90 balls. The most common is the American version.
The whole list depends on the casino bat all most popular crypto available in any of them, for example, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, etc.
Usually it’s less than one day. Rating online bitcoin casinos with instant withdrawal.
In general, yes, this is the same thing, but the concept of online crypto bingo is more extensive. The prefix crypto instead of bitcoin means that you can play using any cryptocurrency, not just BTC.

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