Bitcoin Bridge Game

No one is born a professional card player, but anyone can become one. Especially it works when it comes to playing games with simple rules like bitcoin bridge. Test your luck and show off your skills, what could be more attractive for true gamblers? After all, only the intrigue of how the game will turn out can boil the blood and give an unforgettable experience, and doesn’t matter what this game it’s! By the way, free bitcoin bridge is the only card game included in the list of Olympic sports. The classic bridge game is called ” Rubber”, the second type of this game – sports – is designed specifically for competitions in such a way as to minimize the influence of chance on the result.

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How to play bridge with Bitcoin

The bitcoin online bridge imitates a real game for four players. Doubles competition: you and the player opposite are opposed to a team of 2 opponents. First, the deck is dealt without a trace, 13 cards per hand. After the distribution, the participants “trade” in turn putting cards on the line. The player with the highest bid determines the trump suit (or no-trump play). Next, a contract is assigned: how many bribes, together with a partner (seven or more), each pair undertakes to collect. You can declare “pass” or “assign” goals. An important point is that the subsequent appointment necessarily exceeds the previous one either in level or in the suit.

The online bitcoin bridge traditionally takes into account the seniority of the suits from the lower ones: cross ♣ and diamonds ♦, to the highest ones: hearts ♥ and spade ♠. So with the first choice of the application in 2 ♦, the appointment of 2 ♥, 2 ♠, as well as all assignments of level 3 and above, is possible. At the same time, the number N next to the suit means the obligation to take N + 6 tricks with the declared trump card. Countering orders in the Bridge bitcoin means an obligation not to allow opponents to fulfill the declared assignment in terms of the number of tricks. At the bitcoin bridge game stage, each of the four players, in turn, places a card on the table, forming a “bribe”. It is not necessary to hit with a trump card. The result of the drawing is determined by the number of tricks for each pair.
free bitcoin bridge game
Not fully figured out how to play? Well, let’s analyze the gameplay in more detail and with real examples.

Detailed rules for playing bitcoin Bridge game

The structure of the card game is divided into several stages:

  1. The dealer deals with a deck of 52 cards without a remainder. The cards received in hand must first be arranged by suit and seniority. The “cards with picture” are the first in the row (ace, king, queen – up to ten), and the “numerical” close it (from nine to two). The secret of a winning strategy is to get cards of the same suit and high denomination. If you have such a hand, you can count on winning.

  2. Trading begins. It’s this feature that has made the card game so popular. Bargaining in the Bridge means telling partners what you have on hand. For example, you announce that a three of spades has come up with aces and kings. In the same way, all participants in the process exchange information. And if your application, announced according to certain rules, is the best, you can compete with your opponent for the right to play the contract.

    By declaring the number and suit, for example, two hearts, you determine the level of the game and the trump card. In this example, the number 2 means that both partners will take 8-13 tricks. And hearts are a trump card. In free bitcoin bridge, the first who announced cards, as well as subsequent moves, are decided by the artificial intelligence of the game.

    Pairs can trade for a long time (at the same time, you can skip this process by clicking on the “pass” button). Until one of them calls the maximum number. The winner has the right to nominate a trump card (suit) and become the playmaker, and his partner is given the role of a “Dummy”. And the opponents are whistlers. Then the most interesting begins. And before you start playing, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the best crypto casinos that offer free Bitcoin bridge game for playing.

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  1. The first trick is played. The winner, who has nominated the trump suit, opens the draw. At the first move player “attacks” with an open card. Next, the blockhead comes into play. He shows his entire alignment, spreading out by suit. As soon as he/she does this, his/her mission is completed, and the decision-making power passes to his comrade – the point guard. Dummy has no way to influence the outcome of the game but can prevent the declarer’s mistake, for example, if he broke the rules. The declarer himself walks in the suit as long as there is an opportunity.

  2. Other applications are being played. The “attack” always comes first. Next, the declarer enters the game, his task is to go with the dummy card. The next move is for the whistler under number 2, and the last one is for the declarer, who has already put a card from his deck on the table. The trick is won by the one who threw a strong card. The winner takes all 4 cards.

  3. The surrender ends. Trick number 13 is played last, and scoring begins. The partners who win the trade must fulfill the contract. If they didn’t do this, the opponents – the whistlers – are declared the winners.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Bitcoin bridge is a game of skill. Even unlike poker, in BTC bridge, you don’t need to give your partner hidden signals: players share quite “legal” information;
  • In Bridge bitcoin is played by 2 of the 10 richest people in the world – Bill Gates and Warren Buffett;
  • Bridge bitcoin is a game in which the computer hasn’t yet been able to defeat a person.

Learn the terminology. The BTC bridge uses a very specific language. At first, it will probably be easier for you not to delve deeply into it and speak as it is convenient. But if you want to move on, then you have to master it. Spend some time and energy learning the game jargon. You’ll not have to regret it, because very soon the “investment” will pay off handsomely.
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