January 22, 2021 | Updated on: January 2, 2023
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Gone those days when crypto was a curiosity, today everyone knows about the digital currency, and the popularity of virtual coins has reached the gambling industry too. Hundreds of new crypto casinos have opened for players. Initially, these were ordinary casinos that simply transferred cryptocurrency into dollars, which was absolutely not profitable for the players, since they lost a percentage from each depositing or withdrawing. Plus, they were deprived of all the benefits of cryptocurrency. But over time, there are different new types of gambling sites that accept crypto are arose, and now players have a lot of options to find the best online crypto casino. But a lot of options mean a lot of time for searching. So our team, like experience gamblers, decide to help other players with searching. Now you have to choose just between two options. You can read the text below and get the instruction on how to find the best crypto casino fast or you can use our list and go straight to the game.
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10 1.5 BTC + 250 FS 96% rating Play Now
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12 300 Free Spins 100% rating Play Now
13 100% Match Bonus up to $700 94% rating Play Now
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15 100% up to 1 Bitcoin on 1st deposit 100% rating Play Now
16 GET 110% BONUS UP TO 1 BTC 94% rating Play Now
17 up to 20% Weekly Cashback 92% rating Play Now
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21 100% First Deposit Bonus and 10% CashBack 96% rating Play Now
22 100% Welcome Pack Up to 1,000 mBTC 94% rating Play Now
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24 100% + 30 FS up to 0.2 BTC 86% rating Play Now
25 125% Up To 0.03 BTC + 100 FS 90% rating Play Now
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27 130% Deposit Bonus + 300 FS 98% rating Play Now
28 0,014 BTC 1st deposit bonus 96% rating Play Now
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30 250 FS on 1st dep with NO Wager 92% rating Play Now
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34 100% up to 0,008 BTC + 20 FS 84% rating Play Now
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40 400% up to $4000 in BTC 92% rating Play Now
41 Faucet bonus (10 Satoshi) 96% rating Play Now
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Cryptocurrency and casino, briefly about the main

The main advantage of any cryptocurrency for gambling is the absence of centralized management. No one in the whole world has the leverage to artificially set the rate of a virtual currency. In addition, financial transactions with crypto cannot be linked to the owner’s name. That guarantees the complete anonymity of transactions.

The advent of digital currency has revolutionized the gambling industry. Accessibility, freedom, and anonymity have taken to a whole new level. Blockchain technology fits perfectly into the best cryptocurrency gambling sites concept. Anxiety about third-party interference in financial matters automatically disappeared. Now only two are participating in the game: the player and the online casino with crypto.

How the new type of casino crypto coins appeared?

Of course, there were enthusiasts who opened a new bitcoin casino at the dawn of blockchain technology. However, the real transition of virtual establishments to the new currency began with the growth of its popularity. Important changes took place in 2013. The new financial crisis caught many large money holders by surprise. Bitcoin turned out to be an excellent alternative to traditional investments, which became non-stable during the crisis and questioned the reliability of banking institutions.

While the real world was debating the power of digital currencies, owners were looking for a way how to use them. Bitcoin has proven to be an excellent gambling cryptocurrency coins and over time, casinos appeared that began to accept not only bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies. The traffic of online sites that accepted bets in Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins, Doge Coins, Ripple, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, and other digital currencies grew rapidly.

money to cryptocasinoWhy cryptocurrency gambling websites become more popular?

For casino owners, cryptocurrency is a whole mountain of gifts. First, using any fiat currency is difficult to do, and there are several reasons:

  • Difficulties with currency exchange: buying dollars, for example, for yuan will always be disadvantageous for the player.
  • Difficulty attracting clients: It is not easy to find clients from Africa when the euro is offered as the game currency.
  • Difficulty with freezing accounts or blocking transfers by the government of some country.

Cryptocurrency gambling coins solves all these problems at once.  Secondly, it becomes possible to scale infinitely, that is, to attract customers from other countries, continents.

Thirdly, the activity of any casino is always a continuous struggle against bans. In addition to the mentioned bans on transactions, it will also be necessary to obtain permission to open bank accounts to accept bets, and this is not easy to implement in every country. Plus, it’s not free, which means the casino will have additional costs.

Fourthly, if you gambling with cryptocurrency your bet 0.01 Bitcoin or even less instead of the amount of 10 or 100 dollars. Seeing numbers with a large count of zeros after the separator before his eyes, the player relaxes and begins to think that his/her bet less than it really is. And this is the psychological way to force gamblers to play.

Another fundamental property of cryptocurrencies is the impossibility of canceling a completed transaction. For whom this is beneficial is a moot point, because both, casinos and players continually trying to deceive each other. Some crypto casino online deliberately makes a high threshold of the minimum deposit and inattentive players who make a payment below this threshold simply lose their money. On another side, a lot of players try to find a crypto casino no deposit bonus and instant withdraw it thus taking away awards from honest players. But the fact remains: if one of the parties made a transaction in favor of the other, then no tricks will help to get their coin back.

So, opening a crypto online casino turns out to be more profitable than any other gambling site, since the level of costs is much lower. And like a result, most casinos starting to work with crypto, and are trying, by all means, to entice players to play on cryptocurrency. But, as you can see, for players it’s not always good. So let’s figure out the pros and cons of online gambling with cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency gambling advantages

First of all, it should be noted that some gambling clubs specialize in one or more cryptocurrencies. However, they all have the qualities of a crypto casino. Of the advantages of playing in clubs of the new generation, it should be noted:

😁 Easy way to deposit. Before you start playing in a traditional online casino, you need to replenish your deposit using one of the payment systems. The administration establishes a list of available services and regulates the player’s access to his account. With gambling crypto coin everything is much easier. You just have to link your digital wallet with your casino account, and then you ready for fast and safe payouts;

⏱ Instant withdrawals. Centralized payment systems are equal to cryptocurrencies in terms of transaction speed. Perceptible differences begin during the withdrawal of their own funds. Delays in payment services can take five business days. Bitcoin casino players receive their winnings instantly or within an hour;

🗺 Transboundary. Cryptocurrencies have finally become the way that allows you not to pay attention to any state borders and calmly interact with any organization in any country in the world, including – the best crypto gambling sites. At the same time, unlike an international bank transfer, there is no risk of “freezing” of the transaction, as well as the fact that you will have to explain your motives to government agencies or bank employees;

😎 Independents. Crypto gamble company do not depend on third-party systems. The user personally owns the coins and is free to carry out transactions at his own decision. This procedure eliminates delays or problems with withdrawal of funds;

🤐 Anonymity. The free crypto casino supports the principle of anonymity, which is the basis for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin wallet does not require verification, identity confirmation, unlike a credit card or account in a payment system. For many players, anonymity is a decisive factor when choosing online entertainment.

crypto gambling websitesCryptocurrency gambling disadvantages

Despite the fact that a deposit in cryptocurrency has a number of advantages, it also has a number of disadvantages:

📈 Volatility. If there is one thing that cryptocurrencies are famous for, it is their volatility. This means that their value can fluctuate significantly within a few minutes. This can work in your favor, the same, as against you. For example, if you play in Ripple casino, and XRP will be the growth you will benefit and make money on course changes. But if the ripple rate drops sharply, you will lose some of the money.

🚫 No Cancellation / Refund payments.  Once the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, the funds will no longer be in your wallet, and if you have any problems with the crypto gambling sites, you will not be able to cancel or revoke the payment like with a credit card. Therefore, it is very important to stick to reliable and reputable online casino sites.

⛔ No going back. Since no one owns the blockchain, if you have a problem, it can be tough to get help with any crypto transaction-related issues. While a Bitcoin casino or even a wallet provider may offer you some help, blockchain is entirely out of their hands. Also, if you lost a password from your crypto wallet, it cannot be tracked or restore and the are no chances of getting your funds back. Please note that using a good crypto wallet and securing it properly is vital to your security and do not lose the password from it.

How to find the best online crypto casino

This is the question that players are most concerned about. After all, if the casino is unlucky, then the concept of “winning” simply does not exist: the roulette wheel will always spin “against the player”, or the received winnings cannot be withdrawn or some other things that avoid gambler to win. So how can you not get caught by scammers, how to choose the right online casino. Unfortunately, there is no universal instruction. However, if we talk about the main features that you need to pay attention to, when choosing a crypto casino, experts advise looking at the following:

  • Legality. If a company is officially open in a country where it is allowed, then it can already be trusted.
  • Regulator reputation. The most popular of the regulators are Maltese and British. If the chosen establishment is in their jurisdiction, the risk is significantly reduced.
  • High quality of support. Any good online service, not only a casino, has a good support service that will help you in any situation 24/7.
  • Software developers. While choosing a crypto casino to play, pay attention to the game developers who use this online casino. If these manufacturers are reliable as Microgaming, Playtech, or Netent – it is a good sign.
  • The reputation of the casino itself. To get acquainted with it, it is enough to read customer reviews on third-party resources. The most critical moment is the absence of problems with the withdrawal of funds.

To make your search easier, we have created a list of top crypto gambling sites, you can start there. Also when looking for a cryptocurrency casino, you should look from the very beginning for those options that working provably fair. They can really reduce transaction fees, as well as eliminate the risk of fraud by any of the parties.

best crypto casinoProvably fair crypto casinos

We must not forget that one of the main advantages of the blockchain is complete transparency. That is, everyone can see the history of the exchange of transactions between wallets. And this makes any fraud and manipulation in their favor absolutely impossible. But not all crypto casinos are honest and allow tracking transactions, therefore such a definition was introduced as provably fair crypto casinos. This term is the essence of the whole blockchain concept, where every single transaction is visible, it cannot be manipulated.

When it comes to provable fair crypto casino, a similar concept applies to every single transaction. It works on the basis of a special algorithm that creates an encrypted seed value. In general, an honest crypto casino works like this:

  • The server creates a secret seed in a random order, which is encrypted into a hash code;
  • The player receives from the server an encrypted hash code of the generated seed;
  • The client seed is entered by the player;
  • The player can open the server seed for verification of transactions.

The chosen order of operations does not technically allow the casino to cheat the gambler. As you know, money requires careful attention. Therefore, reputable licensed crypto casino value the trust of users and they use and they enable players to track transactions through a Provably fair system.

What is the best cryptocurrency for casinos?

Cryptocurrency is a new phenomenon, a little over 10 years old. While casinos have been around at all times. However, today many people come up with the idea of “making friends” these two phenomena, as we have found out today: this way you can achieve significant benefits. As a result, today prevail casinos that accept all types of currencies, fiat, and digital. And the rules for using all digital currencies as well as bonuses are usually the same. But there is one caveat, a crypto casino is not an exchanger, and you cannot make a deposit in one currency and withdraw another. This means that when playing in a crypto casino, you have to choose a specific cryptocurrency, enjoy its advantages, and tolerate disadvantages.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the grandfather of crypto. Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency and remains the largest and most valuable. Bitcoin was launched in 2008 but actually catapulted to fame in 2017/2018 when a crazy crypto attack took place and stories of how people became millionaires made headlines. Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $ 20,000 at the end of 2017, but in 2018 the cryptocurrency market crashed and saw that Bitcoin had lost more than 75% of its value. Since then, Bitcoin has steadily increased in value and at the end of 2023, its price is almost 23 thousand dollars, which is simply incredible. BTC is the most popular and widely digital currency for crypto gambling sites.

Ethereum (ETH) is another of the “crypto titans” that came second after bitcoin. Ethereum is not so different from Bitcoin and it was built as a smart contract platform for developers to build decentralized applications known as dApps. Many other cryptocurrencies use the Ethereum platform to power their currencies. ETH is another popular and accepted form of gambling coins crypto.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – The original Bitcoin (BTC) has various technological limitations, making it difficult to scale and process large transaction volumes at the same time. The result of this led to the so-called “hard fork”, where some developers took the original bitcoin code and refined the technology to eliminate the shortcomings of Bitcoin, which led to the receipt of Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is another favorite of many bitcoin casinos and is fast and easy to use.

Litecoin (LTC) is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was built on top of the underlying Bitcoin protocol but uses different algorithms that allow it to be more efficient than Bitcoin.

Ripple (XRP) – is called an independent digital asset, which is very fast and can handle large volumes. It is already used by many financial institutions and is accepted by many crypto casinos.

Monero (XMR) – one of the best crypto casino currencies that is definitely worth your attention. Monero casinos offer increased security by reducing transaction times, and this cryptocurrency is not as volatile as others. That is, its price does not change so quickly, which means that the risk with its use is much less.

online gambling cryptocurrency

Now you know almost everything about playing online crypto casinos, so let’s reiterate the basic rules of how to stay safe when using cryptocurrency gambling websites.

Staying safe while playing crypto casino

Online security and especially when playing cryptocurrency online gambling is of utmost importance. Here are some key things to keep in mind:


The need to use strong passwords for any site you use cannot be overstated, especially if it involves financial transactions. This means using a unique password for your online crypto casino account and digital wallet. Your password must include upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. It is also advisable that if you plan on playing on different cryptocurrency gambling sites, use different passwords for each. You should also change your password regularly. Never give your password to anyone, even to casino support.

Phishing scam

Unfortunately, the Internet is full of scammers trying to steal your information. Any message you ever receive that asks for account information should be deleted immediately, even if it came from your favorite crypto casino. Don’t click on any of the links and if you are not sure, contact the casino support team and ask them. Rather be safe than sorry.

Crypto Wallet

Whichever cryptocurrency you pick, choose a reliable crypto wallet. You should never give your password to anyone. If a crypto gambling site requires you to enter a password, don’t do this and live this site these are scammers. With that said, when you create your crypto wallet, you will receive so-called private keys (a set of later and numbers) that give access to your wallet. These keys must be stored somewhere safe because if you lose them, you will not be able to recover your crypto wallet and all the funds stored in it. The golden rule of encryption is never to share your private keys with anyone, NEVER! If a crypto casino asks you for your private keys, they are untrustworthy and you should exit immediately. The only piece of information you can share regarding your wallet id or like an account number. This address will allow the bitcoin casino to deposit funds into your wallet upon withdrawal.

Reputable Exchanges

When it comes to buying your Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, it is vital to do so through a trusted and reputable cryptocurrency exchange such as Binance, Coinbase, Bitfinex, and others.

Safe storage

Using an app or an online wallet is most convenient for daily transactions. It is advisable to keep only what you need for regular use in your online wallet and transfer any other information to your storage.

crypto casino games

Okay, I think we have sorted out the most painful and time-consuming aspects of finding the best online crypto casino. Finally, let’s move onto the nice things about which games you can play at crypto casinos and which bonuses you can get.

Crypto casino bonuses

The specificity of cryptocurrency gambling sites allows combining the experience of traditional casinos and blockchain technologies. High competition on this market has led to the phenomenon of no deposit crypto casino. The establishments offer to try the game without any investment. Here, to receive cryptocurrency gambling coins, you do not need to top up your account. At least that’s what casino promoters say.

In fact, the situation is somewhat different. Yes, there is a chance to get crypto for free. However, you will not be able to withdraw the bonus freely, if you do not perform certain requirements.

Inexperienced players are faced with the conditions of the “wager”. Typically multiple bets are required. After that, access to crypto casino no deposit bonus opens. Failure to understand how wagering works can lead to frustration. However, such a bonus can be used to your advantage. With its help, you can win additional funds during the game.

Crypto casinos with a bonus are quite common. You should carefully study the description of the incentive system. Gambling sites would cease to exist if they donated money just like that. The free crypto casino is interested in attracting new and retaining regular players. Incentives can be used to their advantage if you carefully study the requirements and accompanying conditions.

One of the most popular no deposit crypto casino bonus is the sign up bonus. This type of reward is so popular that we have created an entire page with its detailed description. Also, if you want to get acquainted with all the other available bonuses for crypto casinos, you can do this here. The administration is not obliged to inform the new user about the conditions for withdrawing free cryptocurrency, so you will have to study them yourself, you can do this in the bonus section.

Best crypto casino with faucet

Crypto faucet casino is popular with players who want to play for free but win real money. A faucet is a conditional source of free cryptocurrency. Administration of such sites issues bitcoins for simple monotonous actions, such as watching ads or verifying the captcha.

Crypto casino games

Well, we still have one very important question, “What casino games can I play by using cryptocurrency?”. There are many such games, and since each of them has many nuances about which worth talking about, below will be a list of crypto game casinos with a short description and a link to a more detailed specification for each of them. Maybe, some of these entertainments are unknown to you, but, a huge number of people from all over the world play them, so they worth your time!

Poker with crypto

Poker is so far the only casino game considered an official sport. Various tournaments with huge prize pools are constantly held on it. The rules are simple enough: you need to collect the best combination of five cards. In total, you will need to memorize ten combinations. There are also a lot of different poker styles, but the main rules are similar everywhere.


This game is based on dice and number seven. But it’s not that simple. In fact, the rules in this game are quite complex. But over time, with constant practice, you will learn them. One more thing: do not confuse this game in which the guys play on the street. I mean the game where bets are made, and in the end, the one who scored more points wins. In the casino version, everything is much more complicated!

Crypto blackjack

A quite popular and interesting game. The dealer deals two cards to himself and to the player. The winner is the one with the sum of cards closest to all or equal to 21. The game is interesting at least because there are craftsmen who know how to “count” cards, try to memorize those cards that have already left the game, and based on this, they make an assumption about what the next card will be.

Crypto slots casino

A very popular and simplest crypto casino game. The point is that you have to make a bet and spin the slot reel. If you get three same signs – you win. The payoff depends on which exactly signs on the wheels match.

Roulette with crypto

The essence of the game lies in the fact that the player places a bet on which cell the ball will fall. You can bet on a specific number and on a color, and so on. The more accurate the player’s choice, then the biggest win.

Pai Gow Poker

This game is very similar to regular hold’em. One of the differences is that the players do not play against each other, but against the casino. Seven cards are dealt to each. From them, you need to collect the best combination and compare it with the dealer’s combination.


It a very simple but at the same time an interesting game! The bottom line is the following: the dealer deals two cards to each of the players. Next, the sum of the cards is added. Just like in blackjack. Only the number 10 is subtracted. For example, the total is 14, which means the final figure is 4. The winning combination is the one whose sum is greater than that of others.

Games with live dealers are very popular in modern online gambling, in crypto casinos, you can also play live games by using cryptocurrency. And remember, in verified, reliable, and legal casinos, you can play these crypto games provably fair. That is, you can play any of these games and at the same time be sure that your money will not be wasted just like that.

Best crypto casino app

It is noteworthy that in the mobile version all entertainment will be available in free mode. And if a gambler has already gone through the registration process, he can use existing data to enter through any other device.

The casino from a tablet or mobile provides an additional opportunity to visit the club anywhere and anytime. At any free minute, you can connect to your account and start playing. For example, this is a good option to spend time while you are on the way to work.

If you want to play a crypto casino by using a phone, you have a choice: use the crypto gambling app or play online? This issue requires detailed analysis, therefore, a separate section is allocated for it. More detail here.

Frequently Asked Questions

The legality issue with regard to crypto casinos is ambiguous. The answer depends on the legality of the digital currency in a particular country. In this regard, the situation is constantly changing. The list of countries that have recognized cryptocurrencies is gradually expanding. In some countries, there are strict restrictions regarding digital money. Therefore, the administrations of crypto casinos restrict the registration of users from some countries. A detailed list of restrictions is indicated in the rules of the particular crypto gambling site. Usually, the administration is not very strict in tracking citizenship, the responsibility lay on the players.
First, you have to define what includes the term “honest”. Many players associate honesty with winning, if a player consistently wins, then it’s fair, and if you lose it’s a scam. It’s like football fans reaction when their team loses they blame the referee or the players despite the fact that everybody played according to the rules and footballers gave everything they could, but it just wasn’t enough. And we want to disappoint you, it won’t work to find an online casino cryptocurrency in which you will always win. But in case you just want to find an honest site, then choose one from our list.

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