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Since ancient times, people have taken part with interest in various competitions, and around 200 BC in China, one of the most older games has appeared. Today we called it “KENO”. This game had got many admirers due to fast draws and the lack of difficult combinations. The popularity of “KENO” was so big that the game has gone through the centuries almost unchanged and has survived to our days. In 2023 millions of people around the world easily win insane amounts of money at KENO.

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The history of the origin of the game “KENO” is surrounded by mysterious events and incredible legends. But let’s start in order.

History of keno bitcoin

For a long time, China was a “closed country”. Therefore, the world got to know about “KENO” only at the beginning of the 19th century. At this time, immigrants from the Celestial Empire in search of better earnings began to spread throughout the world. They brought with them Chinese culture, Chinese tea, Chinese silk, and, of course, their most popular game – KENO.

In America, “KENO” appeared in the middle of the 19th century at the height of the Gold Rush, when immigrants from China worked on the construction of railways. At that time, America was full of “fortune-seekers”. Each of them tried to get rich in all available ways: someone washed gold in the river, someone worked on their land, and someone won in “KENO”. as already mentioned, over the centuries the game hasn’t undergone major changes, but there are still minor ones. Hieroglyphs were replaced by numbers, and their total count was reduced from 120 to 80.

The changes also affected the choice of the winning combination. To do this, the Americans came up with the idea of using 20 cardboard boxes, each of which contained 80 sheets of paper with handwritten numbers. One sheet with a number was chosen at random from each box. 20 selected sheets made up a winning combination.

Over time, boxes and pieces of paper were replaced with wooden balls, which were pulled out of the bag. More later, they began to use ping-pong balls with numbers painted on them. Lottery drums for holding drawings appeared much later, only in the middle of the 20th century.

Today Bitcoin keno is real one of the most popular games, various variants of which are present in almost all countries of the world. In Australia, for example, the first Tatts Keno was drawn on May 2, 1988, and is now being held daily. In the 21st century, the game received a new impetus for development, due to innovation and worldwide globalization. At first, the game was transferred online, and then it became possible to place bets and withdraw money in Bitcoins.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bitcoin bingo


  • Historical games;
  • Easy rules;
  • Fast payouts;

  • Small variation of game itself;
  • No possibility for building strategy.

How to play bitcoin keno online?

You can play one way, two, or all at once. Each of them is paid separately. The ticket price increases depending on the number of selected methods.

Method of play 1. “Choice of parity”

20 numbers will be dropped in a draw. Guess which numbers in the drawing will be more – even or odd. If you pick odd or even and guess right, you win. If you choose “equal” and you guess correctly, you will get a double win.

Method of playing 2. “Choosing the numbers”

Choose from 1 to 10 numbers. Your winnings depend on the number of chosen and guessed numbers. The goal is to guess as many numbers as possible from the number that you have chosen. The more numbers are selected, the greater the possible winnings. As the number of selected numbers decreases, the size of the possible win will be lower, but its probability increases.

Using the buttons “Random”, “Even numbers”, “Odd numbers”, “Random numbers from 1 to 40”, “Random numbers from 41 to 80”, “Numbers, multiples of 3”, “Numbers, multiples of 5″, ” Multiples of 7”. Also, you can choose a random combination of numbers.

Method of play 3. “Column selection”

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The playing field consists of 10 columns. Choose which column in the draw will have more numbers than others.

How to increase the chances of winning and its amount?

As already mentioned, the rules for winning in the bitcoin keno gambling game is simple, the more numbers you choose and guess, the more you win. To increase the possible winnings, you can select a multiplier (maximum – 10). The multiplier increases your winnings for each game method (doesn’t apply to special rewards).

If you want to participate in several draws at once, use the “Multibet” option. You can specify the number of tickets, runs, or other parameters. Please note: the numbers are selected automatically in case of multiple bets!

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin keno

Such applications aren’t developed because browser games have rendered application development useless. But you can play free bitcoin keno at BCT casino sites.
The game is very simple and is played in one action. Therefore, there is simply no point in any strategies.
Yes, but not in any casino. If this is a full-fledged crypto casino and it accepts bitcoins directly, then yes you can.
Yes, of course, you can easily find bitcoin keno games on most casino sites. By the way, bonuses in different casinos are different, so playing the same game but in various bitcoin casinos, free rewards that you will receive could distinguishing.

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