Bitcoin Lottery

There are many versions of the origin of the lottery. According to the assumptions of some scientists, the appearance of the lottery is associated with Ancient Greece, but most historians associated it with Ancient China. But anyway, more than two thousand years have passed since that moment, and the essence of the lottery game has not changed.

The lottery is an organized gambling game in which the distribution of benefits and losses depends on the random selection of a particular number (or named lot), which is usually indicated on the lottery ticket. A lottery ticket is one of the types of securities that can be purchased at specially designated places or via the Internet online. The owner of this document has the right to receive a reward if the winnings fall on him.

However, unlike the game itself (which doesn’t change) nowadays were changed the requirements for participation. Firstly, thanks to the development of technology, lottery tickets can be bought online and with the help of cryptocurrencies. Secondly, today you can participate in the bitcoin lottery absolutely free.

Bitcoin lottery sites

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Free bitcoin lottery

Free participation in the lottery seems fantastic and immediately raises many questions – how does it work, is it possible to win, where does the prize money come from? The answers are simple: yes, you can win. But it works as follows: in order to take part in such a free BTC lottery, you’ll have to watch commercial videos or solve a captcha. Thanks to these actions, will be formed prize fund. One part of it’s taken by the organizers, and the other by the winner.

Rating of bitcoin casino lotterys
Brand Rating of bitcoin lotterys Bonuses
Crypto Thrills
Crypto Thrills
96% lottery rating
100% Deposit bonus | Welcome Pack Up to 1,000 mBTC
Fortune Jack
Fortune Jack
97% lottery rating
110% on first deposit + 250 Free spins | Welcome Pack Up to 6 BTC with 30X Wagering
89% lottery rating
Welcome package up to 5 BTC + 100 Free Spins Games Games
95% lottery rating
15% CashBack on deposit
87% lottery rating
Deposit bonuses | Up to 100% | Match bonus + 100 FS

Is it possible to win in the free online bitcoin lottery?

As already had stated – yes. The main thing to understand is that the creators of the lottery aren’t their own enemies. The basic business model of all free online lotteries with real winnings is formulated as follows: “get money for advertising, and return some to the participants”. If no one wins, the number of participants in the project will decrease and, first of all, the creators of the lottery will suffer.

So essentially a free lottery Bitcoin, it’s just a way to motivate users to watch ads. Someone creates games for the phone, someone Bitcoin faucets, and the most creative ones wrap everything in the shell of free online lotteries. But nobody complains about it, because the lottery participants get a unique opportunity to win Bitcoins for free.

How to increase your chances of winning?

Let’s agree right away, there are no rules that will allow you to be guaranteed to win the bitcoin lottery. But there are some practical tips on how to increase your chances of winning:

  • It’s necessary to record all winning combinations for the last period. Then you have to compare and derive patterns in numbers. Most often, the winning combinations are given by the computer, and it, in turn, works according to a certain algorithm. Therefore, it will be good to know which numbers fall out most often and which rarely.
  • Even if the pattern cannot be deduced, it will be possible to determine the winning combinations that appear regularly. The probability of victory increases for those numbers that haven’t appeared in statistics for a long time.
  • According to statistics, there are more draws with paired combinations. So, with paired combinations the likelihood of winning increases.
  • It Will be better to not use numbers that follow one after another in a row. Such combinations are usually losing.
  • The chances of success increase with the number of tickets purchased. Better to buy 30-40 bitcoin lottery tickets once a month than one a day.
  • The chances of success are increased if coupons are purchased from only one draw. If you buy a pair of tickets from different lotteries, then the probability of winning will be low.
  • You cannot use your own date of birth or family members. This keeps the probability of winning to a minimum in all bitcoin lotteries with numbers above 31.
  • If it is very expensive to buy many tickets for one, you can purchase them with someone else. For example, you can buy 20 tickets and your friend too, so, you already have 40 tickets. But in this case, the winnings will have to be divided. But this method greatly increases the likelihood of victory.

And one of the main rules is strict control of your passion. Under no circumstances should you give in to the lottery rush. It is best to set a monthly amount. Which will be spent on tickets and not exceed this limit. Sooner or later, luck will smile, and all the money spent will return with interest.

Advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin lottery


  • Security;
  • Registration on the website in your personal account allows you to track all purchased tickets and their status;
  • You can take a part in an instant lottery.

  • It is impossible to check exactly how much of the proceeds is actually distributed among those who bought lottery tickets;
  • There are very few reliable reviews from the persons who won a large amount.

Frequently Asked Questions about bitcoin lottery

It all depends on your location and the specific lottery. It’s best to play on the official website of the local operator. For example, if you live in one of the eight US states where online lotteries are available, you can purchase tickets within your state. However, there is also an option to use cryptocurrency and purchase a ticket for Bitcoins. Since the crypto is anonymous and there is no way to track it, you can play anywhere in the world.

To do this, you need to be subscribed to as many lotteries as possible and wait for the best offers.
Traditional lotteries usually cannot be played for free. There are several free bitcoin lotteries with the possibility of free participation, but for this, you have to watch an advertisement or subscribe to the newsletter.
In general, yes. There are no laws prohibiting them, but any gambling activities must be licensed, and let’s just say honestly licensed Bitcoin lotteries don’t exist (at least for the time being).

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