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Bitcoin browser games are a subtype of online entertainment for personal devices. Their difference lies in the form of access. It’s literally a browser game and it’s can be launched after performing a series of simple actions. Ease of access is the main key to browser games’ popularity.

The absence of the necessity of installation enables users to play on devices with different productivity. You just need to have access to the site. Some browser bitcoin games don’t even require registration, and information about the progress of the passage is recorded in the browser history or on the server (linking to the IP address).

Bitcoin browser games are also one of the ways to earn cryptocurrency. Their monetization principle is similar to bitcoin faucets, but instead of solving a captcha or other uninteresting actions, here participants receive rewards for achievements in the game. If we talk about the varieties of such games, then they are as follows:

  • RPG browser games;
  • Puzzle browser games;
  • Trading browser games;
  • Gambling browser games.



Role-Playing Game is a genre of computer games based on the gameplay elements of traditional board role-playing games. In the role-playing game, the player controls one or more characters, each of which is described by a set of numerical characteristics, a list of abilities and skills. Examples of such characteristics can be hit points, indicators of strength, dexterity, intelligence, defense, evasion, the level of development of a particular skill, etc.

RPG bitcoin browser games

Playing modern RPG projects related to Bitcoin browser games, you can upgrade your own character, complete various interesting quests and explore the full-fledged game world. Here are some examples of such games:

Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis is a fantasy tactical arcade game that skillfully blends strategic aspects of the genre with card collection and team building. By the way, it’s one of the oldest toys with ample scope for action. Spells of Genesis has remarkable battle systems that will provide you with the adventures of epic fights and the feelings of an enthralling gaming experience. Your mission begins in the mountainous land that is known for Askian where you need to frame a group of legends to overcome compromising rivals, acquire gold and become the best at shooting and bobbing spells. Gather, join and trade cards to form the most impressive decks to battle strong adversaries, while discovering Askian’s lands. Your prosperity relies upon your capacity to choose the best arrangement of cards for each fight and aim your orbs precisely at your opponents. Obliterating an enemy’s orbs requires ability and crafty.


BitQuest is a Minecraft server where you can find and utilize Bitcoin inside the game. This continuous venture will make a public Minecraft server with a Bitcoin-named exchanging framework and interesting MMORPG features. The economy of BitQuest builds around on the Emerald component. You can mine it or trade it for different components, the same as cash. You can purchase food, covering, or even captivated weapons, it’s dependent upon you.


Browser bitcoin puzzles are games in which you have to answer questions or solve problems and get bitcoins for correct answers. Examples of such games:

Puzzle bitcoin browser games

Satoshi Quiz

Satoshi Quiz contains many interesting questions and provides an opportunity for each correct answer to win a prize pool of 1000 Satoshi. There are both easy and difficult questions. Before the time runs out, nothing prevents you from looking at Google for an answer. There are also super games with prizes of up to 1,000,000 Satoshi.

Quiz BTC

The same as the previous example, in this Bitcoin browser game you have to answer questions. But in quiz BTC it’s necessary to answer as fast as you can in order to get more free Satoshis. Every minute new questions are published, and the competition in the game is quite high. If you didn’t answer first, you still could get the reward, but the earnings would be much less.

Trading browser games

Ever dreamed of becoming a stockbroker like Gordon Gekko, then this variation of Bitcoin browser games is for you. Although, most professional brokers will immediately object and say that “Trading on the stock exchange is not a game”, in our case it is. These Bitcoin games don’t require any investment and are quite fun to play, but you have to have some skill to be successful in this game. You will need to predict the further significance of the ratio of different currencies using global or technical analysis. Below are a couple of examples of such games:

Trading browser games


A Bitcoin browser game based on financial trading simulations where you can make predictions in real-world markets, including Forex and cryptocurrency markets. Then more accurate the predictions, then more points are given as a reward. You can withdraw the earning points in Bitcoins. It’s worth noting that the game provides many trading tutorials.

Sparkprofit.com is a trading simulator app that claims weekly returns provided an investor meets the threshold of TIQL $1000. This app possesses teaching capabilities that enable a trader to trade successfully. It’s accessible from various devices, like a PC or any portable form. Sparkprofit.com claims that the main feature of the application is to improve maximal awareness of traders, and in this way ensuring a practically 100% likelihood of wins. This component suggests that essentially any exchange you direct utilizing Sparkprofit.com will undoubtedly achieve fulfillment. The exception could be only if some remarkable, outrageous instability happens on the market.

Altcoin Fantasy

Another game that promises to teach the user to trade cryptocurrencies in a risk-free environment. A suitable opportunity to test your trading skills without investing your own money. In addition to the browser version, there are applications for Android and iOS devices. The downside is that Altcoin Fantasy is not yet available for all countries of the world.

Gambling Bitcoin browser games

Of course, speaking of browser entertainment, we cannot ignore casino games, since recently the popularity of online gambling has only been growing, and bitcoin gambling games grow with it. By the way, the most common form of online gambling is the browser format. On such sites, you can usually play both for real money (fiat or crypto) and “demo” currency, that is mean without making deposits. However, the algorithm for generating numbers in games during a demo game is not always the same as when playing for real money, and you won’t be able to win real money either. Therefore, if you want to make money, you have to place bets with real money, but making a deposit is still not necessary for this.

Bitcoin gambling browser games

Every new player who signs up in Bitcoin casinos can receive bonuses and try to magnetize them. But of course, no one will give you anything just like that, and all gifts from casinos have to be wagered. It’s very difficult to turn free sign up bonuses into real winnings and then withdraw this money fast. You have to be a real professional, so will be better to choose one of the bitcoin gambling games and study it thoroughly. Here are some games that are suitable for bonus monetization:

Bitcoin poker

You hear from many professional players that poker is a sport. However, it officially has this status only in some countries. The main reason is that in poker used a similar card deck is as in other casino games plus you have bets, and you can win not only through thinking but also because of luck. However, the game itself belongs to the category of “games of skills” and not to “games of chance”.

But all these shortcuts don’t matter as we are looking for Bitcoin browser games that provide an opportunity to play and earn money, and Bitcoin poker perfectly fits these tasks.

At its core, poker boils down to mathematics and probabilities. Texas Hold’em is the simplest and most popular form of poker today, sometimes it’s even called classic poker. Each player starts the game with two cards (“pocket”). The number of community cards is 5 and the final combination should be also collected 5 cards. Cards from the “pocket” can be used in full, partially, or not at all. Learn more about Bitcoin poker here.

Bitcoin blackjack

Blackjack is a simple bitcoin gambling game played by more people than roulette, craps and baccarat combined. In classic blackjack are used: up to six decks of 52 cards. Simultaneously in this game can play the dealer and from one to four players. The goal of gamblers is to beat the dealer by gaining equal or close to 21 points.

To learn how to play blackjack, you need to be able to determine the denomination of the cards. The so-called pictures (Jack, Queen, King) and ten are valued at 10 points. Ace takes on a value of 1 or 11 points, these combinations are also called as soft hand and hard hand. (in combination with cards that give a total of more than 21 points, it takes on a value of 1). The value of other cards is equal to their value (nine – 9 points, eight – 8 points, etc.). The suits in the classic version of the game don’t matter. The blackjack hand (ace plus ten) is considered to be a winning hand and more significant than other hand combinations that give a total of 21 points. A more detailed description of the game, as well as about online casinos where you are able to play Bitcoin blackjack can be found here.

Alternative to Bitcoin browser games

The main competitor to bitcoin browser games is online client games, which have already taken over the playing field of conventional online entertainment. But with games for earnings, everything is different. And in order to understand why, you have to understand what is the difference between these two approaches.

The main differences between browser and client games

When playing client games, you should be prepared to install updates from time to time. And If won’t do this, then some characters or cards might not be available to you. But there is nothing to be afraid of, this procedure is performed not so often. Not all browser games can bewitch with their graphics. You’ll waste a lot of time finding the game in which you want to spend more than one day. So if you are looking for spectacular games then you better pay attention to client options. But if you are primarily interested in making money and easy access from any device, then your choice is browser Bitcoin games.


By summing up the article, we can say a couple of particular things about the bitcoin browser games. On the one hand, such types of games are obsolete, and they don’t correspond to standards of the modern games. On the other hand, browser games do not require large expenditures at the development stage. Thanks to this, there are projects with free access and free bitcoins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can. This is one of the advantages of this type of game, you can play them from any device.
It all depends on your preferences, earnings in games and when using a faucet are almost similar. The difference in action. In the first case, you play games in the second solving boring tasks.

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