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Our today’s article is a bit out of our usual subject and it’s rather has general informational character. However this fact doesn’t make it less interesting, and due to the fact that this is an experiment, of course we are waiting for your feedback.

A poker chip is a small disk, the equivalent of money bets that is used during the game. They are widely used in poker tournaments and have become an essential attribute of any gambling club, and even bitcoin casinos have a digitalized version of the poker chip. Although there is no practical explanation for use real casino poker chips in the online version since in general they aren’t needed, it’s all about the external surroundings and the entourage. Some casinos and crypto gambling sites with high stakes ($25,000 and up) use a sign. A plaque differs from a chip in that it is larger and, as a rule, has a rectangular shape.

casino poker chips

Short history

At the beginning of poker history, in addition to money, everything that came to hand was used: small gold nuggets, gold dust or other valuable things. But over time, the need for standardization became clear. Began to appear gambling coins, which casinos used to mark with their unique symbols. It was necessary to make life difficult for scammers, and since it was technologically difficult to mark chips at that time, at first the chips were made of clay. Only in the 20th century, it was replaced by more aesthetic materials, like plastic or ceramics.

Casino poker chips value

It is estimated that to properly organize a poker game with up to 10 players, you will need about 500 chips divided into three or four different colors. And if you’re hosting a small tournament for 30 people, for example, you’ll need a set of at least 1,000 chips in four or five different colors.

The largest amount is worth distinguish to the poker chips casino with the lowest valued. For example, if you collected a set of 500 chips with values of $1, $5, $10, and $25, then you should have 200, 150, 100, and 50 chips, respectively. The most common colors are white, red, blue and green. As a rule, the denomination by color is distributed as follows:

  • white chips – face value 1;
  • red – 5;
  • green – 25;
  • blue – 50;
  • black – 100;
  • pink – 500;
  • yellow – 1000;
  • blue – 10000.

casino quality poker chips

Use casino quality poker chips right

Combining your chips into stacks of 5, 10, or 20 each is not only more polite to other players and the dealer, but also to you. This makes it easy to calculate your stack at any time and evaluate where you stand in relation to your opponents and how to play your hands. It is a key element in the bitcoin poker, as well as in online tournaments with no-limit and pot-limit crypto games.

To place a bet, count the number of chips you want to put in and at the same time place them carefully in front of you, clearly in front of your cards. Never throw or drop them one by one. The rule, which applies in almost all casinos, is that chips in front of your cards will count as your bet or raise. If you don’t place all the chips in your bet at the same time, only the first poker chips placed on the table count and you won’t be able to add them right after. Therefore, it’s recommended to announce your bet amount before placing chips (the word prevails). This is a common mistake in tournaments: if you throw a big chip in the middle without announcing the bet amount, it will be considered a “call” or the minimum bet.

You should note that after the bet, your chips belong to the bank, not to you. You have too kepp them in front of your cads, separate from the pot and oponent chips, until the end of the betting round. It’s nessery to be clear about how much you have already bet and how much you need to add to call the raise. Therefore, don’t throw chips into a pot that has already been set, such as pre-flop or flop. Yes, we saw such moves in movies and it’s look cool but this will waste time at the table because the dealer will have to collect them in order to properly place them in front of you. So we don’t recomend do this and ask follow the rules of gaming etiquette.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are also so-called plaques, they have square shape. They have a higher denomination and used in games with high stakes or in the later stages of tournaments. Due to which it becomes easier for poker players to evaluate the pot and stacks.

  • 0,28 – 0,35 ounce. Usually made of ceramic. They are more pleasant to hold in hands than weightless plastic products. But after playing in a casino or a poker club, the difference in weight with professional ones will be noticeable.
  • 0,42 – 0,5 ounce. The most popular option. They are actively used both for home games and during major poker series under various brands. They are suitable for practicing various tricks and busting at the table better than other options.
  • 0,56 ounce or more. These items are made to order. Used in “closed” games.

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