March 8, 2022 | Updated on: April 28, 2022

The gambling industry and technology are changing rapidly, which means that bitcoin casinos must follow them. The modern and high-quality design is the first thing the player sees and what attracts him. User-friendly interface, realistic animation, smooth operation – all this is a guarantee of the player’s confidence.

The high-quality design of BTC games in countries where this type of business is legal is an important aspect for a Bitcoin casino, no less than productive software and variety. A well-organized appearance of a gambling website helps to attract new users and retain regular players.

bitcoin casino design

For those who don’t believe in the importance of online casino web design, here are some interesting facts: in 75% of cases, the client makes a decision about the entertainment website, based on its appearance.

Modern trends in bitcoin casino design

Modern web design has no boundaries. The only limitations are your own imagination and the skills of your developers. You can use any color, style, and design, but don’t forget about the right kind of navigation for your BTC casino. To succeed in Bitcoin casino design, you have to make sure that the website interface is user-friendly and easy to use. Moreover, it should be compatible with different devices, including mobile phones and tablets.

One of the most popular design techniques used for creating a bitcoin casino it’s the psychology of color influence. Since gambling websites have no physical presence, necessary to use visual incentives to get the attention of their audience. This means choosing colors that appeal to the eye. This way, players will be more likely to stick around and play more often. Depending on your audience, you can adjust the colors of the site to make it more appealing to their interests, and don’t forget about branding colors. Bellow a couple examples of top bitcoin casinos with different approach to design:


bitstarz design


7bit design

Lack of visual appeal is the main thing that prevents many bitcoin gambling websites from succeeding. Unpleasant aesthetics force players to go away, even before they get to the game catalog. The home page is the first thing that the player sees, and it should be bright and attractive. It’s best to stick to a simple palette with a combination of three or four colors and use the same colors on every page.

Brightness is healthy when it’s warm and soft, so make sure you don’t cross the line and use acidic colors and too harsh contrasts. The website design should be noticeable, but not too intrusive. Bright and flashing colors in land-based casino interior design may attract players to the old gambling halls, but when they come out of the phone or computer screen, they are more likely to provoke the player to leave the bitcoin casino.

Features of bitcoin casino design developments

Due to these complications, the process of creating graphic design has become a delicacy multi-tasking job. And for its more effective implementation, it’s important to highlight the main tasks and aspects:

  • The originality of design and spectrum of the color palette shouldn’t be irritating to the eyes. The unique design not only attracts attention but also motivates the player to stay longer on the site.
  • Uniqueness of the theme for players. The ability to change the appearance of the web page depending on player personal preferences is much appreciated.
  • Compatibility with different browsers. By correctly and quickly displaying the resource through all browsers, the bitcoin casino will attract a large target audience.
  • Affordable and informative slideshow that will allow you to quickly find out the latest promotions, news

Cryptocurrency influence

Another feature of the web design of modern bitcoin casinos is the integration of cryptocurrency. So, the design of many well-known gambling websites has already adapted to cryptocurrency trends. Cryptocurrencies take the place of other coins in the pictures, become the face of individual bonuses promotions and even some sites. In addition to the direct visual presence, cryptocurrencies also affect the main theme of the site. The basis of this influence is simplicity and transparent appearance – just like in the case of crypto-coins.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many developers of templates designed specifically for BTC casinos use a design similar to traditional land-based halls, which can be characterized by such features as:

  • the presence of flashing lights in combination with flashy design;
  • 3D-visualization and full sense of the presence of opponents at the table;
  • subdued lighting during the game;
  • sound accompaniment, reminiscent of the sound of chips and the sound of coins.

Such a design in a narrow circle of specialists is called “boxed” and, on the contrary, has a negative impact, since all casinos become very similar to each other.

We won’t name the best, we’ll only describe their features. There is nothing superfluous in the design of the site of the top bitcoin casinos. As stimulation of the competitive spirit of the player, the winners’ tape is constantly present on the screen, on which the winnings of the lucky ones are indicated. As a rule, black is chosen as the background color, which in no way distracts the user’s attention from important content. An additional advantage is the presence of descriptions for each game, and the ability to unique the color scheme for each player.
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