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The development of bitcoin casino games is a very complex and responsible process. It includes many stages, such as the formation of the concept of a future game, the creation of a prototype and primary version, the development of design and full functionality, testing the game before release.

Many Bitcoin casino owners prefer not to develop, but to integrate ready-made games from well-known providers such as Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Aristocrat Gamin, and others. This saves a lot of time to launch the project and allows them to attract a wide audience of players.

Bitcoin casino games development

Casino games development – general information

The main positive characteristics of this area include the following:

  • Cash flow estimated in billions of dollars;
  • Dominant positions here are occupied by companies from Europe, USA, and Australia;
  • Stand in a consolidation phase with popular competitor acquisitions and mergers;
  • Is one of the few industries that show growth even in difficult economic conditions.

Therefore, it isn’t surprising that new web studios that create high-quality content appear constancy. But at the same time, there is a certain “backbone of companies” that confidently hold leadership in this industry and have been examples for others for a long time. These casino games development companies are usually divided into separate subcategories.

For example, some companies develop exclusive content with live dealers (Evolution Gaming, Ezugi), others only produce slot machines (Quickspin, Yggdrasil, Gaming), and the third specializes in creating games by using 3D virtual reality technologies.

The main stages of creating Bitcoin casino games

The development of bitcoin gambling games doesn’t begin with programmers at all. First of all, it’s necessary to calculate the very concept of the game. To ensure the success of the concept, research, market analysis, and planning is carried out. As a rule, the whole process goes as follows:

Concept Key aspects that are necessarily taken into account at the concept stage:

  • What game is this;
  • The theme of the environment;
  • Payout system;
  • Available currencies for the game;
  • Possible additional rewards.
Prototype Rough development to evaluate the gameplay, test mechanics, and check key technical parameters.
Project visualization At this stage, designers are involved in the project. After creating graphics, developers combine all the components into a single system.
Testing After setting up the product, testers are invited. Their task is to play and fix flaws. The detected bugs are eliminated by the manufacturer’s team.
Beta version This is the primary version of a full-fledged game with a streamlined gameplay
Product release and promotion When everybody is satisfied and necessary goals achieve, marketers, get down to business and start to promote the game.

Few details

In order for the game to turn out to be interesting, bright, and attractive for the next few years, it needs to be developed according to the modern requirements of the players. Therefore, if you ever decide to create your own online game for a Bitcoin casino, don’t forget to consider the following points:

Technology choice: Flash and HTML5

For today, games are released in two formats that determine how the device (computer or laptop) can play it. Flash games are launched only with the help of a special plug-in built into browsers or downloaded and installed on a PC.

In contrast, HTML5 slots don’t require any special software, and slot machines can be launched using any browser. In recent years, the share of HTML5 games on the market has been increasing, and since 2020, not all browsers support Flash games. However, these changes happen relatively recently and the industry is still in transition. That is why flash games are still popular. But if we are talking about developing new games, Html5 would be a better choice.

Graphics and design

Of course, there are fans of the classic old games, but in order to hook the majority, choose the “course for the future.” 3D graphics, hand-drawn effects, and characters, high-tech soft and colorful visualization. The more aesthetic pleasure the player receives, the longer he remains in the game.

Sound accompaniment

Sounds that mimic the atmosphere of a real casino work great. The ringing of coins, pleasant music, fanfare when winning. All this seems to have been known for a long time. But if even a couple of sounds annoy the player, he will rush to choose another game. Therefore, a composer and a sound engineer should be involved in such work.

Release and promotion of the product

This stage is similar to the functions of an “Ace” in blackjack. In some “combinations” it is the last stage, and in others, it is the first one. That’s happened because of the different formats of product promotion or its implementation can affect the whole concept and plan.

Casino Games Release and Promotion

This is especially important through creating bitcoin slots since their creation is strongly linked to the particular theme. For example, the game can be dedicated to some movie or TV series. And you’ll have to indicate the relevance of such slots because if you release them at the time of the movie premiere, such a product makes sense. But if this is a TV show that everyone forgot about, then what’s the point?

In the case of the development of bitcoin slots, one should also not forget about the unique reward system. If we are talking about bitcoin poker or bitcoin blackjack, then everything is simple — players win and get money for a win. But in slots, such a scheme won’t work. This game type doesn’t have gameplay, and the only thing that motivates players to constantly play is a well-thought-out payout system that gradually “warms up” the player’s interest. This is one of the main points that will be very important at the implementation stage of the product, but it has already had calculated at the concept stage.


As conclusions, we can consider the question of the advisability of entering in casino games development sphere. Anyone knows that money is always the main impetus for a business, and in the field of game development for bitcoin casinos, the situation is approximate as follows:

Market volume, billion dollars Year
20,51 2009
22,87 2010
25,48 2011
28,22 2012
31,1 2013
34,81 2014
37,91 2015
41,77 2016
47,11 2017
51,16 2018
55,19 2019
59,79 2020
61,85 2021

As you can see, the money turnover is quite decent, and at the same time, there are more than 120 providers on the market, but thanks to active growth, everyone finds a place under the sun. Experienced companies have long-established the process of creating games, and newcomers have no choice except to learn from competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

The potential of this industry is difficult to exaggerate, its turnover is constantly growing. And the substitutive entrepreneur spheres grow even more. So it’s could be said with confidence that this market and investments in it will only grow.
Of course, they can, but it will be very difficult for them to take some of the customers. As usual on high profitable markets are heightened competition.

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