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One of the current digital asset innovations based on blockchain technology that has taken over the media and the tech world is non-fungible tokens (NFT). Despite the name and identical pedigree, NFT isn’t a cryptocurrency. The main difference between such a coin and, for example, Bitcoin, lies in the uniqueness of each asset. Each NFT is unique and you can’t buy or create the exact same one.

This technology offers an irrefutable way to prove that you own virtual assets, whether they are images, photos, videos, texts, pieces of code, documents, cars, buildings or concert tickets. At the same time, the number and value of NFT assets is growing rapidly, and the technology itself is ready to conquer new markets. But despite the active expansion of the main areas for the use of NFT is: art, games and sports. The last two will be discussed in more detail in this article.

NFT games

NFT video Games

Top NFT games work similarly to the classic play to earn games, but still have some differences. As usual tokens plays the role of game currency, which is used in the gameplay mechanisms and in the interaction of players. As with other bitcoin games in this genre, digital items that the player finds during quests can be exchanged for tokens, or they themselves can be tokenized. But besides this, in the game you can get: skins, characters, weapons, virtual lands or an avatar that will be directly tied to the player. This was made possible by launching games on the blockchain and supporting them with NFTs. Such a system, as it were, gives the user ownership of the game add-on, which can be acquired in three main ways:

  • Purchase virtual items on hame-markets;
  • Passage of high-difficulty quests;
  • Creation a new character;
  • High achievements.

Any of the described ways to get a gaming asset gives the owner the exclusive right to own it. In the future, NFTs can be sold, bought or exchanged, making a profit from this.

In other words, NFT is a digital property indicator. Let’s say, you draw a picture and put it on the net, after that anyone can use it and prove that it’s yours, it will be very difficult or impossible. But if you do this with the help of NFT, then this picture will be attached to you until you sell it or give it to someone. So, for those who like to create in the digital space, this is just manna from heaven.

In 2022, most games (especially sandboxes) are no longer just entertainment, today it’s a way to express yourself through your digital property. And after the advent of NFT and possibility convert game creations into money, appears those who want to create this digital property. Even a separate fashion niche has appeared, which has its own artists, designers and, of course, fans. The potential of the last is so high that such giants of the fashion world as Lacoste are starting to invest in gaming platforms, realizing that they are the future. So, if you have ever dreamed of playing, creating and making money on it, NFT games are made for you.

NFT and sport

Continuing subject of new opportunities created by the NFT, sports cannot be ignored. If you’re like to collect sportsmen cards then you’ll be happy to hear that non-fungible tokens have taken your hobby to the next level. Now you have the opportunity not only to collect cards but also compete with other players around the world, create your own dream team and take part in various tournaments.

NFT sport games

Such an opportunity can be given to you by virtual NFT card games, such as Sorare. It is an Ethereum-based fantasy football trading card game that was launched by Adrien Montfort and Nicolas Julia in 2018. For today, Sorare has been singing partnership with almost 200 teams to create NFTs with the players of those teams and use them in the game. Among them you can see the players of FC Bayern München, AC Milan, Liverpool FC, FC Barcelona Valencia CF, Real Madrid CF and many other famous football teams.

The Sorare game itself is a typical fantasy sports game where you can create teams from NFT cards of athletes and earn various rewards based on the results of a fantasy football league. At the same time, NFTs can be sold, bought and exchanged on the open market. Some of them are licensed digital collectibles that can be limited, rare, super rare and unique. So if you’ve been wanting to try out the role of José Mourinho, this is your chance.

NFT it’s not just for fans

If you think that the universe created thanks to NFT is interesting only to fans, then you are mistaken. Sportsmen also actively become part of this, which brings them closer to the fans and makes everything even more exciting.

For example, the legendary forward Lionel Messi presented his first officially licensed NFT collection on the Ethernity blockchain platform. The presentation was made as part of the Messiverse project. The main theme of the project was the athlete’s achievements and significant moments in his career. In total, together with the Australian painter Bosslogic, Messi released three works, “The King Piece”, “Worth the Weight”, “Man From the Future”.

Non fungible token messi img

Such actions show that this world is ready to expand the boundaries of reality in the literal and figurative sense. The NFT universe will bring big changes ether to the gaming as to a sport industries, and then to the life of every person.

Frequently Asked Questions

From the side of the security, NFT is the best choice for today. The basic principles working of the non-fungible tokens exclude any chance of illegal or unnatural way to get hold of them. From the side of volatility it’s not so perfect, because NFT products as a cryptocoins are high-volatility. But lately demand to the only rises and unlike bitcoin the “top point” of this growth hasn’t had visible yet.
Anyone, absolutely anyone! The procedure for creating non-fungible tokens is even easier than crypto-tokens

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