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Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as Drake, is an actor and one the most well-known rappers of all time. OVO Sound, which he founded, is a label that works with young artists. Multiple Grammy Award winner Drake for his achievements in hip-hop. His albums are well-received by music critics as well as listeners. A great example is the best-selling album VIEWS, which sold over 7,657,500 copies. Singles from this album have already been added to the musician’s collection with additional awards.

How much did drake win on stake?

And what is here to tell, we all know and listen him. But today we won’t talk about music, but about his other hobby – gambling. Despite the fact that the world knows Drake as a hip-hop artist, the rapper is known in a small circle as a gambler. He repeatedly blew up the news feeds with loud betting victories. By the way, recently a hip-hop artist hit another jackpot playing online roulette in a bitcoin casino Steak.

How much did drake win on roulette?

Gambling is one of the main hobbies of the hip-hop star, from which he even made a special show. He streams on different platforms and also uploads stories with the game on Instagram. But we will talk about this a little later, now let’s back to the question, how much did drake win in roulette? What will be your assumptions? 1 million? No, who will be surprised by this now, the number is much, MUCH larger. Below is a part of the video from the stream, as they say, it’s better to see once than hear 10 times.

Yes, yes, 17 million and 910 thousand dollars – a big jackpot. Some of you may have noticed that the dealer in the game looks like a real one, in fact, he is a real one and this type of game is called the game with a live dealer. It’s one of Drake’s favorite games, but he also tries other entertainments on his streams.

Drake streams

Today it’s not enough to be a talented singer to make a living from this business, you have to be a professional businessman, and Drake is a great proof of this. Doing a show from scratch is his forte. Relatively recently, he signed a contract with Stake casino but didn’t limit himself to just advertising. He combined his passion and profit by streaming how he plays gambling games.

The promo text from the official website of Stake.com says:

“Stake & Drake were teamed up to create a new gaming experience for users. This will include an interactive evening where users and fans alike can win with Drake. To join this chance to win, send Email your phone number and username to email: [email protected]. This giveaway is unlike any other. Don’t miss this chance. We’ll soon have more information on when the live stream will be available.

Drake is a long-standing member of the Stake community. He is a player who rose to the top of the VIP program’s ranks, fell in love both with the platform and the perks that come with it. This partnership was born out of mutual appreciation between product and megastar.”

It is very important that this isn’t a recording, it’s live communication with the audience, which includes presents and unique experience for the audience. Someone whom will get especially lucky Drake will call directly from the stream (for this, the organizers of the stream ask you to text your phone number in email). Also on the streams, the Rapper tells a variety of stories, such as for example, he played slots for the first time:

“By the way it was my first slot I ever played, second spin and I hit a full screen…”

Stake casino

Stake casino is a gambling site where drake is constantly playing. There is nothing surprising here since Drake signed a contract with this brand. But this doesn’t mean that this bitcoin casino isn’t worth your attention. As already mentioned earlier, Rapper is a real fan of gambling and would hardly agree to sign a contract with some dubious organization. Below is a video from the official YouTube channel of Stake casino.

In general, Stake isn’t much different from its competitors. However, it has a number of advantages. The most important of which is complete autonomy from the global financial systems. Yes, Stake casino accepts deposits and withdraws money exclusively in crypto. For some, this is a con, but only for those who don’t understand digital assets. In fact, everything is very simple – buy any cryptocurrency on the exchange or in the exchanger and replenish the balance. The consequence of such a system of financial settlements is in the absence of any commissions and taxes. Complete anonymity and an introduction to the wondrous world of crypto assets.

To date, the casino has several hundred thousand players from many countries around the world. Huge turnovers allow this bitcoin casino to set the maximum return percentage in slot machines. By the way, payments are made instantly after the creation of the application. And, yes, in Stake casino you can forget about verification, it simply does not exist here. By the way, online entertainment from various developers is available on Stake.com, but Drake especially loves games from programmatic play.

Stake vs Drake

The largest drake bet

Our today’s hero is highly successful in the game and some jokingly ask how much did drake win today? You can answer this question by subscribing to the superstar’s Instagram, but we’ll talk about his biggest bet in life. Drake bet $1.25 million on the Super Bowl win by the Los Angeles Rams. A hip-hop star wagered more than a million dollars on the big event and took home $300,000. Perhaps the most interesting component of Drake’s Super Bowl wagers is the fact that he bet bitcoin on the big game. He won two out of the three bets.

The Canadian hip-hop artist watched the game from the stadium in person and revealed about bets through his Instagram account, captioning the images with the following message: “All bets are in on the family.” Sport gambling fans will find it interesting that Drake would have won $700,000 if the bet played 3 of 3, but only 2 worked. So if someone ever asks you how much money did drake win on the super bowl, now you know.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people ask question how much did drake win on the super bowl 300 thousand dollars. Is it a his biggest win – no, but it was the biggest bet that’s for sure. Superstar made a bet in 1.2 million dollars.
Drake loves to play online roulette, especially the live dealer version.
During his stream, Drake hit the jackpot of 17 million and 910 thousand dollars.

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